Are You Doing These 5 Things to Get the Most Out of Your Toddler’s Sleep?

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Toddler Sleep ProblemsJust when you figure out solutions to your baby’s sleep problems, she becomes a toddler with all new sleep problems and, very often, she still has some old ones, too! The same strategies that may have worked as a baby (or didn’t), may not work now that she is a toddler or getting out of bed. Common trouble spots are transitioning to one nap, getting your toddler to sleep later in the morning, “needing” you to sit with her while she falls asleep, night wakings (still!), insomnia, transitioning from co-sleeping or crib to bed, night terrors, and nightmares, just to name a few. Not all children outgrow their sleep problems. To learn 5 ways to help your toddler sleep and obtain your free toddler sleep e-Book, Toddler Sleep Secrets: Getting Started, please enter your e-mail address below. It’s instantly download-able and there is no obligation.

“I am a mother who nursed my daughter on demand until she was 14 months old. She also co-slept with my husband and I. She was the type of child who would wake as many as 15 times per night and need to find and touch me to fall back asleep. We were not interested in the ‘cry-it-out’ method. At the end of our stings, we were lucky enough to find [The Baby Sleep Site] and get a customized sleep plan from Nicole. Let me say this…after 9 days, my daughter is sleeping ALONE in her crib the ENTIRE night without assistance. It only takes me 5-8 minutes to put her to sleep and she sleeps for 10-11 hours! I am so thankful for your kind support. You made both my husband and I feel understood and welcomed to ask any and all questions. Without you….ugh, let’s not think about where we would be! Thanks again, your help was unbelievable!”
-Wendy & Brian M., Burlington, VT

Disclaimer: Individual results will vary. All children are unique and there is no silver bullet (we wish there was!). Some parents go on to need more help than the free guide provides, but you are under NO obligation to purchase additional materials or services. This e-Book is a good start to solving your toddler’s sleep problems and there is no cost involved to give it a try.

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