The Tired Parent’s Top 10 Sleep Questions

Top 10 Questions Tired Parents Ask

Our sleep consultants answer a ton of questions on a daily basis for their sleep consultation clients – they are a knowledgeable bunch of ladies, to be sure!

Recently, we got to talking about the most common questions our consultants hear. What are the most pressing questions that parents routinely ask The Baby Sleep Site®‘s consulting team?

Read on to find out!

The Top 10 Questions Clients Ask The Baby Sleep Site®‘s Sleep Consultants

  1. How do I get my baby to stop waking so early?? Ah, yes — the early rising question! Well, there are several things you likely need to do to solve this problem. You may need to make schedule adjustments, or offer a bedtime snack. It’s also generally a good idea to treat any early-morning wakings as night wakings – in other words, don’t get your baby up for the day at 5 a.m. if you don’t want 5 a.m. to be your typical morning wake time. Of course, for all the details about how to shift your child’s schedule to a later wake-up time, you can check out our book Shift Your Child’s Schedule, or set up an appointment with a sleep consultant.
  2. Should I keep feeding my baby at night, or is my baby ready to be night-weaned? How can I tell if she’s waking from hunger or habit? Here’s the short answer: depends on your baby’s age. Here’s the longer version: it is perfectly okay for babies to feed up to about 12 months of age (although by that time, a baby’s who’s still feeding at night should be down to one feeding during a 12-hour night). However, most babies are ready to stop feeding at night by about 8 or 9 months. Most babies are down to just one night feeding by 6 months or so, but before that time, be aware that your baby will wake to eat several times in a 12-hour night. Of course, you have to take other factors into account, too, besides age – medical challenges, unique family circumstances, etc. We should also mention that we find formula-fed babies are generally ready to night-wean a little earlier than babies who are exclusively breast-fed. Above all, remember that night-weaning your baby is a personal choice, so don’t feel pressured to wean too soon!
  3. How do I transition my baby from sleeping in my arms/in my bed/in the swing/etc. to sleeping in her crib? In today’s modern age, there are lots of places for a baby to sleep – in a carseat, in a swing, in a bassinet…not to mention all the “old fashioned” sleeping spots, like in moms arms or in mom and dad’s bed! But how do you get from there to baby sleeping peacefully in her own crib? The steps we recommend to make that transition vary from family to family, and depend on unique factors. Generally, though, we recommend a gradual approach in which the transition is broken down into a number of smaller, mini-steps. Our consultants break down the transition into those mini-steps and then assign a timeline, so that parents know how many days to work on each mini-step.
  4. Why is my toddler resisting bedtime? Nothing like toddler bedtime drama, right? The reasons for bedtime resistance vary, of course, but common reasons why your toddler may be resisting bedtime include overtiredness (especially true during nap transitions), too much nap time sleep, a nap that happens too late in the day and ends too close to bedtime, and sleep associations.
  5. How can I sleep train without waking my other children? This is such a tricky one. For starters, if your kiddos share a room, we recommend moving one of them out (generally, the one who’s not sleep training, since the child who’s working on sleep needs to get used to sleeping in her usual sleep space). If your kiddos don’t share a room, but siblings are still waking during sleep training, you might consider trying white noise to block the sounds of any commotion during the night. Finally, remember that even if sleep coaching disturbs your older kids, it’s still worth it – in the end, it’s better two have two kids up at night for a short while if it means one will learn new and permanent healthy sleeping habits. When everyone’s sleeping well within a few weeks, it’ll all have been worth it!
  6. Do I have to get rid of my baby’s pacifier in order to sleep train? Hmmm…depends. Is the pacifier a problem? If not, then it might be okay to stick with it. But if it’s causing you grief, because you have to replace it all night long when your baby spits out out, or if you know your baby is too dependent on it to sleep well, then it’s generally best to wean your baby from the pacifier and help your baby learn how to sleep without it.
  7. Why does my baby wake up as soon as I lay him down in the crib? The answer to this one is usually very straightforward – it’s sleep associations! If your baby is accustomed to falling asleep in your arms, then it’s natural that once your arms are no longer there, she will wake up. The key in this situation is to gently wean your baby away from needing to be held for sleep, and the first step in that process is usually to start putting your baby down for sleep drowsy, but awake.
  8. How can I get my baby to nap longer?How can I get my baby to nap longer?” is the million-dollar question, for many parents! Well, for starters, eliminating your baby’s nap time sleep associations, and putting your baby down awake in the crib at nap time will go a long way towards helping to lengthen naps – once your baby can fall asleep without helps, in many cases, naps lengthen naturally. However, some babies need help in learning how to nap for a full hour or more. That’s why our consultants break nap traininginto two parts: learning how to fall asleep at nap time, and learning how to go back to sleep after waking too early from a nap
  9. How can I maintain a good nap schedule while still making sure that I can get out of the house and stick with my weekly activities and errands? As much as we encourage parents to sleep coach, we certainly don’t want to create a bunch of miserable moms who feel like they can’t ever leave the house due to baby’s nap schedule! While naps at home, in the crib are usually better than naps on the go, it’s okay to have the occasional nap in the car, or in the stroller. If your baby is taking two naps, for example, it’s okay for one of those naps to happen on the go a few days per week. And if you have a regular, standing outing (like a mom’s group, or a fitness class), you can build this right into your daily schedule (or better yet – have your sleep consultant do it for you!).
  10. My family is taking a trip soon – how can I make sure that sleep doesn’t fall apart while we’re on vacation? Never fear – we’ve got you covered on this one! Yes, traveling will disrupt sleep somewhat – it’s likely that any missed naps or bedtimes during travel will cause problems, and you can pretty much count on the first nap or two, and the first night, at the place where you are staying will be a little rough. But you can get sleep back on track during sleep. You can read our tips for ensuring better naps while traveling, and general tips for maintaining good sleep habits while traveling.

