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Sleep Quick Tip: Why Does Baby Wake Up Crying?

Obviously, babies wake up crying to eat, because they are wet or dirty (sometimes), or to have their sleep association recreated (such as replacing a pacifier), but this Sleep Quick Tip is to discuss what it possibly means when your baby wakes up crying from a nap or in the morning when they are “done sleeping” (at least you think so).

From my reading, I have not found any definitive reason as to why babies cry when they wake up, but it is normal for them to cry between sleep cycles. With my first-born, if he woke up crying, it 90% of the time meant that he was not done sleeping. He may have awakened in between sleep cycles and had trouble going into the next one. My 2nd son had a much easier time going into the next sleep cycle, most of the time, but he still whimpered a bit, sometimes, between sleep cycles.

This tip is to encourage you not to run in at the slightest whimper because crying between sleep cycles is normal and expected. Babies might not do it every sleep cycle, but they do some. I am not saying you need to allow your baby to cry-it-out, but any amount of crying feels a lot longer than it is. My 2nd son did not have as much of a luxury to be attended to at the slightest whimper because I had my older son to take care of, too. I remember when my 2nd son was around 2 months old, I was fixing my first son lunch and #2 (his name is Nicholas, btw) woke up from his nap. I couldn’t get to him right away, but was walking to his room by the 3 or 4 minute mark and my hand was on the doorknob and he went back to sleep!! I would have disturbed his nap had I been in there any sooner. Of course, at 2 a.m. 3 or 4 minutes feels more like 30, but just keep it in mind and look at the clock.

As I said before, when my eldest son woke up from his nap, crying, it usually meant he was not done sleeping (whether he went back to sleep or not was hit or miss), so if he did wake up crying at least I knew whether to run in there or not. At the very least, I gave him 5 minutes to try to fall back to sleep…that is until I nap trained him. Having said that, I know one woman whose baby, 90% of the time, woke up crying and that’s just how he came out of his sleep cycles, so it didn’t have the same meaning for her.

Does your baby wakes up crying?


  1. Mei Ling says

    Hi Nicole

    I have a 13 weeks old baby boy who would start crying/screaming suddenly during his naps and night time sleep. We used to think he might be in pain (as the crying starts very suddenly) but as he is always happy and alert during his waking hours, we decided that it cannot be pain. After reading your article on why baby wakes up crying, I believe that’s the reason for his crying. Could you please advise if this will stop as he gets older or is there anything we can do to prevent this from happening? Your advice would be much appreciated as our night sleep is greatly affected by his sudden cries. He has no bad sleep association and I am sure it is not due to hunger either.

    Best regards
    Mei Ling

  2. Rachel says

    My daughter had night terrors but she also would wake from time to time just scream for 30 sec. but than go back to sleep. After about 2yrs of age this stopped. She still had night terrors until she was 5yrs old.
    My son on the other hand now is 7mo. old and wakes up each evening about 3hrs after going to sleep. He will just scream right out of no where for 30 sec. and goes back to sleep most the time. From time to time i have to go in and hold him a min and he goes back to sleep. But Normally i just stand outside his door and listen and he goes back to sleep.
    They all outgrow it and i believe from my experience it happens at about 2yrs old.

  3. Wendi says

    My 11month old son is FINALLY sleeping better through the night (around 7-7:30 until just after 6). We can put him in his crib awake for bedtime and naps and he’s pretty good at settling himself down. Of course we are very happy about that improvement But where he used to wake up and play or talk, he’s now waking up crying. He’s only been sleep trained for less than two weeks so hopefully he’ll start waking up happy again?

  4. Kimberly says

    Is he crying when he wakes up in the morning or are these nighttime wakings? I would continue to be consistent and give it a little more time. Just continue to reassure him and see how he is during the day.

  5. Heather says

    Hi, my daughter will be 10 months old this week and sleeps horribly at night! She is breastfed. We’ve tried letting her cry it out at night, having my husband put her to sleep at night, and letting her eat and be rocked. With all these methods she has no problem getting to sleep (well she fights the crying it out, but eventually does sleep). The average night, she goes to bed around 8:30 and will wake up anytime between 10:30-12:30 and then after that is up 1-2 hrs all night long the rest of the night. I’m so exhausted from going up and down stairs and nursing her all night, that anywhere between 1:30-4am I finally can’t do it anymore and bring her into bed with us.

