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  1. Karen says

    Hi Nicole,

    I’m having some feeding and sleeping issues with my almost 7 month old son which I hope to remedy. I’m not sure where to tweak things, but I’m suspecting the main issues lies with my son’s often super-long morning nap and shorter afternoon nap, as well as some difficulties with the introduction of solids.

    Wondering if I should shorten his morning nap…or put him to bed even earlier to see if the morning nap shortens naturally? Also I wish there was some way to encourage him to accept more solids, as well as stop the 4 or 5am feeds. Anyway here’s our routine:

    Btw 4 and 5am – He’ll cry out and I would breastfeed him. Sucks hard, seemingly hungry. Then slows down after one side. Sometimes I offer the 2nd side and he takes some. Then Goes back to bed immediately.

    7am Wakeup + breastfeed (usually drinks well from one side and is not as hungry for other side)

    745am – Solids for breakfast (1 small to medium apple – lightly cooked and pureed with 4 baby spoons of Millet cereal, plus some fresh apple juice drizzled over it. 30ml of formula in little cup just to get him used to the cup and the formula) He likes this meal better than his lunch and dinner!

    9am – Naps after playing on mat (1.5 hrs, but lately it’s been consistently 2 hrs )

    11am wakes up

    1115 or 1130pm Breastfeed followed by solids (30-60g veges puree such as sweet potatoes n fennel, mixed with 3-4 baby spoons of millet cereal) Lately he just takes a few bites n fusses…

    1pm Afternoon nap (1.5 hrs usually, but often cries out after 45 min…and I leave him to settle himself within 15 min or so. But sometimes he just keeps crying for as long as 20 min, so I take him out.)

    2.30pm – Breastfeed and then playtime; go for a walk, etc.

    5pm Breastfeed followed by solids (similar to lunchtime) but again, like lunch, it’s a hit or miss affair. Sometimes I’m lucky to have him eat half of his food before he fusses.

    530pm He’s usually really tired and cranky by this time, so I start bath here. On some bad days, he cries in the tub and at changing table.(I notice this seems to happen when we try to get him to eat more solids)

    6pm Bedtime

    I should add that previously (2 weeks ago) my feeding routine was different in that I used to breastfeed him one side, before offering solids, and then offer more breastmilk if he wanted. I do notice he took slightly more solids then. But I changed the routine, because he had constipation and I thought maybe he needed more fluids in his system…and mother’s milk would still be good… So now I wonder if I should go back to offering half a breastfeed before trying solids? His stools have been more regular anyway since I changed to some apples/applejuice in the mornings, and cut out the starchy foods like rice, potatoes and carrots.

    Do appreciate any advice!


  2. Corinne says

    Wow, first let me say what a wonderful website! Have been coming back to it as my baby ages to sort of compare where he is compared to others. Would love your input on his schedule though. He is pretty easy (except for teething, which is happening right now). But the sleeping thru thing…well he did it for a few nights and now has been sick with a cold and then teething so back to up every 2-3 hours. GRR. My question is…should I add a right before bed feeding?? I hadn’t done it so far because when I nurse, he would likely fall asleep and we were working on getting him to fall asleep on his own. But that pretty much has led him to wake up between 11-1 every night and either need cuddling or eating.

    6:30 – 7:30 Wake up

    8:00 ish – Breakfast.. 4-6 oz formula with fruit/cereal

    9:00 ish nap for an hour

    10:00 nurse if needed.

    12:00 4-6 oz formula with veggie

    1:00 nap for an hour and a half (on good day)

    2:30 nurse

    2:30-4:45 play

    4:45-5 cat nap 30-45 min

    5:45-6 Dinner… 6 oz formula veggie and fruit

    7:00 Bath time

    7:30 Lay down… asleep usually within 10 min

    So then he will sleep til at least 11…sometimes like 1. Then again wakes at 4:30 or 5 (usually breast feed at this point)

    I am wondering if I moved dinner earlier and added a last feeding if it may help his sleeping through night. Thanks!!

    • Kimberly says

      Hi Corinne,
      That certainly sounds like a good option to try especially if he is going through a growth spurt. The teething is probably affecting his waking quite a bit right now, but an additional feeding before bedtime might help at least push him through the first wake up of the night. Just try to keep the feeding separate from him falling asleep so he doesn’t create a sleep association where he “needs” the feeding to be able to fall asleep. Sounds like he does a good job of laying down and falling asleep on his own so when he does the last feeding be sure to still put him down drowsy but awake. I would try just adding the nighttime feeding first and see if there are any changes or if he doesn’t seem interested, then go ahead and move dinner to earlier + the nighttime feeding. Hope this helps!

