How Many Naps Does Your Baby or Toddler Actually Need?

Napping is a hot topic around The Baby Sleep Site, and it’s no wonder: most of us count nap time as our favorite time of the day! Of course, naps are essential for the health and development of your baby, but don’t count yourself out — you need a little downtime during the day, too! And naps offer the perfect opportunity for you to get a little breather.

One of the most popular questions we get around here (aside from “How can I get my baby to nap longer?”) is “How many naps does my baby/toddler need each day?”

All babies are different and your baby will develop at a different pace than other babies the same age. Even twins develop at a different pace, sometimes! Just like some babies will walk first and some babies talk first, the age at which your baby will transition to fewer naps will vary, too.

Newborns and Naps

In those first few months after your baby is born, it’s best not to worry much about a napping schedule. Your baby’s brain is developing, central nervous system maturing, and sleep is organizing. As we’ve previously shared:

In the beginning, your newborn sleeps most of the time and you don’t usually have to worry too much about naps. Your newborn’s sleep schedule and patterns are highly unpredictable, usually, so it’s hard to tell if she will have 5 naps or 8 on any given day. You’ve just given birth (or partnered the birth), so as long as she sorts out the difference between day and night, you probably won’t stress too much about it, unless she isn’t “sleeping like a baby.”

Once your newborn has become more social, you may begin to have more napping challenges. You may also want more predictability in your day. This won’t come easily for some babies, depending on age, but you can begin focusing on getting your baby to nap better and get on a schedule, especially if your baby won’t nap at all. No naps or short naps can lead to fussiness (for you and baby!) and make it difficult for your baby to sleep through the night.

How Many Naps Do Babies and Toddlers Need?

Here are some guidelines for how many naps your baby or toddler likely needs:

  • From 1-4 months, the number of naps your baby takes will be variable, but will hover around 4-5 naps per day, depending on how long his naps are and how long he can stay up between naps.
  • By 3 or 4 months old, she will lean towards just 4 naps, rather than 5.
  • From 5-8 months, most babies will have three naps per day (though my son had four until after 7 months). They will start to resist the fourth nap, no matter how tired they are. There are a few babies who will only have two naps at a very young age, but those naps are usually long.
  • From 9-15 or 18 months, on average, your baby will nap two times a day. Although many people believe most babies can transition to one nap at 12 months, the average age is actually 15 to 18 months.
  • From 18 months to 4 years, toddlers nap once a day. The age to transition away from all napping varies a lot, from 2 to 5+ years old, but the average age is between 3 and 4 years old.

Remember, these are general guidelines and all babies are different. We have seen a few 10 month olds taking just one nap while others are taking three naps, still. Your baby’s sleep needs will vary. You should also know that a nap should be at least an hour to be considered restorative, except for any third or fourth nap of the day, which are almost always catnaps of about 30-45 minutes each.

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Is your child a champion napper? A no-napper? Something in between? Share your story!


  1. says

    I transitioned my almost 1 year old down to 2 naps about a month ago. It was probably overdue… although he was generally well rested his naps were getting painfully short- 30-45 minutes. I was hoping once he moved to 2 they would get longer, and they have, but they still rarely hit an hour. It’s hard to tell though how much is napping issues and how much is disruption- in that time we’ve had a cold/ear infection including normal unfortunate antibiotics side effects. CONTINUING antibiotics side effects. A trip down to see grandma, including 3 nights/days of not great sleeping in the pack n play. And another cold.

    Fun stuff.

  2. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Meagan — Oh, no! So sorry to hear you’re facing all these disruptions to your normal routine. You’re probably right in assuming that these disruptions account for at least some of your son’s shortened naps. At this age, any variation to the routine can disturb sleep. Hang in there — hope all is back to normal soon!!

