5 Steps To A Cleaner, More Organized Baby or Toddler Room

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Steps to Organize and Clean Your Baby or Toddler’s RoomEvery year, at about this time, my minimalist genes kick in, and I find myself cleaning and organizing like a madwoman! Maybe you can relate (or maybe you wish you could relate)!

Whatever the case, if a cleaner baby nursery or toddler room is something you’d like to see in 2014, we can help. Take the 5 steps listed below in order, and you’ll be amazed at how much fresher and more orderly your little one’s room looks!

5 Simple Steps To A Cleaner, More Organized Baby or Toddler Room

  1. DE-CLUTTER. This should always be your first step – no sense in trying to clean around things that you’re going to end up getting rid of! Sort through clothing, and bag up for donation those things that your little one has outgrown. If some items are too worn-out to give away, recycle them. Same goes for toys and books.
  2. DUST TOP TO BOTTOM. Once you’ve de-cluttered, it’s time to clean! Start by dusting the entire room from top to bottom. Begin with the ceiling fan, if you have one. Then, dust the tops of all door and window frames. Next, dust pictures and furniture. Finally, dust the baseboards. Finish by thoroughly vacuuming the floor – you’ll be surprised how much dust will have fallen on it!
  3. WASH ALL FABRIC ITEMS. Strip your little one’s bed, and wash all bedding – sheets, comforters, mattress pad, bed skirt, etc. This is also a good time to replace the old pillow with a new one (if your toddler uses a pillow, that is). Wash all window treatments (just be sure to follow the cleaning instructions carefully), and wash all fabric toys (just be sure to remove any batteries).

    Tip: Did you know that the highest concentration of dust mites in your home can be found in the beds that you and your children sleep in? I know – ick! To kill dust mites, wash all bedding in hot water (do so weekly, if dust mites are a real problem). You can also consider encasing the box springs, mattress, and pillow in allergen-proof covers.

  4. WASH WINDOWS AND BASEBOARDS. Next, wash all windows. If you have those nifty tilt-in windows, that open into your home for easy cleaning, you’ll be able to wash them inside and out. Wash the baseboards, too, if necessary. (And if your home is like mine, it’ll be necessary – they’ll be covered in sticky little fingerprints! 😉
  5. CLEAN THE FLOORING. Finally, mop the hardwood flooring, and shampoo any rugs or carpets. You can hire out the carpet shampooing (companies like Stanley Steemer often run specials around this time of the year), or you can rent a rug shampooer from a local big-box store. Or, even better – find a friend who owns a carpet cleaner and ask to borrow! Can’t beat free!!

Have any cleaning and decluttering tips of your own? Share them with us in the comments section, below

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