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  1. varicose veins says

    This post was really interesting and helpful! i’ll make sure to tell my friend about it. I’ll surely come back and check out more posts.

  2. Carolyn says

    Just wanted to update that as soon as I took the aquarium out, our daughter stopped waking up… I guess it was too stimulating for her!

    Unfortunately it means we don’t have the long wake up – and she is an early riser but I’d still much rather that then the two hour awake periods in the middle of the night!

    • Nicole says

      @Carolyn Thank you for coming back and updating us. Not good about the early riser, but much better (especially for her) to not be up for long periods at night. Hopefully you can shift her schedule later or resolve the early rising issue. Good luck and thanks for letting us know what happened!

  3. Carolyn says

    Such a timely issue for us. We have loved the crib aquarium – when our 10 month old daughter wakes up early, she likes to turn it on and hang-out with it for about 20 minutes… so nice for us to wake up slowly.

    however, for the last few nights she turns it on at 2:30am and then she starts crying about 20 minutes later – for the last two nights for over 2 hours (with me going in every 20 or so minutes) – turns out she just wants to play – she is wide awake. So I’m now wondering if it is too stimulating for her in the middle of the night – waking her up more? I may try taking it out tonight and see how it goes.

  4. Debbye says

    Hi Applepie,
    Thank you for writing! Again it really depends on the machine and the baby. Some crib toys are easy for young babies at 6 months or even younger to turn on themselves, while other crib toys are “harder” to figure out, and baby may not be able to adjust settings for a while. It depends on your baby and how involved he is in exploring too! You may have to try and find out if your baby enjoys crib toys, and some trial and error may be involved in finding out if the toys relax him or wake him up further! I wish we had the magic answer, but all babies do react differently. 🙂 Good luck, and I hope you find shat works for you very soon!

  5. Applepie says

    How old is considered old for them to start moving the settings around?

    I don’t know if this is a necessity(Probably not). Does it really help them sleep?

  6. phil says

    Hi, I live in England and although we do have crib aquariums they aren’t as big a deal here as say crib mobiles.

    I had a crib mobile for my baby daughter from birth but realised that it only stimulated her to have toys in her cot when she was tired or overtired. fine, if she was awake and just having fun lying and looking at things but I tended to take some of the more stimulating toys away at nap and bedtime and she has always been great at goingto sleep and self soothing, even to the point of pushing me away as she wants to just go to sleep!

    I’ve always been very careful to try to give her the sleep rest she needs, when she needs or looks like she needs it to prevent over tiredness and minimise night waking.

    Watching her sleepy cues meant that most of the time I could put her down when she was sleepy and she would drift off pretty much straight away with no time for crib play! 🙂

    But I know I was/am lucky in that respect and a lot of children resist sleep.

  7. amanda says

    O gosh! my baby and i love his fish aquarim. he didnt get it til he was 14 mos old(from papa) i had just gotton him on a good sleep scedule and i didnt want to mess anything up. my baby boy would wake up very early and take about 30 to fall asleep. i stuck the aquarim on his crib but didnt use it. then one morning he pointed at it say a-a-a til i pushed the botton he was so excited! so that night he wanted it on agian i put it on the water sound in hopes it wouldnt get him up like music would. he fell right to sleep and still does it every night. cup then blanket then a-a-a for his aquarim. and a bonus he wakes up early and switches it to music and plays. so mom gets a little more rest! love it!

  8. Cristina Rodriguez says

    Recently I started leaving my 9 month old baby by himself in his crib. The firsts two days he cried about 20 minutes while my heart was broken and I was in tears myself…until he found his crib aquarium…now he fusses a little bit and he turns the music on, he lays down…if the music stops before he falls asleep he will turn it back on and lays back down until he is asleep for good. Good thing this little device is helping him to fall asleep on his own.

  9. Angela says

    Our crib aquarium works very well for our son, he needs a significant amount of unwinding time after we leave the room and the aquarium is mesmerizing for him, hellps him calm down. On the rare occassions he wakes and turns it on in the middle of the night, he is back asleep almost instantly once it starts playing. I strongly agree that this individual to each baby’s personality, so each will have to decide what works for their child.

  10. Emily says

    We had an aquarium in my daughter’s crib for a while and had to take it out! She would stir between sleep cycles and then wake herself up and make a b-line fir the aquarium. It was bad.

    • Nicole says

      @Emily That’s great your daughter was such a good self-entertainer, but definitely not good when it’s time to sleep! 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

      @Angela That’s great that the crib aquarium helps your son feel content and helps him sleep! Thank you for sharing.

      @Cristina That’s great! I’m glad he was able to find something to help himself self-soothe. That is the “interesting” thing about sleep training is that sometimes they just don’t know what to do until they have to figure it out. I guess it’s like walking. If you carry them around, they can’t explore to figure out what to do. It’s not that they won’t walk, eventually, but it would take a lot longer without that period of exploration and trial and error. Thank you for sharing!

      @Amanda Awesome! Getting a few more zzz’s in the morning certainly helps you be a more energetic mom by day, I’m sure. 🙂

      @Phil Yes, some toys are too stimulating, especially for those sensitive to being over-stimulated. That is so great your daughter is such a great self-soother! You are a great Dad for prioritizing her sleep and thank you for commenting!