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  1. Stephanie Cole says:

    Since colic is said to be an uncontrollable baby’s crying that may be caused by stomach pain.. Wherein the gut is the place where every bacteria can habituate. May it be good or bad, they can live within the gut. So populating your gut with probiotics (the good guys) can help you ease with colic on babies.

  2. Emily DeJeu says:

    @ Julaine – thanks for this info! I didn’t know this, so you’ve taught me something. 🙂

    @ Melinda — really interesting! I’ve heard from friends about the benefits of chiro for babies, but I never tried it with any of mine. I can speak volumes about the benefits of chiro for adults, though — I see my chiropractor every month! 🙂

    So glad you were able to find a good solution for your little guy – hope you’re all sleeping soundly now!

  3. Melinda says:

    My son had colic and issues with bowel movements when he was about 7 weeks. We took him to a chiropractor since we heard that adjustments can help with colic. The chiropractor recommended a powder probiotic and it did gradually help with the colic and helped get his bowels fixed as well. We continued seeing the chiropractor every couple of weeks too. I honestly believe the combination of the probiotic and the adjustments were the fix for us. My son loved seeing the chiropractor and he always took a long nap after the appointment because he felt so much better. If we have another baby, I will start probiotics and seeing the chiropractor early. Also, just consider, there have been some articles stating the importance of probiotics to help keep your immune system healthy.

  4. Julaine says:

    Emily-yes refrigeration indicates live organisms as well as ensure the amt of live bacteria specified on the bottle is accurate. Also some bacteria that are not refrigerated become more harmful than good. Hence the fact a good name

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