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Do you want more sleep?   Yes! I need more sleep.

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  1. neeru says:

    I am feeling blessed that somebody in the world has seriosly taken up this concern of mothers, when rest of the family finds this a petty issue. the fact that i took out time n effort to reach this webpage, hence proves my helplessness as a working mother of a one and a half year old still dependent on my breast milk all night. He would wake up in every one hour n cry for feed. I too tried sleeping away from him, leaving him to sleep with my mother for a night. he fairly managed… but then ended up with terrible breast engorgement.

  2. Telubulah says:

    Well all the things that you have said are so true. my son is making 15 weeks tomorrow and i must say that i have had to put aside all my expectaions and stuff just so that i can appreciate him and his rythm.
    We did not have any nap times during the day for as long as i can remember and then there were even weeks where he could nap twice and i thought that he had gotten a rhythm and then the next many weeks he went without nap times during the day.
    Of course there was cause to be frustrated when that would not happen but i chose to stay positive and go with his flow and hot try to force it, because everytime i tried forcing it, i woudl have a fussy baby and be a really frustrated mom.
    Same went for the night feeds.When i had expectaions i would be dissappointed and frustrated. But the moment i decided to respond to his needs, it has been really easy.
    Now we are down to three feeds a night and during the day he has either 1 or 2 naps depending on how tired he is.
    Life is much more bearble these days and i am enjoying him and the time that i spend with him

  3. hey that was vry good advice says:

    hey my name is amruta, i have a 15 month old boy , i have no problems with his eating habit i even breast feed him sometime in a day, but in the night he is totally dependent on me he wakes up every 2 hours for breast feeds, am tired of feeding him ,i even tried giving him a bottle milk he does not take it. in a day time he drinks with d bottle but in d night he dependent on me. i even tried staying away from him in the night but it didnt work . he started crying a lot .please help out.

  4. beer97 says:

    1. Change your lifestyle

  5. yetunde says:

    thanks for the comments and advice.but i belief having a plan for the nxt year should not affect the plans that can come unexpectedly. at times those planned exercise can also solve some challenges that can occur unexpectedly.tanx

    • Nicole says:

      @Yetunde You are absolutely right. We can’t plan every detail or make plans for things we don’t expect to happen. I have the luxury of knowing common pitfalls from working with lots of parents and there are some preparations you can make, but all babies truly go through their unique process and only sometimes you are prepared for what comes next. We can only do the best we can as parents. 🙂 Thank you for commenting!

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