  3. Oliwia says

    My little angel is 7months and 1 week. His eating schedule is:
    ? Wake up about 6:30.
    ? Has a formula 7 oz at about 8 – 9am depending what time at night he got up
    ? Lunch at 12 7 oz of solids such as veggies with baby rice or veg with meat of some sort and about 5 -7 oz of formula
    ? Dinner at 5pm oz of solids such as veggies and about 5 – 7oz of formula
    ? Bedtime 8pm about 5 oz of formula
    ? During the night 3-5am 7 oz of formula
    He does not sleep through the night. When he is with me during the day as I am a full time worker he has a nap around 10am for like 1 hour than around 1:30pm for like 1 hour and then at 5pm after fed he has a nap for like 1 hour.
    He goes to bed at 7:30 -8pm and sleeps about 10 hours excluding the 30min to 1 hour during the night when he feeds.
    During the day he is with my mother in law and she keeps telling me most of the time that he only napped maybe for like 1 to 2 hours and when I collect him he seems overtired and cranky and sleep to even eat and cries. She tells me sometimes that she leaves him for 5 hours without food instead of the 4 like I do.
    My question is do I feed him enough? Is it ok to wait 5 hours between feeds when he turns up too tired to eat as too me it does not. And lately he seems tired all the time can it do with that he might be teething also for the past couple of days he been waking up about every 1 – 2 hours. Yesterday I picked him up and fed him and he collapsed at 6pm till midnight and was awake till 2am and kept waking up every hour till 8am.

    • Kimberly says

      Hi Oliwia,
      I would definitely say that 5 hours is way too long for a baby this age to go without eating. Babies need feed throughout the day and not enough food or sleep during the day can affect nighttime sleeping. At this age, some babies will sleep through the night without a feeding but some will still wake for 1-2 feedings. Babies thrive on consistent schedules that are used by all of their caretakers. I would highly recommend that you look at these recommended schedules for a 7 month old and then go over it with your mother-in-law and let her know that you want to stick to a feeding, napping, play schedule when he is in her care. And the schedule you go over with her should be the same as the one you want to use when he’s with you.

  4. Kimberly says

    @ Irene- You don’t say what times he’s going down for his naps so that would be a helpful place to start for determining how to help get him on a better nap schedule. Do you have a naptime routine where you help him start to wind down before nap time? I would try that for a few days and see if you get him to transition to napping without the swing. At this point, it does sound like he dependent on the swing for naps. I’d also recommend checking out Nicole’s book, Mastering Naps, for in-depth advice on getting him on a good nap schedule. You read about it here: http://www.babynapswell.com

    @ Olivia- Missing an occasional nap for a special occasion might be okay, but keep in mind that babies do thrive on routine and consistency. Skipping daytime naps can have a negative effect on nighttime sleeping.

  5. olivia says


    my son is 6.5 months old and his schedule goes like this

    7am – wake & bottle (sometimes he wakes earlier – but i always pick him up at 7)

    8am – breakfast – fruit and cereal

    9ish – nap (on a good day he will nap for 1.5hrs otherwise 40mins)

    11am – bottle

    12nn – lunch – veggies

    1ish – nap (on a good day he will nap for 1.5hrs otherwise 40mins)

    3pm – bottle

    4.20 – i try to get him to nap even for a few minutes if he hasnt slept well during the first 2 naps

    5.20 – dinner – veggies

    6pm – start of bedtime routine.. includes bottle

    7pm – bed

    10.30pm dreamfeed

    he now sleeps through. he used to be on pacifier but i have weaned him off it as i had to get up at night to put it back on every hour. and most days he is getting good naps and his average total sleep hours in 24hr period is 13.5hrs and i think he is very happy with this

    he is on this schedule for about a month now, and this really works for him, he used to be having catnaps and a lot of night wakings. however, i am too scared to be out of the house during his nap time. i tend to go out during his wake hours and make sure to be at home for his nap time… he is one very curious boy when out, loves to look around and would not sleep much in his pram.. will it be ok for him to sometimes miss his nap?

