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  1. Ceela: I completely disagree with what you posted and took offense. That is BS about “working” mom’s having two jobs and SAHM’s only having one. Fully-EMPLOYED Moms work 8-12 hours at the job with a LUNCH BREAK, while SAHM’s work 24 HOURS a DAY and are lucky to shower and eat a meal.

    Alli: I COMPLETELY agree with your post. SAHM’s are COMPLETELY underappreciated, as evidenced by posts from people like Ceela. All of those people who think you just lounge around all day should take care of your baby for an entire week BY THEMSELVES 24/7 WITHOUT A BREAK and let’s hear their comments then.

  2. After being a 12-year corporate ladder climber, I never in a million years thought I would be a SAHM, but 3 months later, here I am. I do think it’s easier to sleep train a baby if you’re home with them full time, but I definitely do NOT think it’s easier to be at home than fully-employed. I am grateful to have a choice in this matter, especially when I get to see my little boy’s sweet smile each morning. I personally think which option is harder depends on your personality type. I have other extremely career-oriented friends who loved their children, but could not stand being at home full time. They were more extroverted and missed all of the daily adult interaction. I am (fortunately) more introverted, so I find plenty to read and research for mental stimulation, and don’t mind less frequent social interactions. As for the SAHM’s whose working husbands do not get up at night, go away for just one weekend and let your husband take care of the baby COMPLETELY on his own. I had my husband do this just one time, and he now TOTALLY understands that SAHM’s work just as hard as any fully-employed person!! He gets up in the night with me now! 🙂

  3. I see moms that work and have their baby’s with them is also finding hard like me to balance your time at work and time with your child, i also feel gulty, but al least they are with you!! That time spend with my son is priceless, u get to see the milestones… i try and do different activity through the day with him, it also gives me a break from work. .at the moment i am finding it hard to cope… i am depressed, Money is a problem, so we cant get him into a daycare, i know i have to be strong, its not easy,

  4. My husband and I both work full-time. I honestly wish I could go down to part-time but financially, that’s not possible for us at the moment. Like someone else had said, working moms have to shove a whole lot of stuff in that little amount of time once we get off work. Usually it’s a blur of cleaning, cooking, rushing to practices, grocery shopping, you get my drift. And most of the time, work is often so busy, it’s hard to catch a break (pumping whenever I can because I bf) and is extremely stressful. I’m often exhausted by the time I get home.And weekends are for me to catch up on laundry and any cleaning, it feels as if there’s never any down-time or end…. So I feel like SAHMs have one full time job, and working moms have two. We still have to do all the work a SAHM does, just usually in a smaller time span.

  5. I admittedly started scanning the comments toward the end but I was curious to read the comments from other WAHMs. My son is four months old and I own a business I run from home. So far I see it as “the best and worst of both worlds.” I get to see him all day and share in his new achievements, but I am also exhausted at never having down time. I feel guilty if I work when he is awake (which, I’m on the “Baby Sleep Site” so, ya know) and I feel stressed that I’m not working hard enough to build my business.

    Any other WAHMs care to comment?

  6. This was a great post. I have worked hard all my life and been very accomplished at my career. When we decided to have a baby I was excited to stay home and be a stay at home mom. Now that I’m 5 months into it I can’t help but wish that I had a job to go back to. I love being home with my baby but it is hard because I feel like I am the one to do everything when it comes to our daughter. My husband will help but sometimes he has excuses like I’m too tired, I have to work in the morning, or I had a hard day I just want to relax. When I hear those things I want to say I’m exhausted all the time, I would love some me time to relax, and I do work basically 24/7. It’s hard because people don’t seem to understand how difficult it can be to be a stay at home mom. At least in my family they seem to assume that I lounge around all day and do nothing…ha so far from the truth. However, the hardest part I have found is that I miss getting recognition for doing a good job. When I was teaching I won awards or got new repsonsibilities and everyone was so proud. Now that I stay at home people seem to think I need to recognition for the job I’m doing. That’s one of the hardest parts about stay home that I’m dealing with. Hopefully, things will get better but I agree with most of these stay at home mom posts; it’s extremely difficult yet rewarding being the one to take care of baby.

  7. In addition to my comment, I also applaud all the working moms who take all the extra time to pump in order to provide breast milk for their babies. That is not easy.

  8. I am a stay at home mom and wouldn’t have it any other way. But, I do strongly agree that there are difficulties to each job in their own way. When it comes to sleep, I feel as though I have the upper hand. I am able to read his sleepy ques and get him to bed on time so as to avoid over tiredness. Being at home, I KNOW how much sleep he really received and the quality of that sleep. And if it was a day full of errands or play dates where naps were in the car seat (not good quality), I know that he needs an earlier than usual bedtime that night in order to keep him well rested. My son is also at that age where the only place he gets GOOD sleep is in his bed. Whenever he sleeps in a pack n play somewhere else it ends up leading to shorter naps and increased night waking.

    When it comes to baby’s sleep as a SAHM, I feel that we might have it a little easier in that we have a better sense of the days naps and how to correct that with adjusting bedtime. If I were to pick him up from daycare, I wouldn’t be 100% sure how much sleep he got that day or the quality of that sleep. I can only take the caretakers word for it.

    I do not think being a SAHM is in anyway easy. If he naps, I do laundry, dishes, house cleaning. When he is awake, we play, run errands, and eat. And I especially miss adult conversation! Although it can be very hard being home, there is no money in the world that would get me to trade places with a working mom. My hat is off to them. I can only imagine how hard it is to drop your baby off to be cared for by someone else and not see those milestones, smiles, and giggles. And to pick them up only to get home and start the bedtime routine. I see how little my husband gets to see of our son (about 2-3 hours a day, 1 hr in the am and 1 hr in the pm) and to imagine myself only seeing him that much breaks my heart.

  9. Here is on for u, i am a working mom and i take my 16 month old son with me to work, its hard some day, but i get to see him everyday, i do still breastfeed. I can see both sides of the story, some moms are just cut out to stay at home , others just doesn’t have a choose. Its hard some times for me, my husband doesn’t always get it, i am with my son 24/7, i am the one getting up at night, the teething times are the hardest, and i am down right nasty, when i don’t get my sleep in!When I get home, I start with supper and keep everyone happy! I also get tired, and he doesn’t seem to Understand

    But the best thing is of all our moms, is that we all get our strengths some where, even if it is in the darkest days………. No MATTER WHAT WE ALL SUPER MOMS!

  10. Hi there, I’m a stay-at-home mom caring for my 11.5 month old daughter. In some ways sleep training is easier when you’re at home and its working out well, but when its not it can be rough – imagine doing housework/cooking and taking care of a cranky, not-sleeping-well baby! And I don’t get sick days so I’ve to take extra care of my health or just hope for the best! That being said, even though I sometimes wish I was the one heading out for the day instead of my husband, I am enjoying seeing first-hand all the amazing developmental milestones my daughter’s achieved so far. And as she grows older we are developing our own special relationship as mother-daughter, and all that time together each day is a blessing. I may miss working on my career, but I don’t really miss working life – I live in my office, after all!