7 Tips When Hiring
a Baby Sleep Consultant

I might be your sleep consultant, but I might not. I know all too well that I will not be everyone’s sleep consultant nor do I want to be unless you believe we are a good match. I am not a doctor (nor plan to become one) and I am not a hard-core sleep trainer (i.e. cry it out is rarely my first recommendation and I believe babies may need to eat at night longer than most), just to name two things that might turn someone away from me and draw others closer. Finding a sleep consultant takes time and consideration, and there are some things to look out for. This article is to help you find your baby sleep consultant.

Why Hire a Sleep Consultant

Baby Sleep Planning
Receive a personalized plan for your family

Baby Sleep Stretegizing
Work together on fine tuning the plan for your unique baby

Baby Sleep Implementing
Put the plan into action

Baby Sleep Motivating
Receive motivation and support to succeed

Quite simply, that’s why it is helpful to hire a sleep consultant, just like some of you will hire a personal trainer at the gym or go to Jiffy Lube to change your oil. It’s not that you can’t necessarily do it on your own, but it might take ten times longer or you might give up before you get anywhere. Or, maybe you are just too tired or busy to read all about what muscles to work out first, or whether to do cardio and then lift weights or lift weights and then do cardio. Which is it or does it matter? Each book will tell you a different diet to follow, too, so then you might not follow any one. Your personal trainer can tell you what’s right for you, given your body type, goals, and food temptations. It saves time, money, and the best part are the results at the end! Whether it’s having a car that runs five years longer because you take care of it, or losing that last 10 pounds of baby fat, or having a baby who sleeps better so you can sleep too, the results will make you feel like Super Mom!

7 Tips When Hiring a Sleep Consultant

Just like you might interview pediatricians before you have a baby or you might not want Bob the Personal Trainer who wants you to enter a muscle building contest, you will want to consider quite a few things before you hire your baby sleep consultant. Head over to WorkingMother.com for 7 Tips When Hiring a Baby Sleep Consultant, written by yours truly. :)

If you think I might be the sleep consultant for you, please visit our services page today, where you are just a few clicks from getting started. If you still aren’t sure whether you need a sleep consultant or just not ready, yet, please feel free to read through the site and get lots of free sleep tips. The first step is often the hardest, and it won’t be your last, but don’t let sleep deprivation stop you from being the parent you want to be. We all do better with sleep, including your baby or toddler.

What do/did/will you look for in your sleep consultant?