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Do you want more sleep?   Yes! I need more sleep.
Do you want more sleep?   Yes! I need more sleep.

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  1. Abby says

    My 7month old has been sleeping all day. I am kinda worried. She is a teething but she has never done this. Any advice?

    • Neosha says

      @Abby – Thank you for reading and for sharing with us. We understand your worry! We’re not entirely sure what you mean by all day, but if she’s sleeping way more than usual and it’s worrying you, you should reach out to her healthcare provider for more specific support. Many times babies will sleep more when they aren’t feeling well or going through some growth, but if she’s behaving too far out of the norm and it’s causing you any concern, her physician should be your first stop. Good luck, and hang in there, Abby!

  2. Jacquelin Shamailov says

    Hi! My son is turning 2 years old in 1.5 week & past several days he’s been napping 2-3 hours. He’s has no fever but whole hand in mouth at times; I know he may be having a growth spurt and a tooth definitely coming out but my question is what about keeping routine? His bedtime was 9:30pm asleep by 10; since his naps have gotten longer he goes to bed later and it’s exhausting! Is it bad to gently wake them up during their nap; maybe 1.5/2hrs into it? He usually wakes up 9am/9:30pm – now wakes up past 10; would it be okay to wake him up earlier in the morning to get his nap earlier and go to bed a little earlier? I would like to get his schedule to be earlier since the winter season is here and sun down is earlier to have some outside time. Just would appreciate some feedback from experienced moms & what you recommend during this age/growth period? Thank you!

    • Janelle Reid says

      Hi @Jacquelin Shamailov, thanks for writing to us! Here is an article that might help you out in deciding how to move forward:
      I hope this helps! If you need more help with his schedule, let us know or take a look at our resources tab on the site! We have a lot of things available to help you out there! 🙂

  3. Jenna Shea says

    My son is just over two and usually naps for 1.5hrs at lunchtime and then 10-11 hrs at night. He had a fever in the week (now gone) and has a cough but for the last four days has been napping 2.5hrs at lunchtime and is hardly eating. He’s also a bit spotty on his face (nowhere else on his body). Should I be worried or he is just getting over his illness or having a growth spurt?

    • Janelle Reid says

      Hi @Jenna Shea, I am not in the medical field, but I would assume he’s just recovering from his illness. My son also often reacts very badly with a rash after a fever, it’s so odd. I did take him to my pediatrician just to make sure it wasn’t anything else, so you may decide to do the same for clarity and peace of mind. Since I’m not a medical professional I can’t say for sure, so definitely give them a call and hopefully his appetite comes back soon and things get back to normal.

  4. Tracy says

    Hi! I have a 2 month old and today she really has not been eating much. She has only been sleeping. Is this a growth spurt or something else because she doesn’t have a fever or seem sick?

    • Janelle Reid says

      Hi @Tracy, thanks for writing to us! As the article mentions, it is certainly possible it could be a growth spurt, but you will still want to make sure your baby is getting all the nutrition she needs. If you have any concerns, it may be wise to give your child’s doctor a call. Hopefully it is nothing, but just for a peace of mind! She will likely “wake up” in a few days, my son was extremely sleepy at that age too. I hope this helps!

  5. Caitlin Billings says

    This is a good article but I think mire emphasis needs to be put on checking for a medic as L reason first. Excessive sleeping and tiring easily can be a sign of heart function issues, and congenital heart defects affect 1 in 100 babies born. Often heart defect can be missed in ultrasounds and at birth checks but be caught later once the heart problems start having symptoms.

    • Janelle Reid says

      Hi @Caitlin Billings, thanks so much for reading and for writing in! We definitely agree that seeking medical help is very important if there is any concern as well, even if it’s just for peace of mind it’s important go receive confirmation from a medical professional. Thanks again for writing.

  6. Amber says

    My little girl is 15 months and is usually full of energy. After coming home from daycare she will usually play in the playroom for a good hour getting all her extra energy out until it’s bedtime. The past two days I’ve gotten her home and she falls asleep the second I hold her. Tonight I tried sitting her up to feed her and she fell asleep sitting up. This isn’t my normal baby. No fever, no diarrhea, no sign of illness.. basically nothing I can logically take her to the doctor for but I know it’s not normal.

