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Do you want more sleep?   Yes! I need more sleep.

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  1. Lidia says:

    I am happy i am a stay home mom, so i can see him grow, but it’s sure not easu for me. My son just turned 1 and stiil waking up at night every 2 hours9beore it was every hour), I don.t nap with him during the day,( too many things to do), and taking courses to finish my beachelor degree. My husband goes to work and does not wake up at night unless i am going banana. So i go to sleep at midnight , wake up evrey 2 hours at night ,and get upt at 8. at night i have to rock my baby to slepp, i am a nervous break down, he doesn’t want to play alone, i always have to be in the room with him, i can noy yake im with me around the house becasue he is very agitated and just do unexpected think which is very hard for me to handle since i am sio exhausted. I am lucky to be able some days just to eat on time and take showrs. Plus my husband wasn’t so shy in telling me that i\m useless, not doing anythin but “just taking care of our son”. We almost got divorced and may still get one .So , i think that it ‘s not easier for anybody, it depends from case to case.

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