Have Your Own “Tired Parent” Questions? Ask A Sleep Consultant Today!

This is a nice overview of our parents’ most common sleep questions, but these answers are by no means as extensive and detailed as the answers you would get from a sleep consultant, if you were a client. Our clients are able to provide personalized answers, that are tailored to your unique circumstance – that’s what makes our services so unique! So if you have your own set of pressing sleep questions, why not connect with one of our caring, compassionate sleep consultants, and get expert answers today?
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Want more information about how personalized help works? Check out our FAQ page here, and get answers. You can also take a tour of the Helpdesk.

Your turn – what are your top “tired parent” sleep questions? Ask below, and we’ll answer!

Sophie’s Baby Sleep Story [VIDEO]

Readers, meet Sophie! Fashion stylist, mommy-extraordinare, and blogger at Eenie Meenie Bambini, Sophie is also a former client of The Baby Sleep Site® Recently, Sophie took the time to sit down and write out her sleep story – and she also took the time to film a short video for us!

Read on, and hear Sophie’s compelling sleep story. Hear about her harrowing struggles to help her daughter Coco sleep. Hear about the toll that sleep deprivation took on her life. But not only that – learn how she got help. Learn the steps she took to reclaim her sleep (and her sanity!). And watch Sophie herself tell you about her experiences working with The Baby Sleep Site®!

Don’t forget to scroll to the end of the excerpt, to watch the video and hear from Sophie herself!

