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  1. Firstly, thank you so much for all the information on this website!!

    My 7 week old will nap and wake up after about 45 minute, so I try to put him back to sleep and he ends up sleeping for another 1-2 hours! Should I actually be letting him wake up the first time? He is bottle fed and usually has 3 naps during the day.

    • @Criselda – Thank you for reading and you’re very welcome – we’re glad you’re finding the site helpful! You don’t say how he sleeps at night or from what nap he’s waking from (first, second, etc.). First naps typically can be longer as babies’ drives to sleep are a bit stronger and could be handled differently from other naps during the day. Generally, we let sleeping babies sleep as long as they will so long as they are growing and developing to their healthcare providers’ satisfaction so please let that come into play as you consider continuing to do this in the future. I hope that helps, Criselda.

  2. My 9 wo bbg have been rejecting bottle feed (both EBM & formula) for the past 5 days. What should i do

    • @Joanne – Thank you for reaching out and sharing with us. It’s not always uncommon for babies to go on food “strikes” and refuse food in certain ways due to a variety of reasons (preference, texture, milk flow, situational/environmental, caregiver change, etc.). We’d encourage you to reach out to her healthcare provider who can give you more holistic advice for helping her feed better. Hang in there, Joanne!

  3. So my daughter will be 2 Months in the next couple of days. She loves being held when she’s ready for bed. But when the time comes to lay her down, it can be somewhat of a struggle. How do I help her lay down to sleep?

  4. Hi there. My daughter will be exactly 8 weeks old tomorrow (actually today) and has trouble going to sleep early. She is always tired around 11pm which is when I try to get her to sleep but she ALWAYS wakes up after about 45 minutes. (Just as I’m falling asleep myself) Then I spend the next 3 to 5 hours trying to get her back to sleep. She is cleary tired but fights me every step of the way. It’s usually around 4am that she finally goes down for a good 4 or 5 hours. She naps anywhere from 3 to 5 times a day and the naps angel from 20 minutes to 3 hours. I’ve tried everything, dark and quiet room, swaddling, full belly, bedtime routine, burped, changed, massaged, sung to, white noise, in utero sounds, etc I need sleep before 4am. I’m losing my mind. Please help!

    • Hi @Aimee! Thanks for writing, and happy 8 week birthday to your little girl!! I’m sorry to hear you’re having so much trouble with her sleep, but you are certainly not alone! Newborn sleep can be so tough to manage, and tough for us parents to get any rest at all! Hang in there Aimee – We can help! If you haven’t yet, you can sign up to receive our free guide written just for families with young babies, “15 Baby Sleep Facts New Parents Need to Know” here:
      You may also want to take a look at this article, 7 Gentle, Natural Ways To Help Your Newborn Baby Sleep Better: https://www.babysleepsite.com/newborns/better-newborn-sleep-7-tips
      We do offer a few more in-depth solutions for parents who need more help. Our e-book, Essential Keys to Your Newborn’s Sleep, may be a good option for you. In it, we give you a complete toolkit to help your baby establish healthy sleep habits today and throughout the first year.
      In addition, our highly trained sleep consultants can help families of newborns manage soothing issues, crying, schedules, sleep associations, and coordinating sleep and feeding times. Our sleep consultation packages are perfect for helping you feel confident in your newborn’s sleep, and we’ll work with you to provide a path forward for understanding when to switch from managing sleep to more formal sleep coaching too.
      You can read more about our wonderful newborn options here:

      I hope this information really helps, and good luck!

