Sleep Speedbump


Need a bit more help? This is just for our returning families, to help you get through new bumps in the road, such as transitioning to fewer naps, night-waking, teething troubles, and more!


Sometimes, sleep improves and you think you’re in the clear, but then you’ll experience a “sleep speedbump” whether it’s a few months later or it’s been a year or longer. If your child has recently gone through changes such as transitioning to fewer naps, experiencing a sleep regression, trying to get back on track after a life event, taking short naps, or waking at night again since we worked with each other last, you no doubt have questions! Use this one (1) e-mail “sleep speedbump” consultation package as an affordable, quick, and easy way to get those questions answered. A handful of clarification questions on the given advice is included and this package is good for sixty days from date of purchase.