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  1. Han S says:

    We are traveling to South Africa next week and will be staying for 6 weeks to visit the family! My baby is now 4 months and still pretty adaptable. The time zone difference is 2 hours, so my baby’s 7:30pm bedtime will be 9:30 there. Should we adjust his sleep times to the time difference and put him to sleep at 9:30 instead? Or should we ignore the time zone and just stick to his bedtimes from day one? It’s also my first time flying with him (overnight) and I’m not sure how to deal with his sleep routine on the plane.

    • Janelle Reid says:

      Hi @Han S, how wonderful you get such a long visit with your family! Traveling with baby can be stressful so hang in there! My sister lives in California and I live in Florida (so a 3 hour time difference) and so whenever she comes to visit us she keeps her son on California time, but her visits are usually a lot shorter (like 5 days). I think how you proceed is totally up to you – since you’ll be there for so long he may end up switching gradually, so I think how you handle it is up to you. It may certainly have it’s challenges, but hang in there, it will be ok! Whenever I’ve traveled over night, I’ve brought a few items from our routine that I’m able to routine (a book, lotion you may apply to baby before bed, lovey, etc.) and try. I’ll be honest that it’s never worked perfectly for me, and sometimes we’ve had a bit of work to do once we arrived or got home, but we always made it through eventually. Good luck with everything! If you’re struggling while on your trip or when you get home to get back in track, we are always here! Feel free to contact us through the blog anytime, or reach out directly at contact@babysleepsite.com if you need more specific help. Have a wonderful time!

  2. Lee says:

    @ Amy N – we travelled from South Africa to Hawaii (12hr time difference) with our then 20 month old son. The flights were not too bad he managed to sleep some and not as great as in his cot.
    BUT when we got to Hawaii we put onto his hometime schedule immediately. He had his 10am nap every day till 12pm. We followed his bedtime routine, had his favourite books & sleep time music and he was a champion. I think mummy & daddy had a tougher time dealing with jet lag. And our family in Hawaii just had to adapt our little man’s schedule. It all worked out and the family was totally impressed at how good James was.
    Good luck with the long flight and don’t underestimate your little one. They are so adaptable.
    I’d also suggest that you get your hands on some homeopathic remedies for yourself, baby and daddy, e.g. Rescue, Calming, Sleep. They helped all of us.
    And when we got home James continued with his normal routine. I took no notice of time zone changes. If it was 10am then it was nap time, if it was 5.30pm it was bathtime.

  3. Emily DeJeu says:

    @Amy N — I totally sympathize with you; my daughter is such a light sleeper, so she never sleeps for more than 20 or 30 mins in the car either. In fact, we made a last-minute change to our holiday travel plans; instead of driving out to my parents house today (original plan), we drove out last night, due to all the snow we were getting (we live in PA). My two boys conked out by 8 p.m., and slept like logs, which was fantastic. But my 2 year old? She slept for about 45 total minutes and cried for the rest of the trip. It was rough! I couldn’t help but appreciate the irony, though, of the fact that I posted this article and then, not even 12 hours later, was struggling with some holiday-related sleep drama of my own!! 😉

    WOW to your big trip — where are you going? I think you’re probably wise just to resign yourself to the fact that sleep (at least during the traveling itself) will be wacky and tough. Hopefully you can all get yourselves adjusted to the new time zone within a few days, though.

    Best of luck to you, Amy! And do let us know how the trip goes, and what tips you have to share with the rest of us when you get back. 🙂

  4. AmyN says:

    This is very timely – we have a nine month old and travel has been restricted to two one-day trips two hours by car. We made sure my daughter got at least one good nap at home or at the destination before we hit the road. Unlike a lot of kids, she won’t sleep for more than 30m in the car – probably because she is used to long solitary naps in a dark room with white noise

    Next week, we will be traveling all the way across the world (13 hr time difference) with a 20hr plane journey. No swing to rescue a bad nap day, no blackout shades. I’m resigned to a very bad couple of weeks out there along with an equally long readjustment phase when we return. Help!

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