From Total Sleep Deprivation To Peaceful Nights – An Excerpt Of Sophie’s Sleep Story

“By the time Coco was about 6/7 months, my world was upside down. I was fighting Sophie's Baby Sleep Storycrushing exhaustion on the inside, but having the “mother’s energy” to still keep going strong with a smile on my face 80% of the time. However, my patience level was ice-thin, I was becoming increasingly emotionally vulnerable, and if you were to make me angry for any reason, I’d probably cry, while if you woke my sleeping baby, I was a ball of fury. I became very controlling about everything around Coco’s sleep. I put so much effort intro trying to make her sleep that I began to feel convinced that no one else could do it right, and if they did try to put her to sleep, they would do it differently than the book I was following at the time – and somehow that would mean taking a giant step backwards in her sleep training. We literally had a “no go zone” once she was asleep, because the lightest footstep would wake her up, and I’d lose my mind. As you can image in, my relationship with my husband was not the easiest at this time, either.

I felt so alone in dealing with this – like no one quite understood the suffering I was experiencing. I kept saying to people, “You have no idea what happens when you have not slept more than 3 hours in a row for over a year; you really start to lose it slowly!” On top of all this, I was supposed to be running a household and having some semblance of a career. My husband was always supportive of my efforts; he never expected anything of me during this time, as he knew I had nothing left to give -no was was I putting dinner on the table!

One day, out of sheer desperation, my mother and I stayed up late scouring the internet for more sleep answers. By some miracle, we came across The Baby Sleep Site®…”

Read the rest of Sophie’s sleep story here.

Need Baby Sleep Help Yourself? We Helped Sophie, And We Can Help You!

Whatever your unique situation, if you are struggling with your baby’s sleep, know that we can help you with your particular sleep challenge. We are committed to customizing our methods to match you parenting style and goals. If you are ready to work on your little one’s sleep, and to get a Personalized Sleep Plan™ that will work for your family, the first step is to browse our extensive list of package options and select the one that looks best for your situation.
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Sleep Training Boot Camp, Part Seven: Celebrate Success (No Matter How Small!)


New to Sleep Training Bootcamp? Check out our overview page to find out what Sleep Training Boot Camp is all about, and to catch up on past Boot Camp articles.


BOOT CAMP, PART SEVEN: Celebrate Success (No Matter How Small!)


Boot Campers – YOU DID IT. You made it to the end! And what does that mean? It means – it’s time to celebrate your success! Even small successes get celebrated today :-).

Sweet and awesome Vikki, your resident boot camp encourager, is back today, and she’s bringing us one last boot camp article. Let the celebration begin!

Celebrating A Successful Sleep Training Boot Camp

The Meldrums 2013_4-29My fellow sleep warriors, YOU DID IT. You made it through Sleep Training Boot Camp! Go you! Whether your baby is sleeping through the night like an angel, you just started your sleep training journey, or you’re somewhere in between, CONGRATULATIONS. Every sleep success, no matter how small, is cause for celebration!

Sometimes the hardest part of training is getting started. Even though we struggled with Lyla’s sleep for many months, I just kept hoping it would get better. I had gotten used to our nightly battles and just thought this is what life was like with a struggled sleeper. I wanted a more peaceful situation for Lyla. I wanted to feel rested so I could be a more patient mom. I wanted a happier, less tired household, but I didn’t know if or how any of it was possible. Deciding to try sleep training made it happen. So if you’re just starting out, look for small victories. Did you shave off even a few minutes from bedtime? SUCCESS! Has baby been more open to a change in routine that will lead to better sleep? TRIUMPH! Did baby nap for even five minutes longer than the day before? YOU DID THAT!

It can be so hard to stay consistent during sleep training, but hopefully Sleep Training Boot Camp helped keep you on the road to sleep street! There were so many times while training Lyla I wanted to just give up. Some nights it seemed like it didn’t matter what I did, the kid was not going to sleep. But I found inspiration in the fact that not knowing how to sleep is temporary and teaching her the tools to hang out in happy snoozeland would last her a lifetime. Did you push through when you wanted to give up? GO YOU!

