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The most important thing we recognize here at The Baby Sleep Site® is that no parent and no child are exactly the same. Your baby might love naps but refuse to sleep for longer than a few hours at night. Baby Temperament and SleepYour toddler might be the exact opposite; refusing to close her eyes during the daylight hours only to sleep well beyond her wake-up call the next morning. And, of course, your situation is unique, too. Whether you’re a busy working parent or a stay-at-home mom who relies on online support groups to get through the day, the way you parent and the way you react to your child’s sleep schedule are as unique as you are.

Of course, the second most important thing we recognize is that everyone – babies, toddlers, and parents – should be getting some of that hard-earned sleep! That’s why the Members Area provides access to everything you need to successfully integrate healthy, happy sleep schedules into your lifestyle. This comprehensive service has everything you need to create a customized plan for you and your family. It can be used in conjunction with your personalized sleep consultations or as your own private resource for sleep solutions.

What is the Members Area?

The Member’s Area is the only membership web site created specifically for parents to help their children sleep better. It’s also the only program that offers such a wide range of options for parents anywhere on the sleep solution journey. After all, no one knows better than we do that the path to better sleep is rarely a straight, flat line. There are twists, turns, hills, forks in the road, and even an occasional booby trap!

It doesn’t matter if you’re exploring sleep schedules for the first time, or if you’re simply looking for resources to support an existing sleep plan. We provide the guidance you need to reach your day and nighttime sleep goals – no matter how long it takes to get there.

For first-time parents or those struggling with sleep patterns and habits in a second, third, or even fourth child, we offer resources to:

  • Learn more about the nature of sleep,
  • Break undesirable sleep associations,
  • Enhance nap quality, or
  • Start stabilizing your child’s energy levels throughout the day, through the use of your unlimited access to e-Book content and members-only articles.

“Hi Nicole,

I’ve been meaning to email you to say THANK YOU. I joined your Members Area and went to one of your weekly online chats. I applied the suggestions you gave me and it’s working beautifully! I can’t believe that such a simple change made a huge difference in my baby’s mood. His crying has diminished to almost zero and that’s a relief that has no prize. Even better, when I put him down for his naps he turns with a happy smile on his face. That’s so wonderful. I don’t have the anguish or stress associated with his naps, thanks to your simple, but amazingly effective advice.

I also wanted to share that we’re not co-sleeping anymore and it went way better than expected. I was committed to the plan you help me put together but there was no need to follow the plan as he did awesome from day one. There is zero crying and he’s waking for 1-2 feedings instead of the 3-4 times when we were sleeping together. It took me more time to adjust than it did to him! The first few nights I was up almost all night anticipating the usual awakenings that never happened.

Thank you for encouraging me in taking this step towards a better rested family. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
-Margarita, Pensacola, FL

If you’ve already started integrating sleep theory into your parenting technique and are looking for advanced resources, including:

  • More structure to your day,
  • A personalized assessment of your child’s sleep patterns,
  • Real-life case studies of tried-and-true parenting techniques,
  • Long-term sleep solutions for more than one child, or
  • Guidance on weaning and other sleep milestones,

Our full range of assessment quizzes, do-it-yourself tutorials, The 3-Step System to Help Your Baby Sleep, Mastering Naps & Schedules, The 5-Step System to Better Toddler Sleep, Essential Keys to Your Newborn’s Sleep, and Shift Your Child’s Schedule, are all included in all Members Area subscriptions.

For parents who prefer the support of an online network, the Member’s Area offers the opportunity to talk with other parents and with our sleep specialists. You can access:

  • New tele-seminars offered quarterly,
  • Archived tele-seminars,
  • Question and Answer sessions,
  • Access to the members-only chat room,
  • Ongoing peer support,
  • Expert weekly advice offered online, and
  • The option to purchase one-on-one sleep consultation sessions via phone or email at a 20% discount! Depending on the package, this alone pays for the membership!

Many of these options are offered 24 hours/day, allowing you to further personalize your access to this information.

For a truly unique experience, the Members Area also covers niche sleep challenges that allow you to access resources particular to your situation. If you’re interested specifically in:

  • Night-weaning,
  • Sleep options for parents of multiples,
  • Newborn sleep and feeding,
  • No-cry sleep solutions,
  • Maintaining sleep schedules across different caregivers,
  • Sleep schedules during travel, or
  • Transitioning sleep schedules

Our e-Books and resources provide more specialized solutions and options using the same comprehensive approach.

Cassidie2I am so glad that I found Nicole’s website and decided to join the Members Area. We have been dealing with a lot of sleep issues with my 11 month old daughter from the beginning including night waking, extremely early rising, rough naps, and over-tiredness. I had spoken with the doctor numerous times and had read almost every book out there on sleep- some multiple times. Still nothing seemed to work or make complete sense. Then, I joined the Members Area and read all three of Nicole’s books. They were all specific, straight-forward, and to the point. I found all of the information in the Members Area- the books, the case studies and the tele-seminars to be so much better than anything I had read or been told before. On top of all that, Nicole has gone the extra mile to help me with my specific questions in the Members Area Chat Room. Since becoming a member, I have witnessed several miracles taking place in my baby’s sleep and mood. Joining the Members Area at The Baby Sleep Site® has exceeded all of my expectations and has been worth every penny.
-Cassidie, Georgia

Affordable Sleep Solutions Made Easy!

If you’ve been considering any of the e-Books or resources offered here at The Baby Sleep Site®, the Members Area is a great place to start. No other package is as comprehensive as this one, and it’s been designed with easy use and affordability in mind. In fact, for as little as $7.08 per month, you get access to the full range of eBooks, articles, and online support options we offer, including projects still under development!
Members have unlimited access to our entire library of baby and toddler sleep e-Books (that’s over $165 of e-Book material!) The best part? When you access our e-Books through the Members Area, they become interactive. Ever wished, while reading a book on sleep, that you could ask the author a question? Well, as a member, you can! Simply leave a comment or question on any e-Book page, and one of our expert sleep consultants will reply.