  3. Sylvie says

    I’ve been trying to transition my 16 month old to one nap, but it’s all over the place. She’s tired by 10am (usually wakes at 6) so she has a long nap then (1.5 hrs), but then she doesn’t want to sleep in the afternoon but staying awake till bedtime (8pm) is a struggle. Even earlier bedtimes have not helped.

  4. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Sylvie — You’re definitely not alone in this! I think that most nap transitions (from 3 to 2, from 2 to 1, from 1 to none) look like this. You could do something as simple as trying to keep her up 15 minutes later each morning; you could do that for a few days (or even a week); then, when she’s adjusted to that, push the morning nap back by another 15 minutes. You could progress on that way until her 1 nap is happening at a more reasonable time. It’d take awhile, but that’s probably the most painless approach. Let us know how it works out for you :)

  5. Andrea says

    My son was the WORST napper when he was 4-8months. Sometimes he would take 3-4 20min naps a day. It was near impossible to get anything done.

    He started napping better once he started walking and running himself down. At 13mo he transitioned to 1 2-3hr nap in the middle of the day.

    Now at 18 months he sleeps 3-4hrs in his one nap. But his night time is now 830p-730p. You can’t force anything, but eventually most kids figure it out on their own. We just had to keep his routine the same and continue to try and be patient.

  6. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Andrea — Thanks for sharing your experience! This is a good reminder that sometimes, it pays to remain consistent and patient.

  7. Sylvie says

    What is a reasonable time for 1 nap? Around noon or after lunch?

  8. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Sylvie — I remember transitioning my oldest son from 2 naps to one when he was around 14 or 15 months old. I think in the early stages, his “afternoon” nap started around 11:00 a.m. (and we’d eat “lunch” at 10:45!!) Slowly, I was able to push it back to 11:30, and then noon, and then 12:30.

  9. Lainie says

    I have this constant issue with my mom, who watches my girls.

    I stopped giving my older girl naps most of the time because starting at 2, any nap she got resulted in 1-2 hours before she could fall asleep at night.

    So at almost 3, I got rid of naps (most days). My mom keeps giving her naps, though. Even if they’re just 45 minutes (which isn’t even restorative), she then can’t fall asleep until 9 or later. This isn’t helped by the fact that her 2-year-old sister TALKS and SINGS in the room, keeping her up.

    My daughter will be 4 in 2 months. Can I safely tell my mom to cut the naps already?! She’s almost 4, and it’s been proven for 2 years now that her naps interfere with her nighttime sleep (cause, of course, when she goes to bed late she wakes up early).

    Yes, she falls asleep for naps and is clearly tired toward the end of the day. But what’s better? A 45-minute nap and then only 9 hours of sleep or no nap (and a tired kid) but 11 hours of sleep?

    Help! :)

  10. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Lainie — Well, keep in mind that my opinion isn’t exactly a professional one (since I’m not a trained sleep consultant), but I’m with you — I’d say ditch the nap if it leads to better nighttime sleep! I’ve found this same thing is true of my middle son, who’s 3.5 right now. If he naps, he’ll sleep for two straight hours and then be awake until 10 p.m. Not good. But if he doesn’t nap, he’ll fall asleep at 8 p.m. and sleep until 7 a.m. Much better!

    My solution has been to give my kids “rest” times — I put them in a room with some toys and books, and I leave the blinds open and the door cracked. It’s not a setup that’s very conducive to sleep, so they usually don’t end up taking a nap; instead, they play by themselves for an hour or so. It’s a great way for me to get a little break without having to force a nap and then pay for it later.

    Good luck, Lainie! Navigating childcare with your parents can be hard, can’t it? Hope the conversation goes well 😉

  11. Joni says

    My 3 1/2 month old JUST started taking naps for 2 hour stretches. He takes about 3 a day, plus naps in the car. This scared me at first because normally he’d only take a 30 minute nap. But I’ve found if I use the same blanket, in the same bed, with the same amt of noise and no lighting, he’ll pretty much sleep until I wake him.

