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Do you want more sleep?   Yes! I need more sleep.

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  1. Yvette says:

    It’s amazing how much our toddler has taught us….more than anything, sleep training (or trying to!!) has certainly taught us to ‘dig deep’ !

  2. Jackson says:

    H’mm so its immazination right. The first thing I see about my daughter who is about 1 and a half is the focus and attention she has on every little thing I point to as say them out loud what they are and trying to get her familiarize with them especially objects or dolls. The amazing thing is their expectation of me do the same thing I do with them. For instance, my baby just love me reading bible scriptures to her in the morning. Infact she points to the wall where the scripture is pinned. However, there are certain acts, or words, or gestures that makes her suggest that it is time to read the the scripture and therefore she points to the scripture on the wall with a little baby murmuring so I know its time.

  3. Sara says:

    My 26-month-old has started to do some serious toddler stuff lately. The imagination is totally kicking in; he is able to remember and retell about events and activities from days and weeks ago, and the commitment is really forming now. The thing that has been really hitting me this week, though, is the tantruming. He’s getting overtired and breaking down at bedtime, with full on flailing and screaming. I’m trying to keep things consistent, but after over two years of broken sleep (he wakes up usually once a night, and if he goes back to sleep it’s fine, but since he was 7 months old, it’s often meant 2 hours or more of trying to get him to sleep), I don’t always have the energy…

  4. Rima says:

    so true!! especially about the imagination part. i recently hurt my back so now i can’t bounce my 17-month-old to sleep. i have to put him on my lap in the rocking chair and just bounce my legs. i’m amazed at how well he has adapted and hope to use this as a step in fading *me* out of the sleep equation. Laying on my lap is closer to laying in his crib than holding him was, so this could be progress!!

    • Nicole says:

      @Rima Oh wow! I hope your back feels better, soon, but hopefully some good will come out of it and help your 17-month old learn to sleep without “needing” to be bounced on your lap. Good luck and thanks for sharing!

      @Sara Oh I am familiar with the meltdown at bedtime. 🙁 I’d try to bump bedtime about 30 minutes earlier and see if that helps. When some toddlers are TOO tired at bedtime, their behavior goes out the window. Hang in there!! Thanks for commenting.

      @Jackson Yes!! Toddlers are sooo repetitive and sometimes you do something one day and then it becomes the routine every day. It’s amazing! And, so fun. Thanks for commenting.

      @Yvette I hear ya!! I never appreciated sleep as much as I do now! 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

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