    Based on your eating schedules, she breastfeeds more frequently during the day than what is on your schedule and eats a lot less solids and finger foods.

    The Dr told us if she didn’t sleep any differently no matter what we did, to just do what was easiest and best for all of us.

    Lately she’s been getting up between 7-8am, but I don’t feel like she’s getting enough sleep at night. Usually between 9:30-10:30, she’s ready for a nap and will nap for 60-90 min. Then 2-3 hours later she’s ready for another nap and it’s the same length. And some days she’ll want a smaller nap before dinner. We’ve tried moving up her bed time and this doesn’t seem to help either, she just gets up earlier. I almost prefer if she’s not going to sleep well at night, she goes to bed later, so then I can get a little more sleep.

    Any suggestions….

  6. Rachel says

    Heather, My son is now 7mo. old. I also have a daughter who is 7yrs old. I have done childcare nearly my entire life. I think the first thing is you need to put her to bed a bit earlier. I think you are putting her to bed to late and it makes it harder to calm down. Next when they are over tired when they go down for some reason it causes them to wake more often. your daughter doesn’t need to eat at night anymore. (unless you want her to, which it doesn’t sound like you want) Keep in mind she doesn’t need food she’s choosing to eat because she’s trained to wake up for it. (If you need to be at work at 8am and wake at 6:30am every morning after a while you wake up with out the alarm, even on the weekends. You don’t have to be awake you wake up out of habit) that is what she is doing. My first step would be to stop going in. What i did with my son was I would have the baby monitor on in our room and of course it would wake my husband if i just laid there while he screamed so i would go to the living room and listen to him yell. I swear the first night was horrible. He woke up every 20 to 30 min. and yelled for 30min. (Actually the first time he yelled for 1 1/2 hours. than gave up.) But than 30min every time from than on. I put him down on a schedule for naps. My son sleeps alot during the day. If he yaned i put him to bed. He naps 3 times a day for about 1 hr each time. (8pm, 11am and 3pm.) every day. I put him to bed at 6pm. I do the same thing every day for as long as it takes. He calmed quickly the first night and woke up less often and for shorter amounts of time. The third night was great i think he woke once for almost no time. The 4th he didn’t wake at all. Bed time should be from 6pm until about 6am. No earlier. This is from my experience with Many children. Good luck

  7. Kimberly says

    Hi Heather,
    I can see why you must be exhausted. It definitely sounds like it’s time to start creating a sleep coaching strategy to help your daughter learn to re-settle herself back to sleep at night. Nursing her every time she wakes up creates a sleep association so that she now thinks that’s what she needs to get back to sleep. Have you been successful at trying to get her to eat more solids during the day? This could help cut down on her need to eat during the night. At this age, most babies can go all night with only 1-2 feedings. The trick for you will be to find a strategy that works for you, your family and for your daughter. I’d recommend starting with this post and reading through the series. If you find you need more help, then I’d recommend Nicole’s book Help Your Child Sleep ( or one-on-one sleep consultation with Nicole. She can get an amazing amount done in just two emails! The sooner you are able to get started on helping her learn healthy sleep habits, then the sooner you all can be back on track to better sleep!

  8. Karen says

    Hi there,

    I’ve been reading all the posts here and am convinced I’m doing something wrong with regards to my 9 month old’s routine.

    1st off – My son used to sleep 9am and 1pm for about 1 to 1.5 hours, with the occasional (and VERY irritatingly short) 45min naps. That meant super-early bedtimes of 530pm or 6pm (I stopped doing the 3rd nap after his 8th month, because he never seemed able to take it). These days, his 2nd nap ends by 215pm and I put him to bed by 6pm or 615pm at the very latest. He sleeps till 430am or 5am (I nurse him) and he then awakes by approx 645am.

    I actually do not really think he has a sleep association problem, even though I nurse his before putting him down for his naps and at bedtime too. 90% of the time he DOESN’T fall asleep at the breast and does go into his cot awake but sleepy.

    However, I wonder if his sudden loud crying after 45min of a sleep cycle has something to do with him occasionally falling asleep while nursing? That’s just what happened for BOTH naps today…And, I must add, I have been trying to delay both his naps by 15min, but it appears he can’t do that. In fact, by keeping him awake longer, could I have somewhat caused his extreme crankiness and eventual drowsiness while nursing? (*BTW, for his 45min-morning nap, I didn’t let him re-settle himself, and I noted he was clearly tired pretty soon after that nap. Anyway, I decided to let him CIO when he awoke JUST 30min into his 2nd nap. He took 10min to resettle himself and slept for another 45min).

