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  1. I can’t get my 8 month old to take naps unless I hold/nurse her, and inconsistencies in naps seem to be negatively affecting her mood and nighttime sleep. Everywhere I turn the advice I get is to develop a more consistent routine for the day, but I work part-time and have to have her out of the house at child care two days a week—so I can never seem to make any headway on a routine because there are always two days that are going to be very different! I don’t know what to do anymore but it is getting harder and harder to just let her nap while being held/nursed. Once in a blue moon I get her to sleep while nursing and successfully move her to her crib (which is how she goes to sleep at night, every time she wakes up) but most of the time she is awake again and cranky before I can even get her set down on the mattress.

  2. My little guy only sleeps when being held. Even when he’s awake he wants to be held. He’s never liked being put anywhere else to sleep (no car seat or swing for us 🙁 ). Even in the night you have to hold him, won’t even sleep in the bed next to me… needless to say it’s been 3 months of working shifts and my husband and I would love to sleep in the same bed at the same time again ?

  3. Since my son was born, he has never been a great napper. He will be 7 months on Friday, and continues to take inconsistent naps. He is a good night sleeper, waking only once to be fed (per doctor’s orders), and usually sleeps a total of 10-11 hours. Naps, however, are a constant issue. Some days he will take 2 naps that are 1 1/2 – 2 hours, and other days he will only nap for 30-45 minutes. I have a nap routine in place and follow it everyday. On days when he doesn’t nap well, I put him to bed earlier, but he ends up waking up earlier. This throws off the schedule and routine for the day, which isn’t helping to whole nap thing. I know he needs to get more sleep, but I feel like I’m doing everything and nothing is working.

    I have found this article to be helpful when working on sleeping at night. My husband and I started a bedtime routine fairly early on (2 months) and that has been a blessing for bedtime.

  4. My 22 mo son wakes up at night after 5-6 hours, and it takes 1-3hours to get him back down. Weve tried so many techniques to get him back down, and he just wants to get up to play (which we don’t allow) I miss 8 hours of sleep lol

  5. My son was a great sleeper until about 9 months old he is now going on 13 months and typically wakes 1-2+ times a night and I have to feed him a bottle to get back to sleep. We were on vacation last week and he was sleeping through the night now that we are home back to normal routine.

  6. My son is 21 months old, and hasn’t slept more than 30-45 mins past 10pm after his first wake up ever. My partner is still breast feeding him everytime he wakes because he can’t settle. He has had colic/reflux, lip and tongue tie and allergic to dairy. Having worked on all this still hasn’t helped. We do not want to do conttrol crying and are at our wits end.

  7. My 21 month old is waking MULTIPLE times a night and needs me to help her get back to sleep each time. 🙁

  8. My 21 month old is waking up MULTIPLE times a night and needs me to help her get back to sleep each time. 🙁

  9. Currently have a 2 1/2 year old who slept through the night from 7mths to 2 years old when dad left for deployment that ended she wakes up about 3 tinmes at night. We also have a 7mths old who never slept through the night and wakes up every hr. Team no sleep desperately need sleep.