  12. Danielle says

    My 9.5 mo old son just recently started resisting naps and bedtime. He’s on the 10/2 nap & 7 bedtime and typically sleeps through till 7am. While he’s never been an amazing napper he usually just needs a few minutes of wind down before a nap and does very well with his bedtime routine. Just this week it’s a full on tantrum as soon as he begins to understand that it’s time for sleep. Even when we let him cry it out- he wakes again after 30 minutes. So far once he’s down at night he’s down- but the naps are rough. I just can’t figure out what’s changed… He is pulling up and certainly loves to play but he’s cranky and definitely seems to need more sleep. I can try to transition to 1 nap but it seems too soon. It may be separation anxiety but he’s fine when we leave him with the nanny. Any advice would be great. Thanks in advance.

  13. Traci says

    I’m really hoping this helps. I checked out the example schedules and will try that. My daughter was on a schedule, though it was somewhat flexible, until about a week ago. Then all of a sudden she decided to change it on me, and I haven’t been able to get control back of it again. She was sleeping a LOT more than you suggest during the day, but now she doesn’t seem to want to sleep at all. Starting tomorrow I’m going to try one of your schedules for a 6-7 month old, and we’ll see how she does. I appreciate the tips greatly!

  14. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Traci — Glad these tips are going to prove helpful to you! It can be so hard when a baby decides to go on a “nap strike”; it’s exhausting for everyone! Hope you’re able to get your little girl back on track soon :)

  15. Traci says

    Tried the 6 month old schedule all day today, though we started about an hour late. She did amazing. I’ve had her in bed since about 8:15 pm-ish, and so far, she hasn’t woken since. She took her naps wonderfully, and I even noticed at one point during a nap time early this afternoon, she’d woken up on her own already, and decided to stay in bed and not fuss or talk or anything, and just continue to get extra rest. The tantrums and screaming has already been cut at -least- in half, just since yesterday. So far, so good. Again, thanks so much for the help!

  16. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Traci — awesome! So, so glad to hear that 6 month schedule is making a difference for you. Progress is good! Hope things continue to improve :)

  17. Traci says

    Quick question! So…what if she has a hard time going to sleep in the evening. Say I lay her down around 7:15 and by 7:45 she’s still awake, and will act like she’s tired and about to go to sleep, but then start crying soon after you leave the room? Do I just keep leaving her in there, and giving her pacifier and hoping she goes to sleep? Or do I need to try a different tactic?

  18. Traci says

    Needing help for a friend. Her daughter is newborn, maybe 2 weeks at the most, and she’s having a really hard time getting her to sleep hardly at all, day or night. Is there any way you could give me an example of a schedule for a newborn? The earliest schedule I saw was for 4 months, and she’s in desperate need of help. I’d appreciate anything you can do. Thanks!

  19. Traci says

    Btw, thought I’d post that I changed the schedule a little for my daughter because we do 2 walks a day. The schedule is still the same, but I added in the time for the walks. I’ve noticed that my daughter does her naps a little easier if she goes for a walk right before. She loves to be outside, and I think the sunshine warms her and soothes her, so it helps her sleep when we get home.

    7:00 am wake – 6 oz bottle, then brush teeth
    8:15 Veggie mixed with cereal
    9:00 nap anywhere from 1 to 1.5 hrs
    10:30 6 oz bottle
    11:30-11:45ish We go for a walk. If we start at 11:30 we go for 30 min, 11:45 we go 15 minutes. Depends on weather
    12:00 Nap usually for 45 min
    1:30 6 oz bottle
    2:30 Nap usually for 45 min
    4:30 6 oz bottle
    4:30-4:45ish walk, 15-30 minutes depending on weather
    5:00 Nap for 30 min
    5:30 fruit mixed with cereal
    6:30 we start bedtime ritual. Warm lavender bath, then lavender lotion massage, then storytime.
    7:00 6 oz bottle, then brush teeth
    Usually in bed by about 7:15-7:20 and asleep at 7:30

