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  1. @ Sara – so glad you mention the ‘gradual’ part. Based on the comments I’m reading, it really does sound like for some, probiotics were a pretty quick cure, while for others, they led to gradual improvement. That’s a good reminder.

    Glad you were able to sort out your babies’ reflux and food intolerances! That’s no small task! 🙂

  2. @ sarah — oh, good tip on the dairy! I didn’t know that. Thanks for pointing it out! 🙂

    @ Crystal Nixon — so glad your little one is finally showing some improvement! That must’ve been a looooooong six months, though. Thanks, too, for the virtual hug – people like you make our Baby Sleep Site community wonderful! 🙂

    @ Amber Philips — awesome! So glad you had success using this product! And thanks for this tip; it’ll no doubt be a lifesaver to other moms suffering through colic. 😉

    @ Gizelle – how interesting! Glad to hear you were able to take care of both your own tummy troubles AND your baby’s. And good for you for being open to non-Western medicine; it’s good to remember that we have things to learn from other cultures, including alternative medicine.

    @ Sa — so glad to hear you found the solution! Such a relief for your whole family, I’ll bet. 🙂

    @ Lisa — wow! Sounds like probiotics have been THE cure for your little one! That’s awesome. 🙂

    @ Julaine — ooooh, interesting! Is the refrigeration a good sign because it indicates that the cultures are live? Thanks for sharing this insight! 🙂

  3. Both my boys suffered from severe silent reflux and my second also has multiple food intolerances which I’m sure we’re the reason behind his terrible colic. Going through this journey with them both, and after a lot of research which led us to a biomedical pead I strongly believe probiotics contributed to their gradual improvement (and aided healing) along with the right medication and avoiding intolerant foods.

  4. I have taken probiotics myself for years. After gas and thrush issues with my first born son I started giving him probiotics daily. First with a brand called bio Gaia then to hmf natogen. my second child is 8 wks old and i started her immediately on probiotics. I highly recommend probiotics to prevent illness,help with ezema,diaper rash, sinus rinses, etc. I’m a big fan but when purchasing probiotics make sure it’s a good quality brand and 1 that should be refrigerated.

  5. Our little bub was born tiny, had reflux, weight gain issues and to top it all off she had colic. We went through 2 months of hell with practically no sleep for any of us until we went to see a peadiatrician because little miss had gotten bronciolitis and needed to be hospitalised. After all that was sorted we told the peadiatrician all of her symptoms and we got her on omeprazole for the reflux which was an absolute God send! After weeks of still struggling with the colic, going through gripe water, infants friend and infacol he suggested probiotics, specifically lactobacillus reuteri. We crushed 1/2 a tablet (100million organisms) and gave it to her once a day mixed with breast milk in a syringe. We did this for a month and it wa the best thing we ever did!!!

  6. Cure colic…I dont know. But probiotics have helped my twin twelve week olds have regular bowl movements and less guess…which, yes results in less discomfort and crying. We started with the gerber drops but thy are very pricey. We now do 1/4 tsp daily of a powder! Highly recommend.

  7. Probiotics helped my little one with colic but it wasn’t a cure. The biggest factor for us (because I was breastfeeding) was to sort out my stomach. I have had stomach problems for years, which I have had to manage with diet changes and help from a Chinese traditional medicine practitioner (Western medicine was sadly lacking when it came to help and results). My Chinese doctor explained that if our stomachs can’t process food properly the nutrient particles in our milk are not well enough processed in our milk for babies tiny, less developed tummies. In addition to some of the typical problem foods I had already cut or of my diet to try to end the colic (dairy, soy, chocolate etc), the Chinese doctor prescribed a herbal tea and probiotics to sort out MY digestion and vuola, colic symptoms in my baby were soon gone. Might be worthwhile having a personal consult with a herbal medicine practitioner, naturopath or traditional Chinese medicine practitioner.

    • May I ask what the herbal tea was he prescribed you?

  8. Probiotics helped one of our twins tremendously! She had colic and we tried everything to calm her down, gripe water included. Nothing seemed to help until we tried Bio Gaia and it was a life saver! I would have gladly paid 5 times its value. Of course it’s not an immediate fix, it cut her crying time in 1/2 the first time we used it and it only got better after that. Eventually we lessened the dose until we gave her no more and there was no more colic!

  9. We tried probiotics for my colicky baby. The studies have used a particular strain of probiotic, Lactobacillus reuteri. We bought Gerber Soothe colic drops, which you can add to formula or put on the breast before breastfeeding. It wasn’t a cure-all for sure, but I think the probiotics did help somewhat. We tried almost everything for her colic. Dr. Karp’s 5 S’s helped somewhat, especially swaddling. The colic drops helped somewhat. Honestly (to my great frustration), the only thing that worked for sure was time. She finally starting getting better at 5 months. She is almost 6 months now & is much less fussy, though she still has bad days. She is not a great sleeper, but her naps are finally getting a little bit longer. From what I’ve read in “Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child”, it takes longer for post-colic babies to learn how to self-soothe & to sleep better. I would like to offer the parents of every colicky baby a huge “virtual hug”. I know what you’re going through & it’s really rough.

  10. My son had severe reflux and probiotics were recommended. I would suggest making sure that whatever you use does not contain dairy products. Many probiotics are grown out on or with dairy and that caused a problem for us. Allergen-free probiotics are great though!