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  1. Judith says

    I tried the baby steps method, my son was having none of it. If I wasn’t within an inch of him he would just cry. No matter what I did he would cry. I eventually gave up and put him in his bed, left the door open and sat in the next room. He cried for an hour the first night, 30 minutes the next, 15 the next, less than 10 the next, continually cutting the time in half every day until he fell asleep without crying at all. He knew if he wanted water I would get it for him but he was to sleep on his own. He has been fine since. He gives me hugs and kisses before he climbs in his toddler bed every night, puts a thumb in his mouth and cuddles with his blanket until he falls asleep. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and let them learn the hard way.

    • Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says

      Hi @Judith – Thanks for sharing what worked for you! We’re happy to hear that things went well and we thank you again for visiting!

  2. Kk says

    I do not think Jo ever says that being soft or taking baby steps is going to harm the kids. But I’ve gone from co sleeping to following the cry it out method because taking baby steps were EXHAUSTING and took way longer. In the episode you are referring to, the kid cries something like 45 min the first night. 10 the second… instant results. And it’s not like the boy is scarred in the morning or feels like mommy abandoned him, babes move on. If the kids wake up in the night, give a kiss tell them it’s ok and continue with the cry it out method. It is simply faster and way less exhausting. If it’s too emotional for mom / dad then take your time, but it’s just going to TAKE LONGER. I cried the first 3 nights of the cry it out, and EVERY TIME I watch it on super Nanny, but I’m glad I eventually went with the cry it out method. My 3 year old sleeps through the night now, ever since since he was 18mo. Every once in awhile I want to cuddle and I may fall asleep beside him, no one says this is bad or harmful or unhealthy, and I know I can go on putting him to bed on his own the next night. If co sleeping works for you, keep with it, but if you ask me I need my sleep to make it through the day, and the longer you go on that way the harder it will be to break.

    • Janelle Reid says

      Hi @Kk – thanks for writing! Yes, it is important for every parent to find what works for them and what works for the child, and I’m glad you found what worked so well for you and your son. Thanks for sharing!