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Let The Good Night Fairy Put Your Little One To Bed!

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Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Your toddler routinely pops out of bed multiple times at bedtime.
  • Your toddler resists bedtime in a big way, often taking ages to fall asleep.
  • Your toddler wakes frequently at night, crying for you.
  • Your toddler seems afraid to sleep in her own bed.
Good Night FairyIf this describes your little one, then you’ll definitely want to learn more about the award-winning new book A Visit From The Good Night Fairy!

“A Visit from the Good Night Fairy” weaves five clinically-proven techniques, which set the stage for a good night’s sleep, into a beautifully written children’s picture book. This Mom’s Choice (Gold) Award-winner is perfect for little ones who are moving into their ‘big kid room’ or for the ‘reluctant sleeper’ in your family.


“The “Good Night Fairy” series is a collection of wonderful stories that will help make bedtime a positive experience for both parents and children alike!”
Dr. S. Fogel; Brain and Mind Institute, University of Western Ontario


Good Night Fairy 2The clever and engaging tale unfolds with a typical night-time routine; however, this night is special because, after waking up early and finding her child still in his own bed, Mommy has a chance encounter with the “Good Night Fairy” herself, who places a small gift at the foot of the still-sleeping child’s bed! The gorgeous watercolor illustrations are a beautiful complement to the story’s soothing cadence and rhyme scheme that your child is sure to love.

“This book is written with a fun-to-hear rhythm and can be a creative solution to a common problem. What common problem? Getting a young child to sleep in his/her own bed ALL night. This bedtime story encourages kids to sleep in their own beds with the reward of a visit from the good night fairy. The illustrations are beautiful, the words are catchy, and the kids are in their own beds. Genius!”
Ashley B.; Elementary School Teacher, mother of one

Renee FrancesExhausted… er… I mean INSPIRED by real events, Renee Frances wrote A Visit from the Good Night Fairy with the hopes of helping families with little ones who are having a hard time sleeping through the night on their own.

This new bedtime classic is beautifully illustrated by Romaine Tacey and is read with a comforting and familiar cadence and rhyme scheme that children love. Particularly helpful for wee ones who are having a hard time staying in their own bed throughout the night, A Visit from the Good Night Fairy uses concrete calming techniques to banish bedtime anxiety. The vocabulary used is not overly simplistic, nor is it too complex, and intermediate (and above) readers will enjoy reading this delightful bedtime book aloud.


So dim the lights, settle in, and let the Good Night Fairy bring your child a good night’s sleep!