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Do you want more sleep?   Yes! I need more sleep.

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  1. Amy M says:

    Mindell, Mindell, Mindell. It’s a good combo of Weissbluth and Ferber in terms of the advice, but far better written. She also has LOTS of tips for how to help the parents survive sleep training, including a whole section on relaxation exercises, which I think is both helpful and sympathetic. I think Weissbluth is smart but the book is too long and really needed a good editor (he sometimes seems to contradict himself, which I think is just bad writing not real contradiction, but still). With Ferber it’s hard to find the advice amidst all the scientific research.

    • Emily DeJeu says:

      @ Amy M – thanks for taking the time to share your recommendation! Love hearing from other moms about their tips and suggestions. 🙂

  2. Anne says:

    My favourite is “Sleep Sense: Simple Steps to a Full Night’s Sleep” by Megan Faure and Ann Richardson. I followed their advice because they made sense to me. Today I have a healthy 2,5 year-old son who sleeps through and very rarely waking up at night.
    What made particularly sense to me is that they base their approach on the time that baby is awake not the time he sleeps (e.g. your x months old baby should be awake for x minutes/hours).
    This book is available here: https://www.amazon.com/Sleep-Sense-Simple-Steps-Nights/dp/1919992790

    • Emily DeJeu says:

      @ Anne – oh, this is a new title for me – thanks for mentioning it! And thanks for taking the time to comment. 🙂

  3. Kristen says:

    I agree with one poster above that Dr. Jodi Mindell’s book is excellent! This was my godsend with baby #1. I had read so many books and for some reason this one had some really great practical ideas and one of her techniques was when really worked great for us. I found the baby sleep site when I was at my wits end with baby #2. I liked that the ebooks were not too long and there was information about sleep patterns such as sleep regressions that I had never read about before in any other book, but it was spot on with what happened with my kids.

    • Emily DeJeu says:

      @ Kristen — awesome feedback! Thanks for sharing your preferences. 🙂

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