The Meldrums 2013_4-13Did you attack naps during Sleep Training Boot Camp? HECK YES! Naps can be a constant source of stress, especially if baby refuses them. Remember, your baby or toddler needs that sleep, and you need that time in the day to recharge your batteries. Working towards better naps skills with your child is a win, even if it’s just adding a few minutes to sleepy time. There is happy on the other side of that successful nap – AND YOU MADE IT HAPPEN!

If sleep setbacks, like teething or sleep regressions, got the best of you, no worries! The tools are still here for you. Whether your baby is a good sleeper that just needs some fine-tuning, or is a chronically awake human like my little Lyla bean, there will be setbacks. But remember: SETBACKS DON’T MEAN FAILURE. Even after you’ve found the sleep training approach that works for you and baby, stuff comes up. YOU CAN AND WILL GET AND KEEP YOUR BABY SLEEPING PEACEFULLY. You can do it!

My fellow sleep conquerors, we came into this Boot Camp searching for a solution. Needing a break. Wanting desperately for our babies to find peaceful, happy slumber. Whether you just took the first step or have worked through a Personalized Sleep Plan™ and are watching baby drool happily in dreamland right now, YOU DID IT! You made progress in helping baby learn to sleep! Remember: no matter where you are in the sleep training journey, keep going. Your baby or toddler will get there, and you’ll be right beside him or her every step of the way.

Congratulations on a successful Sleep Training Boot Camp!!!

Not Quite Where You Want To Be, Sleep-Wise? We Can Help!

I feel like we can’t emphasize this enough: ANY success is worth celebrating, when it comes to sleep training. But even if you’ve had small successes, you may still not be quite where you want to be, sleep-wise. That’s okay – there is plenty of time to keep working on sleep. And don’t forget that we’re here to help you! For TODAY ONLY, you can grab any of our sleep consultation packages, or any of our e-Book titles, at a 15% discount! These boot camp essentials are the tools you need to help get you where you want to be, and to end your journey to better sleep.

Grab a consultation package or e-Book at 15% off – SALE ENDS TUESDAY!

So remember, boot campers – as we say goodbye to Sleep Training Boot Camp, celebrate your successes, even if they’re small. And if you aren’t quite where you want to be, don’t worry! We can help!

What are your sleep training successes? Share them – we want to celebrate with you! Have questions about sleep challenges that remain? Ask, and we’ll answer!


<--Boot Camp Part Six: Handling Sleep Setbacks

Sleep Training Boot Camp, Part Four: Staying Consistent During Sleep Training


New to Sleep Training Bootcamp? Check out our overview page to find out what Sleep Training Boot Camp is all about, and to catch up on past Boot Camp articles.


BOOT CAMP, PART FOUR: Staying Consistent During Sleep Training

Staying Consistent With Sleep Training

Welcome back, boot campers! Well, here we are, halfway through sleep training boot camp. How are you doing? Are you sticking with it? I know that, at this point, after a week of sleep training and using your sleep training plan, you may be starting to feel worn out. Exhausted. Maybe discouraged. In fact, some of you may feel like giving up completely (or at least making massive changes to your sleep plan!)

Vikki and I knew that many of you would be feeling this way right around now, and as we discussed it, Vikki mentioned that she remembered feeling this way herself, when she was working on sleep training her daughter Lyla. And given that Vikki knows exactly how it feels to be discouraged in sleep training, and to want to give up, I thought it would be best if she talked to you today about staying consistent. Vikki also let me know that she had a little secret – the key to consistency, for her, was finding her inspiration.

What is ‘find your inspiration’ all about? Read on and find out how finding your inspiration can help you stay focused and committed.

Take it away, Vikki!

Staying Consistent With Sleep Training – Vikki’s Sleep Coaching Story

The Meldrums 2013_4-9It’s 9:30p. I have been trying to get my ten-month old, Lyla, to sleep for more than two hours. These hours, added to the time it took to get her down for her two naps today, means I have been in her room working on sleep for more total hours than I had slept the night before. Boo. Hiss.

