All-in-One Sleep Resource + Discount

I’m very excited to announce that the doors are now open to the new Member’s Area on The Baby Sleep Site™! It’s very exciting for me to give you another way to get the information and support that I wish I had when I was right where you are on the journey to better sleep! I announced it first to my mailing list a few days ago.

Because I know many of my readers have already purchased one or both of my books, I was delighted to offer the first 100 people a special discount for joining. If you still want in, it’s not too late to do so at a discount! There are still 49 spots left who can claim 20% off, using coupon code ADCF65. That means you can gain access to premium content for as little as $14.40, if you move fast! Keep in mind an e-mail is also being sent to all 5,700+ people currently in the The Baby Sleep Site™ Community.

Join the Member’s Area on The Baby Sleep Site™ now!

Here is all you’ll get by joining the Member’s Area:

* Unlimited access to all the e-Book content, which includes Help Your Child Sleep, a Step-by-Step Guide and Mastering Naps & Schedules, and any future books ($72 Value)

* Unlimited access to all tele-seminars (seminars via telephone) new and old. Next one is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 30th.

* Unlimited access to real-life case studies. NEW! Sleep Coaching Twins with No Crying! My case studies are actual consultations written to help you formulate your own custom plans.

* Unlimited access to the members-only chat room offering ongoing peer support, along with my advice monthly during a scheduled date and time.

* Unlimited access to members-only articles, assessment quizzes, and more!

Huge Value at an Affordable Price!

You’ll receive access to in-depth premium baby and toddler sleep information by joining the Members Area on The Baby Sleep Site™. Three pricing options are available, based on your needs, and offer you savings over services purchased separately.

Join the Member’s Area on The Baby Sleep Site™ now!

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me anytime! I’d be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Happy sleeping!