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Essential Keys to Your Newborn’s Sleep Resource Page

Welcome to The Baby Sleep Site®. We hope you have found our book, Essential Keys to Your Newborn’s Sleep to be informative and helpful. Listed below are links and videos that were referenced in the book for additional information.

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Page 13: Kellymom.com article to help moms who want to exclusively breastfeed.

Page 18: Priscilla Dunstan interview with Oprah (video)

YouTube video

Page 20: Essential Oils for use with Infant Massage

Page 20: Infant Massage article on The Baby Sleep Site

Page 20: Baby Sign Language

Page 21: FAQ About Nursing Adopted Babies

Page 21: Resource about using donor milk

Page 25: Safe Swaddling Technique (video)

YouTube video

Page 28: The Period of Purple Crying

Page: 29: Baby Temperament (intense)

Page 71: Baby Sleep Association Article

Page 74: The American Academy of Pediatrics released new guidelines in 2011 on ways to bed-share safely.

Page 76: Safe Co-sleeping Guidelines