I consulted my Personalized Sleep Plan™ before starting bedtime to give me some support. I knew what to do. But here I was again – night 20 million of Lyla not sleeping. I was seconds from offering her the breast just to get her go to sleep.

I was frustrated. I was impatient. I was exhausted.

I was on day four of the Personalized Sleep Plan™. The details were all there. What was not there, yet, was my baby’s understanding of what I was asking her to do. What I was always asking her to do. SLEEP!

My husband always says to take three deep breaths when I feel overwhelmed. Somewhere between breaths two and three, I had an epiphany. I have to give Lyla better than this version of me. I was not being the gentle, loving mom I know I am. Lack of sleep and the inability to get my child to sleep had started to change the way I was responding to this beautiful little nugget. I am human. I was at my breaking point.

One of the things my consultant, Jen, helped me realize is that my baby doesn’t know how to sleep on her own. Others may. Mine, not so much. Much like working with her on walking or using a spoon, I had to teach Lyla about sleep. I had to help her learn to sleep on her own.

My Lyla is what The Baby Sleep Site® calls “persistent”. That’s the polite word for extremely strong willed. Although, I think every baby that can’t or doesn’t want to sleep seems to have the will of Superman.

So, I finished my breaths. I worked through the steps of the Plan. I got Lyla to sleep. It took three hours that night. But it was a few minutes less than the night before and I gobbled that small victory up like a hunk of cake. But it wasn’t enough to make me feel like there was progress. I collapsed into a messy heap of tears and asked God, the dog, the lamp – anything that would listen – that she find peace so that she might start to see sleep as something to look forward to and not something that made her scream and scream. And scream.

Defining Your Goals, and Finding Your Inspiration

The next morning, I walked into Lyla’s room to check on her and just watched her sleep for a minute. It was beautiful. That vision was my goal. I was going to help my baby always find this snuggle of serenity.

As bedtime rolled around on day five of my Personalized Sleep Plan™, I felt like a cliff diver. I was full of adrenalin. Excited. Nervous. Ready. I was going to work the steps and get my baby to sleep. As she reared up for a big cry when I put her into bed, I stood at the side of her crib and realized something. This crib would eventually convert into her toddler bed, then to her full-sized bed. This crib side I’ve stood at for hours wooing her to sleep was the same place I would stand years from now begging my child, my pre-teen, my teenager to get up. And all at once, I knew that this was JUST FOR RIGHT NOW. These fits about sleep, these sleepless nights, the tears she and I both cried from exhaustion, was so just right now. This, too, shall pass.

I was committed to figuring out how to give her better tools to sleep and I had help in the consultants. We could do this. WE WOULD DO THIS.

And we did. It took a few nights, but Lyla started doing better. She still objected vocally and loudly to having to go to bed, but she found peace much more quickly. As I followed the plan’s goals for each night, Lyla found more and more peace. I watched her learn. It was amazing.

Jen advised that we stick to our plan for at least a week (if not two) before making any changes, because it usually takes at least that long to start seeing the effects of recommended changes. I am so glad we did.

The Meldrums 2013_4-27 So, my fellow mommas fighting the good sleep fight, YOU CAN DO THIS. Find your inspiration. Find the thing that will help you get through, because as you look for a solution that helps baby learn to sleep, you’ll need it. And it’s there! For me, realizing that this sleep saga is temporary, and that my baby would learn if I kept teaching her gave me the strength to go on.

Plus, I had support. We stuck with the Personalized Sleep Plan™. Based on it, and with help from Jen, we created “Lyla’s Sleep Rules”, which we follow every night. They helped us be consistent. Lyla got the same actions and reactions from both my husband and I. The rules evolved as Lyla continued to challenge us with her sleepless ways, but having them in place help her know what to expect, and for my husband and I, it kept us on track with how to deal with her.

Remember: You can do this. Find your inspiration to keep going. If nothing else, let it be that the payoff to sticking with sleep training is worth it – your baby or toddler will know how to sleep, making him/her more happy and healthy. And you will finally get some sleep, too!

