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  1. I love your site, I visit all the time and I must say you have good writing skills.

  2. Janinne says:

    @Tiz – for traveling with children to vacation homes/condos and blacking out the windows. I suggest you use large black garbage bags held over the window with blue painters tape (use mulitiple bags on windows when needed). Works great. Cheap to use and doesn’t require a lot of luggage space or you can purchase anywhere when you arrive.

  3. Paige Rien says:

    @Tiz – we have the same issues when travelling. Last summer, we took blankets + big binder clips to a beach rental make the window darker and it helped a lot.

    As for buying drapes that block out light – it’s often difficult to find fabric that does the job all on its own. That’s why I like the layering – the black out shades – which really don’t completely do the job – light filters out the sides, and then something over top. The drapes in the photo above are thermal + light filtering drapes (off the rack) from JcPenney online -very affordable – maybe $35/window, if that.

  4. Tiz says:

    The point on lighting is one I find especially important. My son is the easiest to put down for a nap when we can darken the room considerably. I find that also to be the biggest problem when we find ourselves having to nap him at other people’s homes. Even homes with kids, have rooms that are so bright and cannot be darkened for naps, that it takes us double the time to signal him that he can nap.

    We found great drapes at Fabricland (Canada) that are designed to block out 99% of light, block some outside sound and keep in heat – best investment we made.

  5. Karin says:

    I’m wondering where I can find blackout shades. Any suggestions? Great article. Thanks!

    • Debbye says:

      @ Karin:
      We bought our blackout shades at Home Depot and Lowes. You can get them cut to size right there, and they are super cheap!

  6. Paige Rien says:

    Hi Julie,
    Those are Storage Ottomans from P’kolino. I know Amazon sells them:


    But I”m not sure if they have the best price! Hope this helps!

  7. Julie says:

    Where can you purchase those round toy bins?

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