    It has worked WONDERS.
    Also, we noticed that Gabriel (my daughter) has always been a little ahead of most babies her age (the dr had us start solid food veggies at 3 months old). She will try to talk, be unable to, and then get extremely angry and frustrated. So we decided to start baby sign language, and we are doing the basic easy ones (mommy, daddy, milk, eat, etc) and we just started it yesterday morning. She already got extremely close to making the sign for Mommy (while saying Ma-Ma) around 6 pm today. We’re very excited to see how much more she will learn. 😀 Again, thanks so much for all the tips!

  20. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Traci — thanks for sharing your own version of the sample schedule! It’ll likely be helpful to some of our readers, to see another variation on the 6 month schedule.

    In terms of what to do when your daughter’s crying at night, but seems tired — you can certainly go in and console her when she seems upset. The goal would be to not pick her up, though, and rock/feed her to sleep. That, of course, would create some associations. You may want to start off with checking/consoling often, and then gradually extend the time between visits to her room.

    For your friend with the newborn, tell her to check out these two links:

    10 Tips to Help Your Newborn Sleep:

    Newborn Sleep Schedules and Patterns:

    Those are both great articles on newborn sleep, and they’re probably the closest thing we have to a newborn “schedule” :)

  21. Lindsey G. says

    My 7 month old used to take 4 naps that were only 30 minutes each. She seemed to be tired after 2 hours of being awake. A friend suggested I only give her 2 naps and it will help her sleep longer. I tried that for 5 days, but she was getting more and more tired because I would keep her up 3-4 hours between naps and she would still only sleep 30 minutes (which means she was only napping an hour a day). I am not sure how to lengthen her naps. She does sleep 11-12 hours a night without waking though, so that is wonderful!!! I just cannot get her to take good naps.

  22. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Lindsey G. — You’re definitely not alone :) Lots of moms make themselves crazy trying to figure out how to extend their babies’ naps! Have you checked out our free napping guide yet? That may have some tips/ideas that you haven’t tried yet. You can find it here:

    If that doesn’t provide the help you need, you could consider purchasing our napping e-book: “Mastering Naps and Schedules.” Check it out here:

    Hope these resources help, Lindsay! Don’t hesitate to contact us at if you need more guidance. Or, you can start a chat with one of our live chat operators; they’re available M-F from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST.

  23. Jenny says

    My 4 month old sleeps well at night. During the day she only seems to be able to stay awake for about an hour before she gets cranky or starts yawning. She is also a catnapper sleeping about 30 mins (45 if I’m lucky) leading to 6 or more naps a day!!! She falls asleep right away so I know she really is tired. If she misses any of her naps she gets over tired and sometimes hysterical. I’ve tried to get her to sleep longer and even to have her stay up longer but she just seems to need all of these naps. I just feel like I’m stuck at home with her napping all day long.

  24. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Jenny — I can hear your frustration coming through, and I completely sympathize! When you have a young infant, it can feel like you’re trapped at home all the time, since the baby seems to always be sleeping! I remember that feeling well, especially with my first.

    The good news is that (most likely), your baby will start to fall into a napping rhythm of 3 naps, and then 2 naps, and then 1 nap. That happens for most babies (although not all, of course!)

    If you find yourself struggling to get her napping longer, or to get her into a “napping groove,” check out our free napping guide: You may find some tips and strategies in there that’ll help you. Of course, if that doesn’t offer all the help you need, don’t hesitate to contact us at for more options :)

  25. Katelyn says

    I never “scheduled” naps for my son. When a baby he would nurse to sleep when tired and thus nap. He gradually stayed awake longer between naps and dropped naps on his own when needed. He dropped his second nap a week before his 1st birthday. At 22 months he still nurses down for his one nap. We follow a fairly consistent routine, but I hesitate to call it a schedule. We get up for the day around 7am. He naps 4-5 hours later for 1.5-2 hours. He goes to bed 6.5 – 8 hours after waking from his nap. He still wakes briefly a couple times a night (we co-sleep) and a quick nurse or cuddle puts him back to sleep easily.