You Don’t Have To Do This Alone…We Can Help!

Personalized ConsultationVikki had Jen acting has her boot camp coach – Jen created a Personalized Sleep Plan™ that was tailored to the Meldrum family’s needs and schedule, and was oriented around Lyla’s unique personality and temperament. Having Jen in her corner was key to Vikki’s sleep training success – yes, she and her husband put in a ton of hard work, but having Jen there to help coach them along was vital!

You can have your own Baby Sleep Site consultant in your corner, acting as your Boot Camp Coach, too. Simply purchase one of our consultation packages to get started. (And remember, they’re currently on sale!) Then, connect with one of our expert consultants, and get started! Your consultant will create your Personalized Sleep Plan™, and – most importantly – she’ll support you every step of the way. Vikki had Jen to coach her through this process; having your own sleep consultant is just what YOU need to conquer sleep training boot camp!

You can do it, boot campers – don’t give up! Keep going! And remember, you’re not alone. Have questions, or just need some encouragement? Let us know in the comments section, and we’ll answer! Have tips to share? We want to hear ‘em!


<--Boot Camp Part Three: Creating & Implementing Your Sleep Training Plan

Boot Camp Part Five: What You Need To Know About Nap Training –>

Sleep Training Boot Camp, Part Three: Creating And Implementing Your Sleep Training Plan


New to Sleep Training Bootcamp? Check out our overview page to find out what Sleep Training Boot Camp is all about, and to catch up on past Boot Camp articles.


BOOT CAMP, PART THREE: Creating and Implementing Your Sleep Training Plan

How To Create A Sleep Training Plan

Welcome back to sleep training boot camp, readers! Can you believe were already at Part 3 of our month-long boot camp?

Now that you have done all the prep work necessary for sleep training (by doing the 5 things you need to do before sleep coaching, and by making any necessary feeding and scheduling changes – and possibly filling out the Family History Form), it’s time to actually create your sleep training plan, and then get started with sleep coaching!

Today, we’ll look at these two components separately – how to create your sleep training plan, and then how to start implementing it.

Creating Your Sleep Training Plan

There’s no one way to create a sleep training plan – your approach to sleep coaching can be as unique as you are! But after spending 5+ years refining our own Personalized Sleep Plan, which we create for all our clients, we know a thing or two about what makes a sleep coaching plan successful.

When you go about creating your own sleep coaching plan, use these tips to ensure that your plan sets up you and your baby or toddler for success:

  • Implement ‘mini-steps’ if you want to minimize crying. Mini-steps help you break down sleep coaching into very small, very manageable steps. So instead of making a BIG leap, like, say, from rocking all the way to sleep to putting baby down wide awaken the crib, break that down into smaller mini-steps.
  • Don’t work on naps and nights at the same time. A small percentage of our families find it’s actually better for them to work on naps and nights at the same time, but for the majority, it’s just too overwhelming. Instead, break them into separate components.
  • Create the plan with your baby/toddler AND WITH YOURSELF in mind. Obviously, your child should be the focus of your sleep coaching plan. And it’s key to account for your little one’s temperament. But remember, the plan that works is the plan that YOU can commit to and feel good about. So keep that in mind as you make your plan – choose a method that you feel good about, keep the amount of work you have to do reasonable, and watch the timelines to be sure they’re reasonable, too.
  • Speaking of timelines…plan for a healthy pace to your sleep coaching. Don’t plan to move too fast (you can’t overcome major sleep associations in 3 or 4 days!), but you don’t want to inch along a snail’s pace, either – you shouldn’t be sleep training for months! For most families, 2-4 weeks is adequate time to make big improvements in sleep.
  • Include a basic day-by-day portion of your plan. We include this in most of our Personalized Sleep Plans™, and our clients tell us it’s so helpful. Basically, your day-by-day tells you what specific actions you should take each day (and each night).Creating a day-by-day schedule means you are creating concrete, actionable steps for your sleep coaching, and that can really help you stay consistent even when you’re tired and frustrated.

