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  1. Joanna Nigh says

    My twins are 10 months, 8.5 adjusted. I cannot figure out the perfect wake time to stretch out naps. We’re at about 3.25 for the first nap (30mins), 3.5 for the second nap (which often will be 90mins), and then 3 hrs to bed. Should I stretch the morning nap to 3.5hrs?

  2. A says

    My son is is approaching 1 year. His awake time is still only 2.5 hours. Sometimes 3, but that seems to stretch it, especially if he doesn’t have sufficient wind-down time. Also, this is a routine rather than a schedule – all depends on what time he wakes up. I don’t know if him being “small for his age” leads to the shorter awake times. Should I try to keep him up later and/or institute more of a schedule? Our routine generally works for us, except that him talking and rolling himself to sleep calmly aren’t as common anymore – he often wants to be with me (albeit whimpering) right until the point at which he is ready to fall asleep.

  3. Angela says

    @Nan, actually this guide is not meant to determine total wake time as nap length will vary. Only to help guide wake times between naps in order to avoid accumulated overtired.

    @Virginie, the 4:30 wake time is very common. It’s just biologically a natural time to wake slightly. Many babies wake all the way and cry for mom because they simply like to check in and make sure you’re still there. He could also be hungry, particularly if breastfed. Eventually, he will drop back off without needing you, but for now, you’re doing a wonderful thing for him with that cuddle – you’re building his security and his bond to you. The wake times are a bit long for his age, but seems to sleep well anyway. I hesitate to mess with this schedule, unless you think he’s experiencing overtired. If he fights sleep or gets cranky before each sleep time, you could move up the naps up and feed at the waking as normal, as you’d likely get longer naps. Make sense?

  4. Virginie says

    Hello Angela,
    My 4 months old son has today the following schedule:
    7am feed for 30 min- play time for 1 hour (wake time of 1 h and 30 min) – 8:30am sleep for 45 min until 9:15am – play time for 1 h 45
    11am feed for 30 min- play time for 1 hour (wake time of 2 h and 45 min) – 12:30pm sleep for 45 min until 12:15 pm – play time for 1 h 45
    3pm feed for 30 min- play time for 1 hour (wake time of 2 h and 45 min) – 4:30pm sleep for 45 min until 5:15pm – play time for 1 h 45
    7pm feed for 30 min, bath and then sleep from 8 pm for 3 hours
    11pm feed for 30 min and then sleep for 7 hours and 30 min (with a cuddle needed at 4:30am for 10 min to put him back to bed)

    According to your articles, he sleeps enough as he sleeps 12 h and 45 m in total – 10 h and 30 min at night and 3 times 45 min. However he does not follow your wake time tip of 75 min -105 min. Do not know how to keep his feeding schedule as well as applying your wake time tip, would you have a solution?
    Also, do you know why he everyday wakes up at 4:30am?

    I thank you very much in advance for your reply


  5. Nan says


    my 10mo daughter sleeps 13-13.5 hrs totally-with 2 naps totalling 2 hrs n the rest night sleep–so acc to this formula she will b awake only 8.5 hrs totally,right? so what happens to the remaining 2.5 hrs??

  6. Angela says

    @Anna, It’s so cute that babies with super easy temperaments seem fine even with a little overtired going on. This could be the case with your little angel. Yes, I would try a bit earlier bedtime and log results for a little while. Good luck!

    @Kristin, So glad to have been helpful! Thanks for sharing your journey!

  7. Angela says

    @Emily, I have to say “ask your doctor”: ) but generally, if baby can roll onto his tummy and lift himself as you described, at 6.5 months, he’s fine on his tummy and yes, probably better to have his arms out. As @Kristin suggested, he may transition from swaddle to a sleep sack *Another idea – you could put him down on his side with a rolled blanket behind his back, this is often just as comfy to them as tummy sleeping! If fact, side position is one of the famous 5 Ss, that Dr. Harvey Karp includes in his amazing soothing formula – works because it’s a familiar, instinctively comfy position for babies. (Disclaimer – Dr. Karp was not applying this to sleeping, however, but soothing while holding) Still, experiment with rolled towel, blanket, or even a firm stuffed animal to prop him slightly to the side, instead of flat on the back. I find it’s also easy to transfer into crib into the side position, as the pressure of your arm is replaced by the blanket on his back. But, alas, it’s not recommended to put him down on his tummy, only okay when he gets there himself, technically.

  8. Anna says

    @ Angela Well she doesnt get very cranky or fussy she’s pretty much always a happy baby. Sometimes she will get fussy after her bath right before her feeding, but I think thats bc she’s hungry bc after she drinks her milk she’s fine and I read her a story and put her to bed awake, always! Some nights she falls asleep faster than other nights but on average I would say it takes her less than 15 min from the time I put her in her crib. Her bedtime used to be around 8pm when she was napping 3x per day, but with her 2 nap transition I saw that she couldnt stay up that late so I put her to bed @ 7:30, which meant she was asleep by 7:45pm. But then she started waking up early so I pushed her bedtime another 15 min earlier, which now is @ 7:15pm. So I guess my best bet would be to try for an even earlier bedtime of 7:00 pm and see what happens….right? Maybe that 4 hr. wake time before bed is still too much for her to handle..

  9. Emily says

    @Angela we haven’t…yet! We found that online recently, and are probably going to buy it soon! Thanks for all your help, you are awesome!!!

  10. Kristin says

    @Angela Thank you so much! Your responses have been very helpful! I was wanting to purchase a package from this site but at this time can not afford it so all this free advice has been great. We will keep working on it, watching for sleep cues (I think he does get “hyper” and just seems like he is happy and having fun when he is overtired) and watching the wake times as well.

    @Emily have you checked out Zipadee Zip? We use this for naps and bedtime. I’m not sure if he really NEEDS it but it is a sleep cue for our little guy and he can move around in it.