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  1. Aubrey says:

    I have an almost three year old and four and a half year old recently sharing a room. Some nights they sleep great, others I am up at 4am dealing with them. We use a sound machine. The almost three year old wakes her sister up and at almost six months pregnant I am exhausted. Any other tips?

    • @Aubrey Thank you for visiting our sleepy little village and congratulations on your pregnancy! I’m so sorry to hear your two children are waking you at night. You certainly must be exhausted! You may want to look into positive reinforcement techniques such as a sticker chart. You can see our tips here: https://www.babysleepsite.com/toddlers/sticker-chart-tips Hopefully, they get used to sharing a room very soon and the novelty wears off. Hang in there!

  2. Sian Overfield says:

    Have just read two articles. My four month old baby girl has just started waking to play usually about 4am…..she already has one feed at 1am and goes back to sleep no problem and is in her cot in our room. An idea is to put her in her own room and she would very likely sleep through. However, she will have to share with her four year old brother. He is a terrible sleeper, always has been. So my decision is to move her or not?

    • Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says:

      Hi @Sian – Thank you for visiting our sleepy little village! This can be a tough decision, and you may need to weigh the benefits before deciding. How does brother sleep? Could you move him into your room temporarily while you get baby girl used to falling asleep in her room/teaching her to fall back to sleep at that 4am waking? This may be easier than disrupting brother’s sleep while you work on the 4 month old. On the other hand, if brother can sleep through some disruption, can sleep well with white nose playing in the room, you may want to just “go for it!”
      Good luck however you decide to proceed!!

  3. Kelley says:

    I have a 4 1/2 year old and 20 month old. We just recently put them together and they go to bed just fine at the same time (7 pm); however, the baby wakes at 6 am and my 4 year old normally doesn’t wake until 7 or 7:30 since she doesn’t nap anymore. How can I prevent the baby from waking the 4 year old? Even if I rush in there to get him out at his first peep it still wakes her up.

    • Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says:

      Hi @Kelley – Thanks for visiting! Do you have a white noise machine/app/fan/etc playing in the room? If not, you may want to try one, and if you do have one, you may want to play around with volume, and see if that helps? Hopefully your 4 year old will get acclimated in time too (within a few weeks), and she will be able to fall back to sleep, even if baby stirs or wakes. It may take more time, and you will want to be sure that the room is dark to help her fall back to sleep too! If none of this works, you may consider shifting your 20 month old’s whole schedule a bit, so that he will sleep until 7:00 along with the 4 year old. : )
      Good luck and be in touch if you wuold like more assistance!

  4. Dorothyann says:

    I am going through this right now. A 2 year old and an 8 month old. They are 17 months apart. Recently moved the 8 month old into a crib AND into a room with a sister. 10 days into this and no improvement. Bedtime is dreaded. And mommy has barely slept since this process began.

    • Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says:

      Hi @Dorothyann – Hang in there Mommy! We know that this can be SO tough! Since you are transitioning both into a crib and into a new room, you have lots of work to do. You may need to give it longer, and if possible, you can even consider moving the crib back to where baby used to sleep, and once she is used to that, transition it to the new bedroom with sister. This may help both baby and toddler – baby will have less of a big change to handle, and sister will not be awakened by baby as easily.
      I hope things smooth out soon! Please contact us if you things do not get better soon, and you would like more one on one help with a Consultant!

  5. Sara says:

    We only have 2 bedrooms and three kids. Year old twins and our 2,5 year old. And they share their bedroom. I do to remember much from the beginning since I was so tired all the time lol but it got easier. Now twins go to bed first, they still sleep in the same crib in separate ends or snuggle with each other,and then older will fall asleep on our bed or sometimes in his own, if in ours I just move him in his own, luckily he is a good sleeper so it won’t wake him up, no he won’t wake up if twins cry during the night. Luckily twins are good sleepers too so I have been very blessed. When they were tiny they slept in the living room in a playpen and after a mighnight feed I think I moved them into the crib. But looking forward when we have our renos done that they can have separate space if wanted.

    • Emily DeJeu says:

      @ Sara – great insights! thanks so much for sharing your awesome story – you’re a total inspiration!! 🙂

  6. Mussy says:

    I loved your article but I’m a bit at a loss. I have a nine month old and a 22 month old. They both sleep thru the night but occasionally will cry from a scary dream etc.
    I tried putting them to bed in the same room one night- they have the same bedtime big I put the baby to sleep first and after he fell asleep I brought in my daughter. At first she was quiet but she had a hard time falling asleep with him there and starting talking to him, he woke up and two hours later they both fell asleep.
    Things would’ve been good but he cried out at about 4 am and woke her up so instead of both going back to sleep as they normally would, he woke her up and after a half hour of them two playing I took him to my large closet and both fell asleep within two min.
    Tonight I had no patience for a repeat so I did not try again but I do want them in the same room.
    Both sleep thru noise pretty well but can’t fall asleep with the other in the room and will wake up if he cries more than 2-3 min.
    What do you suggest now?