    I’m a little disturbed by the recommendations made on the Babysleepsite for 9 month old Naptimes of 10am and 2pm. Clearly, my son still needs to sleep at 9am and 1pm at the moment, with a bedtime no later than 630pm. Do I need to be concerned about this – Or is there something else I could do to stretch the times out a little and achieve a better-rested child?
    Does anyone think nursing before the naps as well as in the night when he awakes after 10hrs of sleeping should be stopped?

    Looking forward to any advice!

    Much appreciation,

  9. Rachel says

    It seems to me you are doing everything exactly right. The time he wakes up after he goes to sleep and screams is where he’s changing sleeping to REM sleep. It’s normal and not unexpected. Not all kids do it but when they do it’s not a surprise. Just don’t go in when you hear he’s settling down. Give him a chance to settle down. I have figured out from my children if i don’t give them enough sleep (naps or to bed late) they wake up in the middle of the night. They will settle down but not going in is key…

  10. Karen says

    Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for your reply. Hmmm, I actually have no issues NOT going in to nurse my son at 430am or so, but my main worry is that IF he is able to settle himself back to sleep (and HOW LONG should I allow him to fuss and cry till that happens?), he might wake at 530 or 6am for the day? That would certainly make all his naps earlier and earlier, wouldn’t it?

    At the moment, with this one nursing session between 4 and 5am, he normally awakes between 630 and 7am for the day. At his naps line up to be 9am and 1pm. Do you have any idea if ignoring him at 4-5am might produce a super-early waketime?

    Also, you mentioned that if your kids didn’t nap well or slept too late, they would wake up in the middle of the night (my son just wakes around 4 to 5am). How would you suggest I find out the RIGHT timing for his naps and bedtime? Sounds odd, I know…but I’ve been ever-so-cautious with his naps and bedtime, and experimented so many times with trying to lengthen his naps, but it always seems erratic…Sometimes 1.5hours, sometimes 45min, ARGHH! And I think his bedtime of 615/630pm is already super-early…but at a critical timing (if I make it later like at 7pm, who knows if it will reinforce his early 4am wake-ups???)

    So if say my son wakes up for the day tomorrow at 645am, should I just stick with my 9 and 1pm naptimes (and just make sure I do not let him overtire BEFORE he winds down to his naps)? OR should I push the times later to see if he naps longer?

    I’m obviously kinda at a loss as to what to try in order to A) lengthen especially his PM nap and B) arrive at the best bedtime.

    Wonder if you or others have any more input to give?



  11. Rachel says

    I’m going to try to answer things in order.
    You ask how do you know how long you wait. Well when i put my son down and my daughter when she was little i make sure everything is fine before i lay them down. Now if you feed him before he goes to bed a full meal and nurse he should be good until at least 6am if he goes to bed at 6pm. So if you changed him before bed, fed and know there is nothing to harm him in there he’s good until he goes back to sleep. I am one of those parents who says there is no excuse for getting up that early. Now if he really goes crazy i will normally give in at some point and feed him so he will sleep longer. That to me is a sign something is wrong if he gets Hysterical. Normally Hungry and for me I would up how much is being eaten before bed the next night to help him sleep longer.
    6 to 7am is a normal rise time but if he’s waking and hour earlier i would have to assume he’s hungry and should eat more for dinner the night before.

    From my experience going to bed later doesn’t get them up later. (more than one morning) It producing an over tired child because they go to bed later but their body alarm wakes them at the same time. so they just end up tired. My son at this time takes 3 naps. One at 8am for about 45 min. One at 11am for about 1 1/2 to 2hrs. than again at about 2:30 or 3pm for another 45min. than bed at 6 or 6:30pm.
    My daughter on the other hand by this age took two naps that were longer. So it depends on the child. But from my experience you son might need 3 naps that are short not 2 longer ones. Children will sleep the same amount of time at naps even if you cut one off so if you take one away they are just loosing sleep the ones they take won’t be longer until they are ready and do it on their own.
    I am REALLY BIG on sleep and naps for kids.
    If my son slept in i would push it nap a little later but not much. 20min or 30 min.
    One thing you need to know is you don’t lengthen laps the child does. If you drop a nap in order to do that you are just taking sleep time away and causing them to be tired earlier and sometimes even causing them to wake at night when they wouldn’t otherwise.
    thanks for reading Rachel Humphrey

