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Do you want more sleep?   Yes! I need more sleep.

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  1. LeShelle says:

    I have been signing to my 17 month old since he was six months old. Around 9 months we started doing the Baby Singing Time videos. This helped a lot as it taught me and baby a lot more signs easily. DS now signs a ton and every day seems to sign something different.

    He also speaks and signs about 80% of all the words he knows. The other 20% are harder words like banana and balloons, but he gets the “ba” sound out.

  2. Heather Orth says:

    I started using Signing with my son Isaac at 4 months old, he is 2 now and still uses it but now puts the words to each sign that he knows. The only reason I started to teach him was so that we could talk and communicate with him better while he was a baby. My whole family gets a kick out of it…he’s even teaching his older cousins some signs.

  3. Mel says:

    YES! My daughter is 17 months old and we’ve been signing with her for almost a year now. Our bedtime routine has always started with a bath — and she DEFINITELY knows it… So if she starts to look a little droopy, I don’t have to ask her if she’s ready for bed, I just ask if she’s ready for a bath. If she signs bath to me (and these days says “baa” along with the sign), then I know she’s ready to get bedtime rolling.

    Often she’ll take the initiative and kickstart her bedtime routine by climbing up in my lap and signing “milk”, to which I usually reply, “Is it time for a bath?”

    I know there are some fears about signing with babies, that it will limit their actual verbalization, but I am finding that is absolutely not the case with my daughter. Even though it’s true there are certain words she’ll ONLY sign and not say just yet (like “flower” or “airplane” or even “cereal”), she is still able to communicate the concepts VERY clearly. She has about a 30 word signing vocabulary, and definitely knows what words are for. And she’s visibly really proud of herself when she makes the verbal connection to a sign she’s known forever — it’s such a satisfying and amazing process.

    I absolutely recommend Baby Signing Time videos to get started — they are really amazing, and my little girl’s favorite “TV” (the little she gets to see!).

  4. I use sign language with my 12 month old and love it too! Your son was obsessed with art? Mine is obsessed with the vacuum cleaner of all things. I would never have guessed how much he thinks about it and wants to “visit” it without sign language! Sleep has been a huge struggle for us (if it weren’t, I wouldn’t know about your fantastic site!). While we sign a variety of signs frequently, I haven’t incorporated tired or sleep into our repetoire. That’s changing tomorrow. I love the suggestion of play acting our bedtime routine with a teddy bear. I’ll be implementing that as well. Thank you!

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