    I’ve found that the biggest influence on my son’s naps is the length of night sleep he had the night before. My son only seems to need about 12-rarely 13 hours of sleep. If 11 of those are at night, the nap that day is shorter. If night sleep is only 9.5-10 hours, then he takes a longer nap. Only very occasionally do we get an odd out of routine day that this doesn’t hold true – those are usually traveling/visitors days where the environment is quite different.

  26. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Katelyn — thanks for sharing the specifics of your son’s “schedule” (or should I say routine?) 😉 These are bound to be helpful to other moms who find this article.

  27. Traci says

    I put my child on the six month schedule and it worked for awhile, but she’s back to being unruly again and no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to get her back on her schedule again. She just turned 7 months old today. Should I try the seven month old schedule instead and see if that works better? Or should I just keep trying with the schedule we’ve already had her on in the past? About at my wits end here…Thanks!

  28. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Traci — yes, you could definitely try using the 7 month schedule at this point. Don’t let the numbers be too limiting to you; a baby who’s 7 months 2 weeks may respond better to the 8 month schedule than the 7 month one. So feel free to experiment a little bit! :)

  29. Traci says

    Thanks Emily. I can’t handle much more of her being so grumpy all the time like this. I’m wondering if she might be going through her separation anxiety stage too. She won’t let anyone else hold her, even with me in the room, and she won’t sit on her own and play with her toys. She won’t even sit in her bouncer right next to me. The only time I can get -anything- done (cleaning, cooking, relaxation time, laundry, ANYTHING) is when she naps, and I can’t get her to nap hardly at all anymore.

  30. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Traci — Have you considered a sleep consultation? I’m not trying to push our services on you or anything, but it sounds like you’ve done a lot on your own up to this point, but haven’t had total success. A sleep consultation might help to get your daughter napping/sleeping better. You can see all the services here:

    So sorry to hear you’re struggling, Traci!

  31. Traci says

    In all honesty, we can’t afford any of that right now. My husband works part time, and only gets 19 hours a week at work, and I stay home with the baby. We make so little money, we’re living with his mother right now. Did the math the other day, and he brings home less than $7,500 a year. I would love to be able to do the emails or something sometime, but we just can’t afford any of that.

  32. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Traci — Understandable! Then you can just stick to reading the free guides and articles and try to glean as much from those as you can :)

  33. Traci says

    I do appreciate the help that I -can- get, though. So far, so good. I think Gabriel (my daughter) is just developing more quickly than most other babies. She has started -everything- early. So I think maybe she’s just getting bored with the same old toys all the time. We finally were able to get her a walker today, and she LOVES it. She was in it for less than five minutes and was already motoring across the kitchen floor while Ya-Ya (grandma) was cooking dinner. 😀 Hoping this new direction with her toys will help with the fussiness during the day, too.

  34. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Traci — Great!

  35. Lindsey G. says

    Traci, I feel exactly the same way about my daughter. She is tired of all her toys. She wants me to hold her, but then wants to play, and is getting fussy all the time. I got 45 minute naps a couple days and now we are down to 25 minutes each nap. Plus, she has gone from sleeping 12 hours a night to 11 or less. It is so frustrating and I have tried everything. Seems like we are in the same boat. My daughter is 10 days older than yours. She likes to pull up on her crib bumper and stand at the side of her crib. It can take an hour or more to get her to sleep sometimes.

  36. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Lindsey G — so sorry to hear you’re struggling! But glad you’ve found a friend here in Traci :) Don’t hesitate to contact us at if you’d like more information about how we can help you with your daughter’s sleep struggles.