  12. Kimberly says

    Hi Karen,
    Rachel has given you some good advice here. The schedule posted on this site for a 9 month old are suggested times and aren’t expected to be same for everyone. It sounds like your son has his naptimes set that work for him and I’d stick with those for now. I also think his bedtime sounds appropriate for him. That’s what works for his body clock. I don’t see that you’re doing anything adverse to his overall daily schedule or sleeping habits. At this age, it is not uncommon for a baby to need to eat 1-2 times per night. A feeding at 4:30 or 5 am would not seem inappropriate. He has been in bed by this time for 10-11 hours and he could very well be hungry. If he goes back to sleep afterwards and wakes up around 7, then I’d say he’s doing pretty good. 45 minute naps, while not preferred by mom or dad, are not uncommon. Sounds like letting him resettle if he wakes at the 30 min mark worked to help extend his nap. What’s important overall, isn’t that his schedule is the same as what’s outline, but how much good sleep is he getting per night (which sounds like it’s pretty good) and how much total sleep he’s getting during the day. If he’s a happy baby overall with this schedule, then it’s find to stick with it.

  13. Kimberly says

    Thanks for your input Rachel. Your contributions are much appreciated.

  14. Julie says

    My 20 month old girl always wakes crying/fussing. It is an odd moment if she wakes talking to her toys in her crib or calling for either mama or papa. I think this is just her norm.

    When she night wakes (early AM), we try and let her fuss herself back to sleep but typically after a few minutes she has fully woken herself and we go in with an AM bottle, quite time then back to bed for hopefully a few more hours.

    I think some kids are just resolved to fuss when they wake. I know my husband is fussy when he wakes and since she is basically his clone we are stuck with it for now.

  15. Andualem says

    Our baby boy is just one month old. After breast feeding he goes to sleep but is difficult for him to go in to deep sleep if we put him in his bed immediately. He also prefers to sleep beside his mom or me to sleep continuously. I observe recently he also want to have bit bigger pillow than we bought for him, putting him in lateral inclined position is much helpful/comfortable to sleep longer. He is our first baby boy and we do not have experience in supporting our baby to sleep deeply. At the same time we do not want our baby to extremely scream unusually. When he cries at the middle of our sleep we picked him without preparation and I am afraid he may be hurt some day as some times we are not totally waked up from sleep. We almost always give him breast to make him quite and fall back to sleep thus he has fed breast continuously that might be over dose. We would like to know how long or in what interval should a baby suck breast milk??????????

  16. Jennifer says

    My son is now 8.5 months old, he was always a terrible sleeper!! When he started solids at 6 months I thought for sure he would start sleeping better but he didn’t, he was still waking up every 90 minutes! I finally realised that I was he sleep association and that when he was going through sleep cylces he was looking for me to put him to sleep. I went from on demand feedings to parent led feedings (feeding every 2-3 hours throughout the day), as well as nursing him and waking him up to put him down.

    Now I put him down when he is tired without nursing him if it isnt time for him to eat. He is now napping 3-4 hours during the day and 12-14 hours at night. He still tends to wake up once or twice at night when he needs some help getting back to sleep with a pat on his back, but I am sure he will soon sleep through the night without waking (unless he starts teething again).

    When he wakes up crying from a nap it usually means that he is NOT done napping, when he wakes up with other sounds he is alerting us that he is awake and ready to play (he doesn’t like being alone).

    Listen to your motherly instincts, advise of others and teach your child how to sleep since we weren’t blessed with ‘natural sleepers’. we are all so much happier since we have a happy, rested baby!

  17. Jo says

    My son is 18 months old now. I read almost every book out there about sleep because I was almost at my wits end until he was about 11 months old, which is when he started to sleep through the night (most nights). What finally gave me a change of perspective was keeping a sleep log for him for about 2 weeks. That information gave me very clear insight into his sleep needs. He didn’t/doesn’t fit into any of the models I read about in the books, but it is what works for him. He is also a very happy outgoing boy, so I am not concerned that not following the textbooks is compromising him/resulting in him being over-tired. I know how hard it is when you’re in the middle of tough sleeping patterns, but I also learned that before you know it, that changes (and something else comes along with their development!). If I have another child, I intend to try my best to be more relaxed about his/her sleep, especially for the first year. Not every child fits the molds of the books, and I think parents need to trust their instincts and what feels right to them. To all the parents suffering from sleep deprivation, I sincerely sympathize. You will be through it before you know it, though it may not feel that way now.

