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Do you want more sleep?   Yes! I need more sleep.

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  1. Anita says:


    It’s great to read all the positive stories, good to know that there is a chance to succeed!
    As a very sleep-deprived mum of a 23 week old little girl, my only question is, how permanent these ‘solutions’ are? As babies constantly change and new challenges come up with new developmental milestones / illnesses (like a baby who had been sleeping wonderfully but suddenly it all goes out the window because of the 4-5 month sleep regression / because she learnt to roll over and practices whole night waking herself up / she gets a cold etc.) do you need to engage a sleep consultant over and over to get the problem solved? I already bought a plan with another sleep consulting site but couldn’t afford the premium packages as my husband was a fireman but got injured and we live off his injury pension because I was so sick with the pregnancy I had to quit work at 21 weeks, and engaging a sleep consultant seems to be a very expensive business, nevertheless, poor people need sleep too; we are both walking zombies, and our little girl needs to sleep too.
    So my question is, how long will the success last?? And do we need to keep engaging sleep consultants or do they teach us some methods that will help us later on too, to get our baby to sleep? We have always been consistent and do all the things you recommend in your 5 step guide but we have problems with EMW and our little girl still feeds at night so I never get more than 3 hrs sleep in one hit…

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