Do you want more sleep?   Yes! I need more sleep.
Do you want more sleep?   Yes! I need more sleep.
Do you want more sleep?   Yes! I need more sleep.

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  1. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Lee — I’m not a sleep consultant, so I can’t offer any expert advice. But I’d be a little leery of waking your 9 month old from that afternoon nap, simply because I know that overtiredness can be tricky. Waking your little one before he’s had enough sleep may mean that he’s too tired to sleep well at bedtime, and that could just make the problem worse.

    That said, the timing of the nap may be a problem. How late is that afternoon nap happening? you could always start it a little earlier (so that it ends earlier).

    Also — SO glad to hear that the consultation worked well for your family! We love hearing from satisfied clients! 🙂 Thanks for commenting, Lee!

  2. kolly says

    I think we might have run into a problem with a too-long nap yesterday. Our 16-month-old guy generally sleeps @7:30pm-6:15am, and naps @11:45am-2pm. Yesterday his nap went a bit long, til 2:30pm or so, and he had SUCH a tough time falling asleep. He wasn’t asleep until 9pm! His final canine tooth is pushing through and I’m sure that’s not helping. Is it possible that an extra 30 minutes of napping would create such a ruckus at bedtime? I’m trying to get him ready for a switch from nanny to daycare in the summer, where the schedule says they nap 11:45-2:30, so I’m a bit concerned.

  3. Wendi says

    My 4mth old daughter is a great sleeper for the most part. Started sleeping for 10.5-12hrs straight at night all on her own around 8 weeks. Since doing a little nap sleep training with her, she goes down for 3 naps a day with no problem and sleeps anywhere from 40mins-2hrs. On average, she gets about 14-16hrs of sleep a day. Here is my question. I have to manage her naps everday, waking her from at least one of them so that I have time for her to take her 3 naps. Ive read in another article that this shouldn’t be a long term strategy. Should she be taking 2 long naps where I dont have to wake her or is what Im doing ok? She seems a little young for only 2 naps? I don’t want to do anything to mess up my naturally good sleeper. Thanks for your advice!

  4. Fabi says

    @emily thank u for ur response! Yes I do and yea I’m looking fwd to daylight savings hahaha! But I would still LOVE a 7-8am wake! One daaaaay. I think it’s the regression w/ him not sleeping when we put down. And he is tired. I see all his signs! It’s odd.

  5. Lee says

    Our 9 month old has been doing so much better with sleep in the last two months! We purchased a personalized sleep plan and it really made a difference. (So thank you for that!!!) He also started eating more solids and we ended up having to switch over to formula (which we hadn’t planned on) since I got pregnant again. Not sure if those things helped contribute to better night sleep.

    Anyway, as we started the night sleep training our son’s naps kind of magically got better (not sure how we lucked into that!) And now he sleeps for a combined total of 3-4 hours during the day. First nap is usually 1-1.5 hours and his second nap can be anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hours. We are not feeding him at night anymore but he is still waking at night sometimes. Sometimes he settles himself, sometimes I have to go in and comfort him, and sometimes I end up giving him the paci if it goes on for awhile. Other nights he’ll make it through without issue. I’m wondering if I should start waking him after about 1.5 hours, particularly in the afternoon? Maybe that would make his night sleep more solid?

  6. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Fabi — Do you live in the U.S.? If so, then daylight savings (which starts on March 10th in the States) may help you with this early rising. We have a post about that coming up on 3/5.

    @ Kristin — I’m not sleep consultant, we I can’t provide a specific, customized plan for you. However, I do know that you definitely DON’T want to deny your little guy that nap in the afternoon. Overtiredness actually makes babies sleep even less; contrary to what we might think, a well-rested baby sleeps better than a baby who’s exhausted. Go figure 😉

    I totally understand your daycare dilemma. Many parents experience the same thing you’re struggling with here.

    A good place to start may be our free guide ( That’ll give you some constructive ways to help your baby start sleeping a little better at night.

    And, of course, if you decide you’d rather have a tailor-made plan that’s customized to your particular situation (and would include recommendations about what to do with the lack-of-napping at daycare), you could always take a look at our personalized consulting services:

    Let us know what you end up trying, Kristin! And thanks for commenting. 🙂

  7. Kristin says

    Well, my problems might be far too complex for a simple comment on this article, but I get stuck trying to figure out what to do for my little one on a daily basis. He is 6 months old now and just started daycare at 5 months. He is a terrible napper at daycare – usually he only takes two 25-30 minute naps while he is there from 9 – 3:15. When I go to get him he is always so tired so I go straight home and put him straight down for a nap at around 3:45. He will then sleep in his crib for up to 2.5 hours for this nap, as if he is making up for his bad sleep during the day. This would be fine with me if everything else was going well, but he is still waking 3-4 times at night too, and the only thing that settles him is nursing… 🙁 I’m not sure what to do after daycare. I know putting him down at 3:45 for a long nap might be interfering with his night sleep, but what should I do? Not let him take that nap at all? Just do a super early bedtime? Wake him after 1 hour? 1.5 hours? 45 minutes? When I have tried to wake him after about 1.5 hours and then keep him up until bedtime the entire time he’s up he is SO cranky! 🙁 Unfortunately daycare is our only option.

  8. Fabi says

    What a great schedule you have! My son dropped to 1 nap and now going through what I think is this “18 month regression”. What do u mean by “wake up” light? My son normally naps 12-2pm on a good day or 1:30 the least. (Again, on a good day) …he’s in some cycle of waking so early! No matter the bedtime. During transition he was sleeping by 5:30pm and waking at 5am which helped and didn’t get too over tired. But now that his naps r lengthening- and his bed time is later- we put down but won’t sleep now. Assuming its the regression. Even when he’s tired. So he’s sleeping later than usual, almost by 8pm but still wakes at 5am. So he’s getting tired and cranky! Blah. I was excited for the later bedtime but he won’t wake later! Ahh :-/

  9. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Meagan — first, let me say kudos to you for taking matters into your own hands and solving your son’s sleep-regression issues with a wake-up light! Very creative 🙂 Good job, mama!

    Now, as for extending his nap by an extra 30 minutes — I don’t imagine that would be a huge problem. It seems to me that (as you’d say) that would give him the chance to get a bit more sleep on the days he needs it. At the very least, it’s worth trying; if it proves disastrous or something, you can always switch back.

    Keep up posted on what happens, Meagan! And thanks for commenting.

  10. Meagan says

    So my son is 21 months, we juuuust got through the 18 month regression. It didn’t end on it’sown as I’d hoped – we ended up using a “wake-up” light to extend his 4:15 am wake ups (bleah :-p) to 7:15. Then we did the same for his nap, starting with him sleeping in his crib for an hour (as opposed to 2-3 hours in the car). Now he’s sleeping through the night with no trouble from about 8:30 pm to 7:15 am and naps from 12:30 – 3:00 pm. The weird consequence of this is that those times are exact… his body is totally trained to those times, and if he wakes up sleepy, but sees the wake up light on, he’s UP. As problems go, I’m ok with that, but I’ve considered moving his nap wake up to 3:30 so he has the chance to sleep a solid 3 hours if he needs it… Is 3:30 too late? He’s generally doing great, so I’m a little afraid to rock the boat.