  18. Kimberly says

    Hi Andualem,
    At one month old, it’s generally expected that baby will be feed every 2-3 hours on demand. As far as his sleep goes, you can generally expect that babies will wake often and starting any kind of sleep training isn’t recommend until at least 4 months of age. I’d recommend that you read this post about night feedings for a better idea about how much baby might eat at night. Then, I’d also encourage you to read through many of the other posts on this site for additional information that will help you understand your baby’s sleep needs as well as suggestions for how to help teach your baby healthy sleep habits. It sounds like you’re doing a great job so far.

  19. Kimberly says

    Thank you Jennifer and Jo for sharing your insights and stories. It’s so helpful to other parents to know that achieving good sleep is possible even when it seems so far away!

  20. says

    My 10.5 month old usually sleeps very well at night and had 2 one hour naps during the day and we do a wind down and put her in bed by 7.Lately she refuses to sleep in her own cot.We have to put her down next to us on the bed and once shes asleep we move her to her bed and then shes up again between 1 and 3 in the morning and will cry for 2 hours straight.So we bring her to our bed and she sleeps and then shift her back and then she wakes up between 6 and 7.
    I want to know how to break this habit of bringing her to our bed and how to get her to sleep in her own cot.I dont understand how this suddenly started with a child who used to sleep through the night and used to sleep on her own.I cant see her cry for hours before she goes to sleep.Ive tried pick up put down,shhhh pat,just patting her to sleep,letting her cry it out and nothing works!she will cry and cry till i pick her up.if i leave the room she will cry till she sees me again and gets all breathless.This has been happening for a month now.her naps and everything else is fine…its just her night sleep.

  21. Kimberly says

    Hi Chittu,
    Sleep training really requires that you create a plan and then stick with it. Consistency is the key. Figure out what type of plan or approach fits with you and your family and then do it diligently for at least week. To start with, she needs to fall asleep in her cot. Moving her after she’s asleep is part of what is causing your problems when she wakes. She’s confused. She thought she fell asleep in one place and then wakes up somewhere different. So of course, when you bring her back to “your” bed, she really thinks she is in her bed. Nicole covers much of how to work with the transition of moving baby into her own bed in her book, The 3 Step System to Help Your Baby Sleep including ways to do with limited or very little crying. You can find more information here about that book:

  22. Rachel Humphrey says

    I agree with Kimberly.
    I can suggest common plans but that’s about it. Most children’s schedules are 6:30pm until 6:30am. at night. My son who is currently 1yr old still takes 3 naps which is uncommon. Most children take two naps by now one mid morning one mid afternoon. I don’t give my children any reason to not go to bed at the time I’ve set. I don’t care if he slept a long nap or just ate or whatever. Even at this young age they learn quickly. They don’t learn to take a long nap they learn you tried to put them down and they didn’t and you gave up. So they try again the next night to cry so you give up. Good luck with your little one.

  23. sarah says

    I can’t believe people let their babies cry out! They are babies and they want their parents! We started co-sleeping at 3 weeks after 3 weeks of no sleep and it was the best decision we have ever made. We all sleep through the night and we are all happy. Americans are so caught up with distancing themselves from their children in order to maintain their old lives. You have a kid, embrace it! And don’t feel guilty for doing what works (and what the majority of the world does as well) plus there are tons of studies out saying it is better for the infant to co-sleep. No extra work, no heartache hearing them cry, I can’t believe people do anything different.

  24. Seth says


    You said one right thing; do what works. Our baby did not sleep well with us, ever. She took to the ferber method (which was only tough for a grand total of one night, for her), and now she sleeps better than ever, and her moods are better too because she sleeps great. When she slept with us she was very cranky throughout the day.

    And to other parents trying to decide what’s best; I firmly believe whatever you choose, if done in their best interest, is the best. Whatever it takes to get them and you sleeping. Cosleep, ferber; whatever, it doesn’t matter; once they are sleeping well you will know you did what was right.