  5. My baby is almost two months, and this post was so helpful! I have definitely noticed the witching hour, which is made it challenging to get him to sleep at bedtime. He is doing pretty well at sleeping during the night though, as soon as he’s down. His problem is with naps. If he is drowsy after nursing and diaper change (about 40 min wake time total), I will put him down and he will go to sleep. But the nap will only last up to an hour (usually gas wakes him up), and then he’s up again and expects to nurse, since we’re trying to follow the eat play sleep routine. If I wait longer than around 40 minutes to put him down, he then gets too awake and will not sleep for a loooong time. But the alternative is having him awake and nursing every hour and a half, which is way too close often and leads to snacking since he’s not getting as hungry as he should between feedings.
    I’m wondering if he just doesn’t nap well during the day because he sleeps so well at night? Because he will sleep through gas at night, but not during the day. And the past few days he’s only been napping twice or three times between his wake time and bedtime. I feel like for an 8 week old this is not quite enough sleep, and he definitely gets overtired and fussy after being awake for 3 hours. Any ideas? Thanks!!

    • Hi @Ariel, thanks for writing to us and congratulations on your new son. I am happy the article was helpful! Here is a link to a free guide with more information for new parents that will help: https://www.babysleepsite.com/15-free-baby-sleep-facts-new-parents-must-know/
      I will say that at this age short naps are very normal – that’s wonderful he’s giving you long stretches at night! At this age you will want to limit his wake time to between 1.5-2 hours, and if he wants to sleep sooner than that, that is ok too! I know it can seem a little crazy and like there is very little “play” time when they are that young – I remember mostly playing with my babies when they were on the changing table, then they were about ready to be snoozing again. Hang in there, you won’t feel like a milk machine forever, and as he gets a bit older in the coming months you will hopefully start to see his naps lengthen out. If you want more information on newborn sleep through the first year, you may want to check out our ebook Essential Keys for Newborn Sleep (goes through 12 months) which I found super helpful when I had a newborn myself! Here is the link to read more about it: https://www.babysleepsite.com/essential-keys-to-your-newborns-sleep/
      I hope this helps! Let us know if you have any more questions!

  6. Hi. I have a 8 week old who seems to do ok with getting less sleep than I know is recommendEd at this age. His night schedule is basically from 11pm to 8am. He wakes once around 4am to feed. After he wakes at 8am I change his diaper n take his brother to school. Some days he falls asleep in the car etc. But I can’t get him to fall back asleep once home. It seems that if his first nap isn’t a success all other day naps aren’t as well. He can go hours awake and be 100% happy about it. Should I be more rigid at home about his naps and if so how do I go about doing it with my 3 year old and his schedule.

    Examples, today up at 8am. Back at home at 845 (Fell asleep in car. ). I nused him to sleep at 9 and he slept until 1015 where we did errands until 1130 when we had to pick up big brother. He was obviously tired then but I tried my best to get home quickly so I could put him down… no success. So we just played until it was 1pm. He went down for an hour then woke up. I changed him and nursed him back to sleep where he slept from 245 until 415. And from there it’s tiny cat naps in swings until bed. Is he getting enough sleep?? And if he’s happy does that mean everything’s ok??

    • Hi @Jennifer, thanks for writing to us. I am happy to help. What you’ll want to pay attention to is how much sleep he’s getting in a 24 hour period and compare to the amount of sleep he needs that’s listed in the article. From there I would work on distributing things so you work to have no more than 2 hours of wake time, but I know it is tough juggling schedules! Here is a link to a free guide with tips on nap help, but it may still be a few months before he can really get on a rigid schedule: https://www.babysleepsite.com/free-baby-nap-guide/
      If you need help getting his schedule worked around his brother’s schedule, we would love to help you with this. Here is a link to our services we offer where we can create a personalized schedule and plan for him: https://www.babysleepsite.com/baby-toddler-sleep-consulting-services/
      I hope this helps!

  7. Hi my 2 month old doesn’t sleep at all at night and now he doesn’t sleep at all durIng day time also, what should I do please help

    • @Gagan Bahroos, thank you for writing to us. I am so sorry you are struggling with your 2 month old’s sleep! Here is a link to a free guide with tips for parents of newborns that may help: https://www.babysleepsite.com/15-free-baby-sleep-facts-new-parents-must-know/
      If he still isn’t sleeping or you need more help, we would love to walk through this with you. We offer one-on-one virtual sleep consulting where our highly trained sleep consultants can help you along each step of the way to better sleep. Here is a link for our newborn options including information on our newborn ebook that you may be interested in: https://www.babysleepsite.com/essential-keys-to-your-newborns-sleep/
      I hope this helps and things improve quickly!

