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  1. Taylor says

    My toddler (16 months) was consistently sleeping 8pm-7/8am and napping from 12pm-1/2pm for several months. (She has been on 1 nap since 11 months). With spring forward I decided to just keep everything the same (I tried adjusting for “fall back” and it was MISERABLE). She did okay for several days then started screaming at naptime and then will finally calm down after a while and just play in her crib, but isn’t napping some days or just a short nap other days. I have tried adjusting the time of nap and it doesn’t seem to make a difference. She has started fussing at bedtime too and will pass out after she’s wore out enough, and now she’s waking at 5am screaming and taking an hr to go back to sleep. I’ve been trying to keep to schedule and wait it out but it seems to get worse. I don’t know if I should keep on or if I need to try anything..!

    • Janelle Reid says

      Hi @Taylor, I am so sorry you’ve been struggling with your daughter’s sleep recently! The time change is so weird how it throws them off so much, even if you try to keep things the same like you did! If things don’t level out soon, I think you would benefit from working with one of our sleep consultants to help you reset your daughter to make sure she is getting all the sleep she needs and doesn’t get overtired. Our consultants could help give you tips on how to handle the early wakings and get a schedule in place moving forward. If you are interested, you can visit our site with options here:
      Hang in there, and I hope things get better soon!

  2. Kendall says

    My 16 month old still has two naps… but has suddenly started screaming when I put him down for his afternoon nap and won’t go to sleep? Is he ready to go down to one nap then? His naps have always been 9am and 2 pm. He seems tired by 9 or 10 am but not at all at 2:00 anymore. Thoughts? He also goes to sleep at 7pm consistently,

  3. Rachel H says

    Nancy, I’m finding myself in the exact same position, daughter 13.5 months and was initially fighting day naps, these are levelling our again but now night sleep is affected as she is taking longer to go to sleep and waking up at 6am instead of her usual 7am + and seems very tired during the day. I’m not sure if that’s a sign of dropping a nap/need for schedule change? She naps late in the afternoon which has always suited her but I’m wondering if that’s part of the problem now and getting down to 1 nap would help, or whether it’s just a phase and will improve, however I can just see her sleeping worse and night and relying more on the day sleep so I’m so confused….did you come o any conclusions? Any guidance gratefully received!

  4. Nancy says

    Thank you for this article! It’s so easy to understand. I have a 15 month old that has been on a two nap schedule since about 9 months. I understand the signs for the one nap transition mainly involve daytime napping, but are there any signs involving nighttime sleep to look for? For the past several days, my son is waking up an hour earlier from his nighttime sleep and I’m not sure if it’s just discomfort from a cold or a sign of something else (such as a one nap transition)? Thank you!

  5. Jodi says

    Hi, I believe my 6 month old is currently transitioning to 3 naps from 4. I have always followed her tired signs for when to put her to sleep, and she hasn’t changed those (she still acts tired after the same amount of time awake, depending on what sleep she is up to). However, we have been having issues where sometimes it takes so much longer to put her to sleep, and often her sleep is less settled. she used to only ever have 40 minute naps, now she occasionally has longer ones, but that’s rare and unpredictable. She has never really resisted that last nap if it’s offered to her.
    Should I be pushing her past her tired times to get that last nap time gone? at the moment it is often difficult to decide whether to give her the nap or try stretch her out and make bedtime a little earlier, and when I do stretch her awake times out a bit she doesn’t take as long to put to sleep so I am often in the same problem area.

  6. Allison says

    My son is 14 months old and has been intermittently refusing his afternoon nap. He isn’t one of those 12-13 hour per night sleepers…more like 10.5-11hours, up by 6AM. If he transitions to one nap, what time should it start? Most websites offer suggested schedules for children who sleep 7P-7A. Do I try for 11A-1P? Is that too long a stretch to be awake in the afternoon? And if I try the method of putting him down 15 minutes later every few days which would take weeks to get to the ideal time, is he just sleep deprived that entire time? That makes no sense to me. And if I don’t try to transition him to one nap now, what do I do on the days that he refuses to take his afternoon nap?

  7. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Kim — boo to stomach bugs! My husband and I were stricken with that over the weekend. Thankfully, our kids seem to have been spared. (For now, anyway… ;))

    Sounds like you are handling your guy’s inconsistencies like a champ. Keep up your awesome work!

  8. Kim says

    Hello! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you we had a stomach bug in the house :(. So glad that you liked my story…it really is all true! And I can only hope others can learn from our story…I have certainly learned from others, including the great team you have! Unfortunately, we are still dealing with some inconsistencies…30 min naps some days, 50 min another. Night sleep increasing too…13.5 hours sometimes! And I know there are probably people reading this who WISH their babies slept this long….believe me, I was definitely there a few months ago too! I just wonder if he is trying to make it up at night, but I know you said to let him sleep so I will! Just hard only doing 30 min breaks and early bedtime (6pm). I will take it though, because us finally getting sleep makes everything more bearable! Thanks again for everything!

  9. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Kim — Okay, I’ll be honest — your comment just made my night! 🙂 I’ve passed it along to Nicole, because I know she’ll be just as tickled as I am with your feedback.

    I think you’re right — “hang in there” should be your mantra. I’d be anything that this little nap hiccup will resolve itself. And then just when you’ve relaxed and let down your guard, something else (teething/illness/etc.) will pop up. Such is parenthood. 🙂

    Truly though, Kim, it sounds like you’re doing a fantastic job. I remember how overwhelming first-time motherhood felt for me, and you are so, so not alone in feeling anxious uncertain!

    Thanks for giving us these updates on Jake’s progress. I’d venture to say there are a lot of other first-time moms of toddlers out there who are benefiting from reading these comments!

  10. Kim says

    Thank you both so much for your advice and encouragement! One of the main reasons I continue to visit this site, purchase products, etc is because it helps me feel like I’m not alone. So many people think I’m crazy for his early bedtime, the routines and schedule I have set up and all of the sleep aids (including the white noise machine which has been a lifesaver!), but I know when he needs more sleep and when something is off. And yes, I do like to have a little control 😉 so it sometimes drives me crazy when everything I do doesn’t seem to work out. I have learned so much from this site,
    My personalized plan and these articles. I never thought jake would sleep through the night…(took us to 14 mos. to get there! ) and now that he does it still blows me away! but like you said Emily, just when we think we have it all figured out something else pops up!

    That said, I will continue with the longer night sleeping (which I do think could change when it gets lighter out again?) and keep plugging away at trying to increase nap length. Today and yesterday we had improvement again (almost 1 hr naps) so I guess we just have to hang in there!

    Really, though, I just can’t thank you enough for your help and giving me the confidence that maybe I AM doing everything ok!! As a first time mom I question things a lot! Thanks, again!