  25. Rachel says

    Sarah the prob. with your system is this… it works for now. My system is do now what you will be happy with forever. I don’t start now what i won’t do until the are grown. I don’t use baby baths. When you use them one day you have to stop when you change their bath system it can scare them and make them afraid of baths. I never feed food anywhere but in a high chair when they start eating reg. food. Why it confusing them and can actually cause them to stop eating what you provide them. They don’t eat as well in laps, walking around or what not so MEALS are always in a high chair. Bed time is Always in their own bed. There is no changing required. At NO point do you have to one day say “you know you kick me in your sleep to cry and wake me up, you get up and get into things when I’m sleeping, your just too big we can’t all fit there.” They will always fit into their own bed. They don’t kick you, they can’t get up and get into things” Children like very little change. If you wake up and night you wake baby sometimes and if you always get up at the same time IT WILL START waking them. Your alarm in there. Also children at some point start playing in bed, in their own bed it’s ok but if you need to work or be someplace the next day that’s not as easy. Also most children will cry for one night and than get over it. They won’t remember if at 1mo. old but when you finally take your child out of your bed for what ever reason you choose to he/she will remember it at 2yrs or 5yrs 10yrs or even 17yrs. That is tragic they don’t understand why you now don’t want them there. Good luck to you…

  26. Tae says

    My daughter slept through the night since 6 weeks. But now at 15 months she has been having trouble sleeping if we are not there with her. She wakes up betweek 2:AM and 4:00AM. She screams and when we come to settle her down she is okay if she knows we are in the room, but as soon she goes back to sleep and realizes we aren’t there in the room she screams again. If we don’t come right away she just gets louder and louder. My husband thinks we shoudl let her cry it out, but I don’t think it’s appropriate if she needs us. This ritual just started but it can go on for hours and 3-4 trips to her room per night. Please help.

  27. Kimberly says

    Hi Tae- At this point, its more a matter of habit for her to think that she needs one of you in the room to sleep. If she’s going to sleep with you in the room, then she’s upset because it’s different when she wakes up. She’ll need help understanding that she can go to sleep without you in the room. In addition to crying it out, there are other methods you can use. She may still protest the change but you will still be offering her comfort and letting her know she’s not alone. We outline the different methods in our toddler sleep ebook, which you can read about here: Good luck!

  28. Gina says

    Hi my little girl is 8 months old, she never used to nap but after reading the book ‘save our sleep’ I got her napping twice a day for 1-2 hour each at 9:20am & 1:20pm. I was then putting her to bed at 7pm & she was waking the next morning anywhere after 6am! She fell poorly & now shes goingbed at 6:30pm but struggle to get her night feed down her has she seem to tired, & even after both naps during then I find her trying to fall a sleep on me! Now shes waking around 2am every morning & crying I have exhuasted all options, I.e dirty nappy, hot/cold, thirst ect after going through the list I find her still crying & have to put her music on & eventually she nods off, however she never needed sleep aids before & she slept fine, why the sudden change & any idea’s how to get her to have a settled night again. Thabk you x

  29. Rachel Humphrey says

    Gina, She’s waking up because you are going in. My son tried that too and I would go in a think I had to do something, rub his back, change his diaper or something but REALLY he stopped when I stopped going in. For maybe two days he would wake up and yell but I knew he was ok, his crib was safe, his diaper was good there was no way it was bad before morning enough to hurt him, He wasn’t hungry he ate well before bed. I just let him go, it took two nights and he stopped doing it.It was well worth the hassle. lol Good luck

  30. Gina says

    See the reason for me going in to her room is to check her to see if she’s clean as she is when Iput her to bed but I dont no weather or not she as done a poo! So you reccomend leaving her even if she’s crying longer then 20 min?. The good night sleep is not just for my benefit, I think it will do her the world of good to as she’ll nap better & feel better during the day. Thank you for your help this means the world to me x

  31. Rachel Humphrey says

    I understand you wanting to know if she’s dirty or not but if you clean her up when she goes to bed most the time she will be ok for the night. It’s ok for the night, as she gets older she will stop dirtying her pants at night. Unless she’s got diarrhea it wont hurt her.
    Yes it’s better for her, she will get a more rested night. If she’s not waking up. She’s waking up because she’s used to you coming in just as you wake up at a set time when you are used to getting up at that time for say…. work. She’s doing the same thing. You have to just let her go for a few days. Crying doesn’t hurt her. It will seem like a long time but it’s really not. As long as you know you changed her before bed, fed her and gave her a bottle and she’s not sick and she’s safe, her bed is in good repair and she can’t get or fall out. Don’t let your mind think something you did could have been wrong. Your mind will do that. After I’m saying 2 nights maybe 3 of this she will stop getting up at all. She might test you again a few days or even a week later. I can say this from experience. You need to hear it from someone to be sure of yourself. If I knew where you were I’d tell you to call me for support but gosh i have no idea. But emailing is fine.