  37. Traci says

    Thanks for all the help, guys. I really do appreciate it.
    @Lindsey, Gabriel seems to do better with playing with her toys if I am sitting with her and actively interacting and playing with her. She’ll sit with toys longer, and I can get an occasional 5-10 minute break if I slip away when she’s not looking. If she starts to fuss, I’ll pop around the corner a couple of times like I’m playing peek-a-boo and that usually helps. Also, to help with the longer naps, I have learned to do an actual routine right before naps as well. She gets a walk before two of her naps, and then we go out to the store for a bit right before another nap. I’ve noticed that it seems to tire her out more because she’s taking in so much new information at once that she’ll almost always sleep for her 1 hour naps, and then her 30-45 minute nap is a breeze too! You may try some of those. I hope that helps! Don’t know if we’re allowed to post these or not, but you can contact me at if you want to continue discussing it. 😀 God Bless!

  38. Traci says

    Alright, I put her on the 7 month sleep schedule and she took to it pretty well, but now she is almost constantly rubbing her eyes all day, and she does okay on the schedule, but she just -seems- tired all day long. Should I add to her naps a little and give her a little extra rest every day? I was wondering if this would be too much sleep for her…
    7:00 Wake and 6 oz bottle
    8:15 Breakfast
    8:30 15 minute walk
    8:45 Nap til 10
    10:00 6 oz bottle
    12:00 Nap 45 min-1 hr
    12:45/1:00 6 oz bottle
    3:00 6 oz bottle
    3:30 Nap til 5
    5:00 Dinner
    6:15 bedtime routine starts
    7:00 Goal to be asleep

    Do you think that would give her too much sleep during the day? There have been some days in the past where I’ve just kind of let her sleep for all of her naps, and let her wake on her own (unless it’s getting ridiculously long since she’d last eaten), and she slept at least an hour at each nap, and one of the naps she slept 2 hours. I don’t want to give her too much sleep so she can’t handle the day, but she just seems to be so exhausted all day long, and grumpy to the point of being unreasonable (but not very often that bad). Any ideas?

  39. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Traci — if she seems tired, I’d definitely suggest letting her nap a bit longer. It can seem like a good idea to limit her sleep during the day (because logic would tell us that means she’ll sleep longer at night), but as many moms who visit this site could tell you, that often backfires! Keeping a baby awake during the day when she should be sleeping can make her overtired, and a baby who’s overtired may actually sleep worse at night.

    So I’d say yes, try extending the naps a bit and see if she starts to seem more rested. Let us know how it works out!

  40. says

    @Traci You know, unless there’s a medical issue, a 7 month old does not need to be waken to eat! Is there any other reason you’re waking her? She can go for a little while without eating now… She’ll wake on her own if it’s been too long. I would not wake a baby from a nap unless it’s late in the day and you’re worried about pushing back bedtime!

  41. Traci says

    That’s what I thought. And Meagan, usually the really long nap is right before bedtime and she’s woken at 5:45 before, just to be put to bed at 6:30/6:45 to be asleep at 7, and then she just screams for a long time before finally going back to sleep around 9 (we don’t leave her in the bedroom to scream. We usually try to put her to bed for 30-45 min, and then get her up.) Anyway, I’ve noticed that she seems more willing to play on her own for 30 minutes or so a couple times throughout the day if she’s had the longer naps. So I’m going to try the adapted schedule and see how she does. Thanks! :)

  42. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Meagan and Traci — moms helping moms! Yay! :)

  43. Arlene says


    My son is almost 11 months and takes 2 naps still – my problem is that he tends to get up at 5 -530 every morning and he goes to bed at 7 every night but he still seems really cranky when he gets up so I know he is still tired. Is there any way I can get him to sleep longer?


  44. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Arlene — I don’t have any specific suggestions (aside from trying to maybe manipulate the times of his naps a bit). But we do have an e-book that addresses this exactly problem (of early morning waking). You can find it here:

    Let us know what ends up working for you!