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Baby Products

Baby Sleep Through the Night – Get rid of frustrating, sleepless nights, and tears by learning 5 ways to help your baby / toddler sleep through the night, FREE!

Baby Schedule – Detailed Guide to help your baby or toddler nap and get on a schedule. Over 40 sample schedules included!

Baby Sleep – Step-by-Step Guide to help your baby or toddler sleep well, day and night. Judgment-free approach and easy to follow. Custom baby sleep consulting included.

Baby Stay Asleep– A safe, effective sleep system that allows you to elevate the head of the crib while keeping your baby secure and comfortable. Parents and medical practitioners may recommend elevating the head of the crib for: infant acid reflux, ear infections, colic, respiratory issues, & sleep apnea.

Ninna nanna… Sogni d’oro translated as “Lullaby… Sweet Dreams”, this is an MP3 album of soothing lullabies that can help little ones drift off into slumber. Composed by Matteo Bosi.

Breastfeeding and Feeding

Kelly Mom – Exhaustive resource for breastfeeding support.

Start Baby on Solids – Resource to make your own baby food and reference what foods to start, when.

Parenting Sites

Safe Kids – Help keep your kids safe with this resources covering topics from home safety, to stranger danger and product recalls.

Little – selection of University of Michigan Kids clothes and gear for baby, toddler and youth. Go Blue!

Savvy Mama, keeping busy GOLD COAST Savvy Mama – For busy Gold Coast mothers to keep in the know with parenting help, family events, tips and deals.

Working Mom Sites

Sparkplugging – Work-at-home Resources.