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  1. Engy says

    I think that baby monitor is a very useful gadget for you and baby. My son got used to sleep alone in his nursery since the early childhood. Of course we were afraid to leave him alone, so we bought a baby monitor. It calls “MonBaby”. Quite useful and affordable thing , as fo me. Just download the app and snap the monitor onto any article of child`s clothing . There is no use to have a diary to fix data about your babies` sleep, you can have it in the app. As for me, It`s very comfortable and modern.

  2. Debbye says

    Hi Alison- It sounds like you have quite an inquisitive little girl on your hands! Thank you for sharing and have fun. 🙂

  3. Alison says

    We have a video monitor which we have found invaluable up until about last month when my 9 month old discovered that she could pull the cord out and play with it! The monitor suddenly went from being a godsend to the nearest weapon of choice- lol! We have moved it from on the cot to across the room. I have to squint to see her but at least I can keep an eye on her. I had to remove her mobile also as she is now tall enough to grab that too! I think she stares at the monitor lights across the room wondering why her mum has left her in the boring ‘prison cot’ lol! No more fun and games!

  4. Debbye says

    Hi James,
    You are right! If all babies slept well and at the right times, we would have a population explosion! 🙂
    Thank you for writing!