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Do you want more sleep?   Yes! I need more sleep.

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  1. We are dealing with a co sleeping problem for a while now. I didn’t want to do this techqniue – We need our space, and I too do not sleep well with a little creature in the bed squirming around all night

  2. Sola says:

    Your materials are a blessing. Keep it up. I forwarded your mails to my friends.

  3. Alyssa says:

    We are dealing with a co sleeping issue. I am not a fan – i need my space, and I too do not sleep well with a little pinball in the bed bouncing around all night. However, we’ve been trying to get our 21 month old to go to sleep on his own for almost 2 months. we tried a check and console method for almost 6 weeks. The cry time to sleep went from almost an hour down to 20 minutes, but from there he just stuck it out screaming for 20 minutes. So now we’re back to square one, except that now he won’t go back to sleep in his crib when he wakes up at 2-4 am. I’ve just started bringing him into bed with me because I’m too tired to stay up for an hour patting his back trying to get him back to sleep. He LOVES co sleeping. He is sleeping until 10 am (daddy is on a much later schedule) with a 9:30 pm bedtime. He has never done this before. Do I just need to accept that he is a co-sleeping fan?

    • @Alyssa If he’s been co-sleeping this long, it will take more time and dedication to get him to like his own crib/bed as much as yours. 🙂 Have you tried camping out in his room for a week or two such that you can sleep “next” to him, but he’s in his sleep space and you’re in yours? Sometimes that helps ease the transition. We call this “Fading With a Twist” in our toddler e-Book, if you’re interested. Here’s the link: http://www.toddlersleepswell.com. Although, it’s perfectly fine to replace co-sleeping with patting as a temporary solution, you will also want to fade out any help you’re giving him to fall asleep. You’ll want him to learn how to fall asleep in his own bed, without you patting or doing anything else that needs to be repeated throughout the night. You do not have to leave the room or go back to check-and-console, though. We typically recommend a slower/gentler approach for long-time co-sleepers. Hang in there!!

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