  32. Gina says

    I have emailed you for more advice, thank you

  33. Rachel says

    I haven’t seen any post from you I don’t think. If you haven’t sent it yet please do, if you have already I don’t believe I’ve gotten it so my suggestion would be send it again. Sorry thanks Rachel

  34. Gina says

    I re-sent it, if you have not recieved it again the please e-mail me & ill reply to you with my questions for you,

    Kind regards x

  35. Judy says

    My 5.5 months daughter has been a good sleeper since day 1. However, things has deteriorated in the last 3 weeks: It began by waking up for long period of times (between 1 and 2.5 hours): She would play on her own and than try and fall back asleep. When she would not succeed i would give her the pacifier (often re-swaddle her, as she would release herself when she is awake – tried to let her sleep without the swaddle, but that wasn’t successful), and she would fall back asleep. Than however, the pacifier wasn’t enough and I had to feed her – she won’t fall asleep on the breast, but would be more settled and fall asleep shortly after. Yesterday however, she woke up crying every three hours – never before she cried when she woke up. However nothing seemed to be the problem; no tummy ache, not hunger, don’t think it’s teething or thirst.
    At night – round 8- we do a bed time routine (which she loves) and she would fall asleep without a dummy. she would wake up at 7. During the day she would normally have one 4 min nap and another 1.5-2 hrs nap. She shares a room with us, but not a bed – maybe move her out?
    Other then that she breast feeds, I begun solids a few weeks ago, and give her a small meal during the day.
    Any suggestions? I really don’t want her into bad habits..

  36. Whitney says

    I am so hopeful after reading this that someone may be able to give me some helpful advice or even just an answer! My son is 19 months old. He has always slept in his own crib, we sleep trained very early (started at about 2 weeks), after our bed/nap routine he falls to sleep on his own, he sleeps from 7 pm to 7 am (sometimes 8!!) and can almost always fall back to sleep on his own if he wakes in the middle of the night. The problem is that his ENTIRE life (not exaggerating) he has woken up between sleep cycles while napping (never at night). I can time my watch by it. For a while it was 45 min into a nap, then 1 hr. 15 min, now it is almost exactly one hour. He is down to only one nap a day and I know he is so tired after only one hour of sleep for the entire day. I try to let him cry and get settled back to sleep, but he very rarely does this. (As in, maybe once a week.) He wakes up screaming crying and then can’t go back to sleep. I’ve tried leaving him alone, going in there to try and calm him down, altering his awake time and nap time – nothing helps. Any ideas on what is happening or what I can do to help him get over this?

  37. Lisa says

    I am desperate for some help! My daughter is 7 weeks old and has never slept much or well during the day.. but she would at least sleep around 4 hours total during the day (with lots of help getting down). Lately she has been only sleeping 2 or less hours during the entire day!! Sometimes she will go all afternoon and refuse to take a nap… I will spend an hour or more trying to get her down (using all the suggestions) and she is tired and may sleep for a few minutes but will always start crying horribly. I know newborns are supposed to get more sleep during the day and I don’t know why she does not and I’m concerned it’s not healthy. She sleep fine at night, 8-10 hours and wakes up twice so that’s not a problem, it’s just daytime.

  38. dannielle says

    My son is the happiest little guy 99% of the time upon awakening from a nap or first thing in the morning.

    However, every so often he will wake up screaming. I found this website after searching for “baby wakes up crying” and realized, after some reading, that he just isn’t done with his nap and needs time to get back to sleep.

    Before reading about this issue, I would take 3 or 4 minutes to get to him, but even that was not long enough for him to get back to sleep. I’d try to breastfeed, play, walk around with him- nothing helped! Of course now I understand why: he was still sleepy! He just needed some love and a pacifier to get back to sleep.