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  1. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Kendra – sorry to hear things are out of whack for you and your little guy! Have you just had a busy couple of weeks? That’s what always does it to us — we get busy with our myriad activities, and before I know it, I have two exhausted boys on my hands.

    Thanks for commenting, Kendra!

    @ Lauren – you’re right in thinking that 27 months is still a bit early for no more naps. To be honest, my daughter (who’s the same age) does this, too; she’ll sometimes not nap at all, or she won’t fall asleep until an hour (or more) after I put her down. However, I’m treating this as more of a regression, and less as a sign that she’s ready to transition. I’m also bumping her bedtime back by half an hour (used to be 7, now it’s more like 7:30) in an effort to make sure she gets that nap in the next day .

    Thanks for commenting, Lauren! 🙂

    @ Kendra – 6 or 6.5 hours doesn’t seem off to me; as Nicole mentions in her note, her son needed 7! Granted, some toddlers will continue to need more sleep until they’re preschoolers, but others will be able to make do with less daytime sleep at an earlier age.

    Hope this helps!

    @ Jane – yep! I think it’s key to read your toddler’s tiredness cues, and to act on them. I know my middle son’s tiredness signs so, so well, and as soon as I see them (glassy-eyed staring, not talking much, crying at the drop of a hat) I hustle him off to bed for a nap. Even a short, 45 minute nap makes a world of difference for him! Good advice; thanks for sharing it! 🙂

  2. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Shae – I would say this isn’t a problem unless it’s a problem for you. If she seems content to lie there and talk to herself, and you don’t mind it, then it’s not something you necessarily need to fix. However, if you want her to fall asleep faster, then you may want to consider shortening that nap, or perhaps trying to make it a bit earlier in the day, so that she has more awake time before bed. Of course, moving it affects the amount of wake time between when she wakes in the morning and when she goes down for a nap, so…use your judgment there 🙂

    Thanks for commenting, Shae!

    @ Jane – sounds like you have a scenario that works well! And I agree; it’s nice when napping can be flexible. My daughter (who’s my youngest) is getting there; she’s 2 years 3 months, and I’ve found that I can move her naptime around (make it earlier when necessary, push it late when necessary) and it’s okay. That extra flexibility is great 🙂

    Thanks for commenting, Jane!

    @ Sara – it probably will. And as he grows, he’ll have more and more no nap days, too. I think this plan is a good one; just be prepared to do this for awhile! I honestly think my 4. 5 year old would still be napping here and there if he hadn’t started a full-day, Monday-Friday preschool program.

    Thanks for sharing a bit about your experience, Sara! 🙂

    @ Kendra Byrne – glad this article was timely for you! And yes, I sympathize; nothing makes my kids melt down faster than over tiredness. It will get better, though. This transition can be long, yes, but over time, she’ll be able to go more and more days without a nap. Hang in there! 😉

    Thanks for commemting, Kendra!

  3. Jane says

    My advice is to definitely keep trying the naps – or if you stop them don’t hesitate to try again if he/she needs them. We thought we were done with our daughter’s around 2 1/2, but then she started them again and has been taking them all summer. Her schedule is: 6am wake (this would probably be later, but little brother is not quiet and typically wakes her up when he gets up), nap at 1pm or 2pm for 1 1/2-2 hours, bed at 8pm or 9pm depending on how tired she seems. If she does not nap she is in bed at 7pm. She was 3 in May.

  4. Kendra says

    What I’m kind of curious about is average wake times for 2.5 year olds. I saw somewhere to shoot for 5 hours for toddlers, but I know my son needs at least a little more than that, and it would seem (from previous posters) that he’s not the only one. He averages 6hours for morning wake time and about 6.4 for afternoon. How far on or off does that seem?

  5. Lauren says

    I am wondering if we are headed for this! I was hoping to get a few more months since he is only 27 and half months. He has been taking a long time to fall asleep at nap and bedtime. Naps are starting between 2 and 2:30 (used to be 1:30/1:45) and bedtime is getting as late as 9/9:30 and occasionally he is still up there awake when I go to bed at 10!!! Any suggestions for hanging on to the nap for a few more months?

  6. Kendra says

    My 28month old son is actually taking a nap today, but he is kind of hit-or-miss lately. I’m blaming it on being farther off of our routine than normal the past few weeks. I felt like I had a very good groove a month ago, and then these past 3 weeks have just been all over the place. Long latency to sleep, average 12.3hrs in a 24 going to about 11.4hrs (sadface). Yesterday I tried for 3 hours to get him to nap and he refused, but he was Meltdown Man all afternoon and went to bed quickly at 7:15 (followed by a night full of wakings). We’re off at the moment… hate that feeling of not really knowing what his timing should be like anymore. Where’s that groove I had?? I’m hanging on to naptime for dear life. I’m hoping we’ll get back on track soon if I just stay consistent.

  7. Kendra Byrne says

    The timing of this blog is right in cue for us. My nearly 3 year old has decided that naps are for wimps, but can get tired and cranky when she misses one. It’s tough to ‘play things by ear’ when the routine has been so successful. Grinning and bearing it and trying to be sympathetic when she does have a meltdown… But it’s hard when you know a nap would have stopped that!

  8. Sara says

    We’re in the midst of this with my first who is almost 3. He is awful if woken from a nap before 1.5 hrs and can’t handle no nap days every day so he now he’s two no nap days with a 5.30-6pm bedtime and on nap days it’s closer to 7.30-8 pm. He’s a very active boy so he needs his rest. I’m hoping this approach of no nap days vs nap days continues to work for him until it’s gone alltogether

  9. Jane says

    Around 2 1/2 years our daughter was really fighting her naps and she was doing okay skipping them here and there. We got to a point that we didn’t really try them anymore. However, around 3 years old she started taking them again. She falls right asleep for nap and her bedtime has been pushed to 8 or 9, but she is much more pleasant in the evening. I like the time that she and our 12 month old are napping the afternoon, so we are keeping them going. 🙂 It is nice that she can miss them for special events every now and then.

  10. Shae says

    We are really going through this right now! Our 2 1/2 year old takes great naps. Falls asleep right away after being awake for 6 hours. Lately the nap has been shorter and shorter, but bedtime has been a struggle for while. She gets up to go to the bathroom, get a drink, and then will talk to herself for an hour before finally falling asleep. Is this even a problem? For the most part she is in her room and in her bed, I just would like some quiet time just for me and I am constantly listening for her in case she needs to use the bathroom. Is there a way to cut down on the amount of time she takes to fall asleep?