    • Danielle says

      Hi Amber,
      Thank you for using The Baby Sleep Site as a resource! I’m sorry to hear your baby has been sleeping more than normal. Have you checked in with the daycare? Perhaps her naps have been interrupted or the schedule has been changed? Sometimes a growth spurt can also cause sleepiness for a couple of days. If it lasts longer than that and it doesn’t sound like anything has changed at daycare, it would probably be worth calling your pediatrician and speaking to someone, if only for your own peace of mind. Good luck!

  7. Rachel says

    Hi! My 2 year old son just recovered from 4 days of fever with cough.. the day after, no fever but still with cough(normal cough) and he just slept a total of 16 hrs but with intervals (5hrs at night 7:30pm to 12:30pm, 2 hrs awake, 8.5hrs sleep again 2:30am-11am, 2.5 hrs sleep 3:30pm-6:00pm).. is this normal or something is wrong?

    • Danielle says

      Hi Rachel,
      Thank you for using The Baby Sleep Site as a resource! I’m sorry to hear your son was sick, and hope he’ll be recovered very soon. Many kiddos do sleep a lot more than usual the day or two after they get over an illness, but it shouldn’t last too long. If you have any concerns at all about his behavior, please do check in with your pediatrician, as it’s always possible that the illness has become more complicated, or generated a lingering issue like an ear infection. Good luck!

  8. Stephanie says

    My 3 month old went to sleep last night around 11. She woke at 5 only long enough to drink her milk. She woke again at 8 and 2 but again only long enough to drink. Should I be concerned?

    • Neosha says

      @Stephanie – Thank you for reading and for sharing with us. 15-16 hours of sleep per day for a 3-month old is still considered normal – if your little girl is consistently sleeping longer than that by stretches and not staying awake long enough to show alertness and move and develop, you should call her healthcare provider to discuss this for possible reasons or for reassurance. If this has only happened one time, it could be just that she was super tired that day! Good luck, and hang in there!

  9. Lisa says

    My 6mon. old has pooped three times today but very little poop. She tugs at her left ear only when she eats, and often times tilts her head to the left (chin facing opposite shoulder). She will pull on her hair too & she’s been taking longer than usual naps & I ran her temp with an ear thermometer reading at 96.6 F. I’m worried something may be wrong but hopefully it’s nothing major. How do I know when to take her into the ER or wait for a doctors visit?
    Yes she’s been eating baby food but since a month+ now along with her formula. The tugging of the ear isn’t new but recent as in 1month now. Hair pulling & tilting of the head isn’t new either but all these signs worry me. She didn’t have any issues when born & certainly was a healthy baby. No teeth yet & by the feel of my finger no signs of teeth coming in.

    • Janelle Reid says

      Hi @Lisa, thank you for writing to us. I’m sorry you are worried about your baby! I do remember that baby’s poop changes at some point, I can’t remember that exact age but I do remember going through a bit of a poop struggle with my son as his tummy adjusted to foods so I asked my pediatrician for suggestions on keeping him more regular and they have lots of tips and tricks for me. It’s great she doesn’t have a fever, but if you are concerned perhaps you can just give your doctor’s office a call and talk to the nurse that’s on staff right now. I am not a medical professional so I don’t want to offer incorrect medical advise.
      I hope that helps ease your mind a bit and hopefully she’s more herself today. 🙂 Remember that babies change so much so just when you think you have it figured out, they change on you again. It’s a wild ride being a momma, for sure!

  10. Genesis says

    So my daughter is 1 year’s old but suddenly she has been very sleepy sleeps much more than she used to .she gets very fussy crys for about everything even if i put her on the floor , crib , swing etc … knowing she was never like this she would allways love to be on the floor , swing , and allways love to play with her toys .. And all of a sudden she just wants to be held & crys for everything ? …

    • Janelle Reid says

      @Genesis – Thanks for writing to us. I am sorry to hear your daughter has suddenly seemed a bit off. My son went through something similar around that age, turned out for us he was cutting like 6 teeth at once. But if it’s not teeth, it is likely it is just her experiencing a developmental change (there is a sleep regression that happens around 12 months for some babies that could be affecting her: but of course if you have any concern that she may be not feeling herself, I’d be sure to bring that up to her doctor to make sure all is well.
      I hope things improve for you soon! Hang in there!