Implementing Your Sleep Training Plan

When it comes to actually implementing your plan, keep the following things in mind:

  • There is never a perfect time to start sleep training, but as best you can, clear your schedule for a few days after you start coaching. And, if you’re married or have a close support network around, considering soliciting some help for those first few days.
  • Working on night waking can be exhausting, so try to carve out time for yourself to take a nap, to sleep in mornings – anything you can do to catch up on your sleep. And remember that your baby or toddler may need the same – when you’re working on night wakings, do what you can to be sure your little one takes adequate naps.

Let Us Make Your Plan For You!

Personalized ConsultationYou can make your own sleep plan – we offer resources specifically designed to help you do that (many of our e-book packages include a ‘How To Make Your Own Sleep Plan’ workbook!) But the fact is that parents who hire a Baby Sleep Site consultant to create a Personalized Sleep Plan™ for them have higher rates of success than those who attempt to go it alone. Why? Because our consultants bring years of experience and insight to your consultation – they have worked with literally thousands of families! All that experience combines to create a Personalized Sleep Plan™ that is guaranteed to equal sleep training success.

How can you get your own Personalized Sleep Plan™? Simple – first, you’ll need to purchase one of our consultation packages (Remember, they’re currently on sale!) Next, you will receive login credentials to our Sleep Helpdesk – from there you will fill out your Family History Form, upload it to the Helpdesk, connect with your consultant, and get started! Once your consultant has reviewed your history, she will create your plan, and then send it over with implementation instructions. It’s that easy! Once you’ve tried out the plan at home, you can email your consultant any time to ask follow-up questions, or to request changes to your plan.

Still not sure if a Personalized Sleep Plan would be right for you? Here’s what Vikki had to say about her plan:

BSS Headshot 1“When I first got the plan I felt two things. First, I felt a sense of relief. I had help, and help that made sense. I had spoken to doctors, nurses, other moms, everyone I could think of. Everyone said, “Oh, she’ll sleep when she’s tired”. But she didn’t. I have tears now just thinking about how bad I felt and how tired she was. Then, I got the plan. I had a blueprint to help us get to a better place.

I also felt a lot of ‘a-ha’ moments as I read through my plan. There were answers to the questions of ‘why’ I had so often. I had heard before that you can give baby a lovely, but I didn’t know why. The plan explained that. I had read about other techniques that Jen (my consultant) referenced in the plan, but she gave me the why. I knew not only what we were going to do but why we were going to do it. That was HUGE for me. I am a very why-oriented person.”

Makes a lot of sense, right? What Vikki (and the rest of us here at The Baby Sleep Site®) want you to know is this: for many of you reading this, a Personalized Sleep Plan™ is all you need to conquer sleep training boot camp, and to solve your little one’s sleep problems once and for all. Even if you don’t feel like you need a consultant tobss_ebook_3stepsystem_left-1 help you, you probably will want all the sleep coaching info you can get your hands on to help you through this process. Well, our e-Books (which are currently 15% off!) provide just that. The 3-Step System To Help Your Baby Sleep is a great choice – it includes all the basics you need to sleep train successfully, and the Silver package includes downloadable instructions about how to make your own sleep training plan!

No matter how you decide to approach Boot Camp Part #3, remember that this step is critical – you need to create a solid plan and then implement it well. You have about a week before we get into Part #4, so use this time to make and then use your plan. Next week, we’ll talk about what to do if things don’t go exactly according to plan. ;) But between now and then, remember – we are here to help!

This is a big step, so if you have questions, ask away, and we’ll offer some help! For those of you who have sleep trained before – share your tips!


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Boot Camp Part Four: Staying Consistent With Sleep Training –>