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  1. dana says

    may I ask why we shouldn’t use cio die the 3rd nap? and if we don’t let the baby cry, what should we do. wouldn’t is cause confusion for the baby?

    • Janelle Reid says

      Hi @Dana, thanks for visiting the Baby Sleep Site! If you’re struggling with your little one fighting their third nap, I’m sorry that’s what you’re going through. The idea is that the third nap is going to be really short, so if CIO took a really long time for the third nap, you’d essentially miss it. We typically look at the 3rd nap as more of a power nap to get the baby through to bedtime without becoming extremely tired. I know with my kids that 3rd nap often feel in the later afternoon when I was running a quick errand with them (or if they are in school/daycare perhaps the drive home) or going on a walk in the stroller. Sometimes I would even wear my baby in the baby carrier while I was making dinner and the baby would fall sleep. The main thing we hope to prevent with that advise is your baby fussing for so long that it then becomes too late and throws off the rest of the schedule. I hope that helps! If you want more nap tips here is a link to our free nap guide you can download here:
      Let us know if you need anything else!

  2. Diaraliz Cruz says

    My four month baby has been doing the cry it out method for 3 weeks and he falls asleep faster at night then day. Also his naps are shorter. Any help on this?

    • Neosha says

      @Diaraliz – Thank you for reading and for sharing! Nap sleep can definitely be tougher than night time sleep and what you’re describing is extremely common unfortunately. Watching his schedule to ensure he’s being asked to sleep at times that are optimal for him and his nap time routine can be helpful along with your own consistency. However, the solution to this type of problem is generally fairly unique to your son, so please consider connecting with one of our sleep consultants. You can read more about our lovely ladies here: Hang in there, Diaraliz!

  3. Kaitlin says

    Hi there,
    Our baby is 15 months and we have started nap training him. So far he has not napped in a week since starting the training and I am not sure what to do? Any advice is appreciated. His naps are at 930-1030 and 230-4. He cries through both windows.
    Thank you!!

    • Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says

      Hi @Kait – Thank you for writing to us! Yikes! I am sorry that nap training has not been going smoothly! A week without naps is not fun. : / Have you checked out this article?:
      For a bit more help, you may want to consider our eBook: Mastering Naps and Schedules. This eBook includes over 45 sample daytime nap and feeding schedules, as well as tips on how to sleep coach for nap times, and how to also lengthen short naps. This eBook is an easy read, and is perfect for helping you teach your child healthy napping habits.
      You can read more about this here:
      I hope that things smooth out quickly Kait! Hang in there, and contact us if you need any further assistance!

  4. Carolynne says

    Hi, my daughter (8 weeks) is struggling at bed times to put herself to sleep. I’d like to get her on a schedule but she cries through to her next feed without napping. Yesterday she was awake between 1.30pm to 9pm with the exception of 15 mins power nap in the stroller!! Even having walked with her for an hour and 30 mins after she cried through her first afternoon nap.

    What should I do if she doesn’t fall asleep within the scheduled nap window or she falls asleep just before she’s supposed to feed? Should I let her sleep? Should I keep her awake until the next scheduled sleep window?

    She seems so over tired that we’re all a bit discombobulated.

    • Danielle says

      Hi Carolynne,
      Thank you for visiting The Baby Sleep Site! I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling so much with your baby’s sleep. I’m not a sleep consultant, but since she is so young, we would probably not recommend a strict schedule at this age anyway, so get naps when you can. If she’s crying excessively, you might also want to double-check her feeding schedule to make sure she’s not still hungry or needs more milk, and/or check with a pediatrician to rule out reflux or another health issue. We also have an article with tips for this age here:
      If you rule out health and feeding issues and are still having a lot of trouble, one of the sleep consultants would definitely be able to help you. I hope this helps, and good luck!

  5. Kay says

    If baby wakes up from the nap after 30-45 minutes, is the nap over, or do you suggest waiting for a few minutes to see if baby goes back to sleep?

    • Janelle Reid says

      Hi @Kay, thanks for writing! Personally, I do! Yesterday my 17 month old started crying only 45 minutes into his nap, I paused for a few minutes, and sure enough he slept another hour. You may need to teach baby how to settle (they learn this skill by being put down awake initially), but yes it is common for babies to cry/wake up between sleep cycles and go back to sleep again. I hope this helps!

  6. Lydia Lodoen says

    My 7 month old has been improving his night sleep (still wakes up 1-3 times) but that’s better than it used to be, and can fall asleep independently for naps and nighttime sleep with little to no fuss. However, he does not usually nap for longer than 30-40 minutes at a time and wakes up screaming. He does not know how to soothe himself back to sleep. Once in a while he will put himself back to sleep after 15 or less minutes of fussing or crying but it usually takes longer than that and most of the time he does not go back to sleep. I’m assuming he wakes when transiting to the next sleep cycle? Is there a way to teach him to make this transition without letting him cry for 30 minutes to get him to go back to sleep? I’ve tried everything and read every article and Suggestion. I do nurse him if he wakes up after 3:00 am, but if he wakes up prior to that I let him fuss or cry for a reasonable amount of time to get himself back to sleep. It usually takes him12 minutes. Again, he goes to sleep on his own when we lay him down, but he just doesn’t stay sleeping for naps.

    • Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says

      Hi @Lydia – Thank you for writing us! I’m sorry to hear your family is having such a hard time with short naps. You’re not alone! Since you have been working on this for a while, and have read every article and suggestion out there, I believe you could really benefit from one of our Personalized Sleep Consultation packages, where we will work with you on a detailed plan – one that you can commit to and feel good about, and one that will get you on track with a good schedule and lengthen those naps! We would love to help and support you through this! You can read about all of our sleep consultation packages here:
      Hang in there, and please contact us if you need any further assistance!

  7. Janet says

    I am trying to transition my almost 2 year old to his toddler bed because of safety’s concerns with him consistently climbing out of his crib and he’s having a hard time adjusting. We successfully implemented cry it out as an infant, so we thought we would use the same method again. We switched to the toddler bed during a nap to start, and after he cried for 45 min he fell asleep on the floor and we were able to transfer him to the crib no issue. That night he only cried for literally 5-10 seconds and was out. Yay! BUT the next day at nap time he cried at the door for an HOUR and I finally went in a he looked absolutely panicked, which naturally made me feel horrible. I rocked him to calm him down and he went right to sleep. Well it seems that experience has traumatized him, because now anytime I try to place him in the toddler bed he screams and squeezes onto my neck and is super panicked. I am currently laying on the floor while he goes to sleep which is not a healthy habit at all, but it is the only way he will remain calm long enough to fall asleep. What should I do??? THANK YOU!!

    • Janelle Reid says

      Hi @Janet, I’m so sorry the transition was rough! Learning a new skill can definitely be scary for our little humans so hang in there. There is certainly a fine line to walk on when you’re working with toddlers since it can be so so easy to create a bad habit (as I’m sure you know). Here is a link to download a free guide for help with toddler sleep that may help you figure out how to walk the line of compassion and your son getting the sleep he needs in a way that works for your family:
      I hope this helps. If he doesn’t adjust soon and you want more help, let us know. Our sleep consultants are pros at helping families through transitions such as these and would love to work with you. Feel free to contact us directly anytime at [email protected] and we can help you figure out the next steps. Hang in there!

  8. Miriama says

    Hi. I just started sleep training. My son doing great in the nights after two days. I don’t need to get to the room and after couple minutes of fussing he will fall asleep. But the naps are always about the crying around 15-20 minutes. I’m getting to the room sush him every 5 minutes but I’m not sure I’m doing it right way. Should I leave him cry without controlling or I have to continue doing 5 minutes stretches? It’s 3th day and it’s going to be 3th night of sleep training. Thank you!

    • Janelle Reid says

      Hi @Miriama, thanks for writing to us! I am glad to hear night sleep training has been going well for you. It can definitely be a different challenge with naps as night time and nap time sleep can be so different! We have a free guide available for you to download with nap tips that may help:
      If you need more specific help for your situation, let us know! We have a team of sleep consultants that would be happy to walk through this with you as well as a lot of other resources! Feel free to contact us directly anytime at [email protected]. I hope things improve for you soon!

  9. Taylor says

    We did cry it out with my 6 month old and it worked beautifully for nights. Most nights he babbles or whines for 10 minutes and then sleeps through the night. Tried it for naps and he just cried and cried. We would attempt for 60 minutes, then stop, play with him for a bit, and try again. Sometimes the second attempt resulted in 30 min of crying followed by 20 min of sleep. Sometimes it wouldn’t work and we would end up popping him in the stroller or car to get him some sleep. After that first long weekend (he goes to daycare during the week and naps fine there) we kind of gave up on naptime sleep training because I’m worried that the daytime naps and crying will create a negative association with his crib that will affect his going to bed. Is that a possibility or am I being silly?

    • Janelle Reid says

      @Taylor, I am sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with your son’s naps at home recently. It can take some time before babies get good at napping, even if their nights are good, so hang in there! We have a free ebook on nap help available for download if you want some more tips to help with naps if the sleep training methods you are trying are not working: Hopefully his naps will improve for you soon but if not let us know! We have many other resources that go more in depth if you are interested.

  10. Maia says

    I feel very guilty, my son was 4 and half month and he was doing great settling down and sleeping. But around 5 months someone visited us, and his schedule got missed, he was crying at night, I felt very tired so I nurse him to sleep couple nights, and since then he got that bad habit. Now he is 6 month and I really do not know how to go back. I feel it was my mistake ?
    Any advice or help, I even do not know where to start.??

    • Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says

      Hi @Maia –
      Thank you for visiting us, and are sorry to hear that you are struggling with sleep! First – Please do NOT feel guilty or blame yourself! You love your little one, and did what you had to do to get some sleep. Now you are ready to make a change and that is all that matters! You CAN make changes! It sounds like your son needs some help learning (or re-learning) how to fall asleep on his own.
      Here is a link to an article about sleep associations that may help you understand his dependence on you:
      If you would like one-on-one help with this, I believe you could benefit from one of our Sleep Consultation packages, where we will work with you on a detailed plan you can commit to and feel good about.
      You can read about all of our sleep consultation packages here:
      Hang in there, and be kind and patient with yourself!
      Please contact us with any additional questions at any time!

      Kind regards,