How These Sleep Deprived Parents Kept Their Sense of Humor


“Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward.” –Kurt Vonnegut

Readers, we are switching gears today and bringing you something a little different. Over the past few years, we have filled this blog to the brim with practical tips and suggestions about all things sleep. Here, you will find advice about encouraging better naps, solutions for nighttime waking, strategies for navigating sleep regressions, insights about managing common toddler transitions, recommended daily sleep and feeding schedules….and the list goes on.

But sometimes, in the midst of working through your baby’s nighttime waking, or your toddler’s persistent sleep problems, you just need to take a mental break. Not necessarily a break from the actual sleep training (although that’s necessary sometimes) — just a mental break. A moment to think about something besides your little one’s sleep issues. A moment to rest from the schedule-making and sleep training.

A moment to laugh, perhaps.

Well, you are in luck, readers, because today, laughs are exactly what we’re serving up! We have spent the last few months collecting funny stories and quotes from our Baby Sleep Site™ clients. These quotes are from actual parents, who are going though the same sleep-related challenges and trials that you’re working through in your own home.

While these humorous insights from other parents probably won’t do a thing to solve your child’s sleep problems, they are bound to help you remember that you are not alone in your sleep-related struggles. What’s more, they will almost certainly make you crack a smile; and that, in turn, might just make sleep training feel a little easier today. :)

Funny Quotes About Sleep Training From Sleep-Deprived Parents Just Like You!

Feel like your baby or toddler is persistent beyond belief? Like perhaps his determination to NOT sleep might qualify him for some kind of world record? This parent can sympathize:

“Is my child persistent? Yes. Like an apex predator. He will not stop. Ever.”

If sleep training sometimes feels like full-blown torture to you, guess what? You’re not the only one:

“Forget water boarding. Terrorists should be subjected to sleep training a toddler.”

We remind our clients often that personality (both theirs and their baby’s or toddler’s) plays a role in sleep training. We LOVED this parent’s explanation of her baby’s personality:

“Personality? To sum it up: If she could walk, talk, and drive, I am convinced that she would walk outside right now, get into the car, and drive herself to Las Vegas for a night on the town. She would immediately make friends on the strip, learn to play poker, win some cash, charm her way into all the night clubs, and spend the evening socializing and eating, with a few short breaks for much needed (but totally inconvenient) sleep sessions.

This is cool, but NOT for a 4 month old.”

Of course, plenty of parents adore their babies’ and toddlers’ personalities (that is, when those babies and toddlers aren’t throwing exhaustion-induced screaming fits!):

“Her sleep is the only thing we want to change in our child. Really, she’s an angel by day…but she’s the dark angel of sleep deprivation by night!” :)

Ever resorted to co-sleeping out of sheer desperation? So have many, many of our readers and clients! Of course, sometimes the “co-sleeping” turns out to look a bit different than the parents had originally intended:

“Usually, our baby sleeps in bed with us. (Our bed is a king-sized mattress on the floor). Recently, we moved ourselves into sleeping bags on the floor, next to the bed, and left our baby on the mattress. We hoped this would help her sleep better, and would keep us from waking her up. It hasn’t worked. Now, there’s nothing in the bed but her. Just a tiny baby all alone in a giant king-sized bed.”

Of course, some parents feel a bit sad about weaning their little ones off co-sleeping. But those parents are usually quick to say that they will not miss some of the “side effects” of co-sleeping:

“She is very cuddly, so I’m a bit sad about this. But I’m also ready to sleep! And maybe to not be kicked in the head so much. And to not have to keep one eye open for the nights when she turns into a lemming and tries to fling herself off the bed.”

Lots of parents rely heavily on their partners and spouses for help during the sleep training process. This can be great! But when your partner or spouse is missing-in-action at bedtime? That can be bad news:

“My husband usually carries our daughter around on his shoulder until she falls asleep. If he’s not around, we’re all doomed.”

Sometimes, though, a spouse or partner needs some sleep help themselves! That is the case for this client, who says that her husband always has something more important to do than catching up on his sleep:

“Can you include recommendations about rest for him in the sleep plan, so he’ll see that it IS important to be rested in order to properly implement sleep training? I may have to resort to drugging him otherwise…”

It’s no secret that sleep training takes a toll on poor mom and dad, right? The constant sleep deprivation and nighttime waking can make even the most optimistic parents begin to despair:

“I used to be a bright, happy person who took care of herself and went to the gym at least 5 days a week. Now, I’m in a constant mental fog. I have no energy and feel accomplished if I manage to shower and put on a clean t-shirt or a fresh pair of yoga pants. Honestly, you’d think I do a lot of working out for all the workout clothes I wear.”

Chronic exhaustion can also drive parents to try some downright crazy pre-bedtime rituals:

“After we put our daughter in her crib, we make a farting noise at her. For some reason, she loves that noise!”

And let’s be honest – sleep-deprivation can turn even the sweetest mommies into something else entirely:

“I am an insufferable b*#%@ when I don’t get enough rest.”

There you have it, moms and dads – further proof that you are not alone! (And that it is possible to keep your sense of humor while sleep training your baby or toddler! ;))

Any funny stories about sleep training you’d like to share with us? Leave them in the comments section; if we get enough, we’ll do another ‘funny quotes’ article!

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