  8. Thank you, Danielle, for steering me to that article; I did find it helpful. I do have a question though…my 2 month old will not fall asleep by himself – he has to be held and normally rocked or bounced, and he seems to prefer when I do this, not my husband. I am a stay at home mom and so I am with him 24/7 so I guess it makes sense. This is mostly a problem during the day for naps, he sleeps in his bassinet during the night. Anyway my question is do you have any tips for how I might help my son learn to nap while he is not being held? He is VERY sensitive to getting overtired and so it has been challenging to figure out a way to try to teach him to sleep outside of my arms and yet still get him the sleep that he needs to not be overly tired when night time comes (which makes bedtime much harder). Any tips are greatly appreciated!

    • Hi @Michelle, thanks for writing! I remember my boys wanting all the cuddles at this age too! As great as it is, it’s also a lot to handle especially when you are the main caregiver so hang in there, I know how you feel. It may take some time before he learns to settle himself for naps, but there are certainly things you can do to help him get there. Here is a link to a free guide with nap tips that may be a good starting point (and there’s lots of other linked articles within the guide) that you can download by signing up here: https://www.babysleepsite.com/free-baby-nap-guide/
      If you need any more help, just let us know! We have a variety of resources so feel free to contact us directly any time at [email protected] and we can send you more information. Hope this helps!

  9. Hi there! I am curious when I will know it is the right time to start sleep training my baby (by sleep training I mean nap training really…he does pretty well during the night so I am not too worried about that right now). He is currently 2 months old. I know most people recommend waiting until 3 or 4 months or even older. I am just wondering why I cannot sleep train my baby now at 2 months and what developmental signs I can be looking for so I know when to start. My son is on a very consistent feeding schedule (he was in the NICU for two weeks after birth and they put him on a rigid feeding schedule and that has kind of stuck with him I guess). Because he is very consistent with his feeds could it possibly work to nap train him now. I have been trying to put him down for naps and bedtime drowsy but awake and it rarely works. He then gets overly tired and fights sleep really hard. I then need to rock him or give him a pacifier or or hold him in order to get him to go to sleep and stay asleep. I don’t want to keep feeding bad habits and creating sleep props, but I also don’t want to exasperate both him and me trying to sleep train if he isn’t ready yet. So how will I know when it is the right time? Thanks so much! Your site has been so helpful in helping me understand baby sleep better.

    • Hi Michelle,
      Thank you so much for your comment and for using The Baby Sleep Site as a resource! I’m so glad to hear it’s been helpful. Your questions about sleep training are really common, and in fact we have an article that I think answers all of them, here: https://www.babysleepsite.com/sleep-training/baby-sleep-training-what-when-how-get-started-now/
      I hope it helps, but if you still have any questions, please do write another comment! We’d love to help. Good luck!

  10. I’m very excited to find this site. Thanks for all your tips! I have a 9 weeks old baby boy who got into the habit of feeding before going into sleep. I have to breastfeed him for each naps and for the night time. The issue is that he really needs to burp after feeding and if I burp him he wakes up and I need to feed him a bit more. Sometimes this can take for one hour. If I don’t burp him, he wakes up 15 min later and won’t go back to sleep. I am wondering how I can break this habit.
    Many thanks for any help!

    • Hi Nassy,
      Thank you for visiting us! I’m sorry to hear you’re having some trouble with getting your baby to sleep and managing the feeding (and burping) and sleep schedule, but you are certainly not alone! Do feel free to move the feed and burp a little earlier in your routine, and help him to sleep in other ways. If you haven’t yet, you can sign up to receive our free guide written just for families with young babies, “15 Baby Sleep Facts New Parents Need to Know.” I think this will help you! You can sign up from here:
      Good luck and hope to “see” you here again!