  6. Irene says

    I will start by saying that I am having major problems with napping. I KNOW that the problem is really my fault since I started my son on the bad habit of napping in his swing. At the time it didn’t seem so terrible – it was the ONLY place he would nap and I needed the break from him being overtired and cranky. But now he is outgrowing the swing and I’m at a loss. I cannot just put him in his crib or he starts screaming. If I rock him to sleep and put him down he will only sleep for 30 minutes and then wakes up crying. After 2 of these short naps, I will put him in the swing so he’s not too overtired and he sleeps for 3 hours straight!! Do you recommend CIO in the crib?

    My other issue is that I sometimes have alot of trouble getting him to finish his bottles during the day. He is still getting up for 1-2 nighttime feedings and he will finish those bottles in 10 minutes flat and go right back to sleep. But during the day he’ll eat about 3 oz and then I have to chase him for the rest of the hour to get him to finish the bottle before I have to dump it. This is what I’ve been feeding him:

    he gets up sometime between 6:30 and 7:30 depending on his last nighttime feeding – breakfast of 2 tbsp cereal mixed w/ 3 tbsp formula and fruit plus the rest of the 6 oz bottle (there’s about 4.5 oz left after making the cereal).
    somewhere between 10-11am another 6 oz bottle
    between 1-2pm 2 oz lunch of cereal and a veggie + another 6 oz bottle
    between 4-5pm another 6 oz bottle – sometimes I’ll only give him 4 oz if its closer to 5pm so he’ll eat his dinner better
    6:30 – dinner – 2 of either potato/veggie/fruit
    6:45 bath
    7:00 6 oz bottle and bed – sometimes he goes right off and other times its closer to 8 before we can get him to sleep – we rock him while feeding him and although I know its not recommended at least once he’s down he doesn’t usually wake up again until his first nighttime feeding.

    Thats the closest to our “schedule” as I could get since depending on when I’m able to actually get him to sleep it changes. I try to get him down about 2 hours after he wakes although after his 30 minute catnaps sometimes I have to put him down sooner. It is frustrating that sometimes he’s already on his 3rd nap by lunchtime!!!

    Also am I feeding him too much solids? I cut back on lunch for a few days and that did seem to help him finish his afternoon bottle at least but then he woke up more during the night so I added lunch back in.

  7. Beatrice says

    My son is 7months old and he is taking about 3naps per day between 20 30 min. A very tired mom with no sleep, he’s not sleeping through the night at all we may get 3 to 4 hours. wakes around 1or 2 and eats but after that its restless sleeping for the rest of the night he’s moaning ,humming as if something is bothering him ,i have tried everything i think.. please can anyone help.
    .-= Beatrice´s last blog ..How Many Baby Naps : Sleep Quick Tip =-.

  8. Ram says

    I forgot to mention that my baby doesn’t like drinking formula much these days but gobbles down food. It’s a struggle to get him to finish a 120ml bottle, even when it’s the first thing he’s had all day and he’s on an empty stomach. Thanks for any advice you can offer

  9. Ram says

    My baby is about to enter his seventh month and he’s in the 90th percentile for weight and the 75th percentile for height. I give him 120ml of formula four times a day and he eats wheat cereal for breakfast, vegetables for lunch, fruit in the afternoon, and wheat cereal again before he sleeps. Am I feeding him too much? Also, on a totally different subject, I’m thinking of trying to get pregnant again and I’ve been reading arguements that say it’s fine and others that say it’s too early. What do you think? Much appreciated 🙂

  10. Stephanie says

    My daughter is 7 1/2 months old and her schedule goes like this.

    5:30-6:00 ~ Wake up with 7oz bottle
    7:30-8:30 ~30-45 minute nap
    8:30 ~ 1 jar of 2nd stage fruit w/6oz bottle
    10:30-11:30 ~ 45 minute to 1 hour nap
    11:30 ~ 3-4 tablespoons of cereal or oatmeal w/6oz bottle
    1:30-3:30 ~ 1 1/2-2 hour nap
    3:00-3:30 ~ 1 jar of 2nd stage veggies w/6oz bottle
    5:30 ~ Bathtime (every other day)
    6:00-7:00 ~ 6oz bottle and bedtime

    I try to shoot for every 2 hours after my daughter awakes, she needs to go down for a nap. By doing this, my daughter has been able to get onto a schedule.

    • Nicole says

      @Stephanie Thank you for sharing your schedule!