    • Emily DeJeu says:

      @ Mussy – I can so relate to this; my two older children (both boys) are only 18 months apart, and they’ve shared a room for years now. While it’s really easy today, those early days of room-sharing were tough! First off, I’d strongly suggest that, if you haven’t already, you try a white noise machine, or maybe a white noise app that plays on your phone. White noise is such a lifesaver when you’re dealing with a situation in which one child keeps waking up the other. I think that may help this problem immensely. Another option would be to experiment with putting your kids to bed at different times. For instance, it may be best to put your daughter down first, wait until she’s deeply asleep (maybe 30-60 minutes after she falls asleep), and then put the baby down. I think you’ll also want to keep a “back up” option available for those nights when things just fall apart – sounds like you have a large closet that works, so I’d suggest keeping that available as an emergency sleeping area for the baby, just so that you have a plan B scenario you can use.

      Finally, in my experience, room-sharing is one of those things that takes patience. Eventually, your children will “learn” how to sleep in the same room, and once the newness of the arrangement has worn off, you’ll find that they really aren’t as interested in playing with each other in the middle of the night as they are now.

      Hope this helps, Mussy! Best of luck to you 🙂

  7. lusi says:

    Oh man, thank God I found this. My 13 month old is sleeping through and we’re expecting another baby in August, 11 weeks from now. I’ve been thinking about how to have them share a room. And needed to know how to handle it without the baby’s waking disturb the other one’s sleeping. I’ve been considering a bassinet in our room until she’s ready say by three months to transition her. I have been nervous about a regression.

    • Emily DeJeu says:

      @ lusi – so glad you found this helpful! Most of our clients usually, in this situation, sleep the newborn in their room for a bit, and it sounds like that might be a good solution for you, too. The main thing, when having sibling share a room, is that you want to be sure the older child won’t be a danger to the baby in any way – for example, that he/she won’t try to cover up the baby with a blanket, or drop stuffed animals into the baby’s crib, or “feed” the baby Cheerios or something. Given that your older child is only 13 months, it may make sense to wait a bit until you put your kiddos in the same room, until you’re certain that your older toddler understands how to keep the baby safe.

      Thanks so much for commenting, lusi – best of luck to you and to your growing family! 🙂

  8. Emily DeJeu says:

    @ Ginette — Sounds like you have a pretty good system to me! It could be that your 2 year old is going through the 2 year sleep regression (read more about it here: https://www.babysleepsite.com/toddlers/5-things-about-2-year-old-toddler-sleep/) It’s likely that his bedtime battling will pass with time.

    As for your baby — things sound great, sleep-wise!

    I’d suggest waiting until your 2 year old has passed the regression phase, and until bedtime returns to normal. At that point, you could certainly try doing bedtime in the same room (especially if they’re at a point now where they’re going to bed at roughly the same time.) When you’re ready to do that, you can just do one big bedtime routine that involves both kids — everyone reads a story together, etc.

    It’ll probably take your kids a few nights (at least) to adjust to going to bed together, in the same room. But if you can push through that, in no time, it’ll be easy. I’d still suggest having a back-up plan, though, for those nights when your baby won’t sleep well. Maybe keep a crib (or pack-n-play, or something) in your room for a little while longer.

    Thanks for commenting, Ginette! And good luck to you 🙂

  9. Ginette says:

    We planned on having our 2 year old & baby share a room, however our 2 year will go down for naps great, but will often fight bedtime and can be very vocal about it. I have been waking him up from naps earlier to try and ensure 5 awake hours before bed. Still, some nights are great, but some are a battle.

    In the last 6 months we worked on babies sleep & thanks to the advice on this site he goes down great & generally only feeds twice in a night.
    Our current plan is we put baby to bed in our room & when he wakes up for the 1st feed we move him into the crib in his big brothers room. So far neither have woken each other up.

    Any ideas on how we can transfer to both bedtimes in the same room? Or should I just be happy with things the way they are?

    Thanks 🙂

  10. Emily DeJeu says:

    @ Lydie — congratulations on your expected twins! Very exciting 🙂

    Good question about room-sharing. At first, you’ll probably want to keep your twins and your toddler separate. As Nicole notes in the article, it isn’t always safe to have toddlers in the same room as their baby siblings; toddlers may put small toys or snacks into the crib, for example, or may attempt to cover the baby with a blanket.

    However, once you feel confident that your son wouldn’t be a risk to the twins, you could consider putting them into the same room. You’d probably want to wait to do that until your twins are sleeping reasonably well at night; room-sharing doesn’t work so well if one child is up frequently during the night.

    Down the road, of course, having three children in one room might get cramped (especially as your children get bigger!) But in the short term, that could definitely work. 🙂

    Thanks for commenting, Lydie! And best of luck to you, as you prepare for life with three kiddos!

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