Titles you will enjoy include:

  • Essential Keys to Your Newborn’s Sleep
  • The 3-Step System to Help Your Baby Sleep
  • Mastering Naps & Schedules
  • The 5-Step System to Better Toddler Sleep

Articles and Resources
The Baby Sleep Site Members Area offers a wide variety of resources, including:

  • Members-only articles
  • Assessment quizzes
  • Real-life case studies, including Sleep Coaching Twins with No Crying!
  • Do-it-yourself tutorials, including a workbook to create your own sleep plan!
  • Additional resources on the web
  • Downloads to help support you and your family

Expert Advice and Support
Take advantage of strong peer support, as well as weekly support from one of our expert sleep consultants! Members enjoy a Members-only chat room with weekly advice from an expert sleep consultant and 24×7 peer support.

20% Members-Only Discount on Consultation Packages
All members are entitled to a 20% discount on any of our sleep consultation packages. This amounts to significant savings, and (depending on which consultation package you choose) can more than make up for the cost of membership!

For example, our most popular sleep consulting package – The Deluxe E-Mail package – is regularly priced at $175, but members pay just $140. That’s a savings of $35!

For further flexibility, we offer multiple pricing options. Choose which one fits you best and start accessing the full range of The Baby Sleep Site® resources today!

$35 Three-Month Membership
That’s just $11.67 per month!

– or –

$55 Six-Month Membership
That’s just $9.17 $5.83 per month!

– or –

$85 12-Month Membership
That’s just $7.08 per month!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If after joining our membership site, you are not completely satisfied with the information, tools and resources it provides, you may request a 100% refund within 30 days from the day you join. Simply send us a note by contacting us, and we will issue you an instant refund.


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Keagan“I tried sleep training when my son was 8 months old and it was horrible. I researched all the sleep training methods before, had bought books on the subject and even attended a sleep training consultation – whose method sounded so terrible to me that I just decided to not even try it. The way your e-Book is put together made all the difference. The way you explained sleep training and your understanding and compassion put it all into perspective for me. I felt like I had finally found someone who actually understood what I was going through! It was like you wrote the book just for me. When I read it, I actually cried from relief. It sounds so cliché, but your help has changed my life. I feel like a new person. I am finally in control of my life again and I feel like I can now be the mother to my child that he deserves. I am still working on the naps, although they are much better already too. So I will remain a loyal reader to your site and refer all my mommy friends to you!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH.”
-Charlotte, South Africa, Johannesburg

Marcos“My husband and I were coming towards the end of our rope!! Our beautiful son Marcos had trouble STAYING asleep since birth, and after 8 grueling months of waking up as many as 15 times a night, we finally decided we couldn´t take it anymore. Then we found Nicole. She has been a GODSEND to our family, helping us with step by step advice that is well researched, nurturing and proven effective. She gave us a method that worked for our family, and encouraged us to stay the course. Anytime we needed her help throughout the process, she was ALWAYS right there. Our son is sleeping 12 hours a night now, EVERY NIGHT, and takes 3 naps a day, each over an hour long. Before Nicole, we were lucky if we got 20 minutes!! We cannot EVER thank her enough for her professionalism, knowledge and compassion. Don´t think about this twice, reach out to Nicole….YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE!”
-Carolina, Juan and Baby Marcos, Norwalk, Connecticut

emily_kiyo_2“When I met Nicole my son was 16 months old. I tried to have my son “cry it out” 3 different times. It just wasn’t working! He was an extremely colicky baby and had a lot of health issues so I held him all the time. He would only nap with me holding him and would start off in his crib at night but would wake up about 6 or 7 times before midnight. I read numerous books, talked with many people including his pediatrician but no one could help me. I was at my wits end and it was affecting all aspects of my life. My husband found Nicole. She has changed our lives! She created a plan that started working within 2 days. She knew exactly what I was going through. All those months I felt so alone but not after working with Nicole. She was in tuned with me and my son. I learned so much from her not only about sleep habits but also temperaments. I started to realize my son is a spirited boy but I didn’t know how much that affected his sleep.

emily_kiyo_4I needed a different approach and Nicole developed it to a tee! I can’t begin to tell you how grateful my husband and I are for her! My son transitioned to 1 nap (in the crib) and sleeps 12 hours at night (in the crib). He wakes up occasionally but soothes himself back to sleep. He even wakes up happy now not crying! I feel much better knowing I can contact Nicole for advice for years to come. Her sleep consulting packages are very affordable and her website has so much good information. She has a wealth of knowledge and is willing to share it. We can’t thank you enough Nicole! You are such a blessing!”
-Emily, Rancho Cordova, CA

Isis“I wish I could just have you in front of me so that I can hug you!!! My daughter has always been a terrible sleeper, she is now 2.5 years old and was getting worst by the minute. Yes she’s 2.5, I haven’t slept since she was born. I got rid of the crib when she was about 20 months thinking that getting her a toddler bed would help her sleep, then after her second birthday we got her a new bedroom set with a big girls bed. We just thought that she would grow out of it, so every night was a constant battle with her. So my husband and I would bring her into our bed, so we could at least get a few hours of sleep. To make a very long story short, I purchased your book on Monday, and yesterday (2 days later) I decided to go cold turkey. No more sleep props, we got rid of the pacifier. I told her that her friend was a baby and she didn’t have any so we had to give them to her.

I bathed her at 7:30pm and after our ‘new bedtime routine’ I put her to bed at 8:15pm. It took her a while but after 30 minutes she was sleeping, I was in complete shock. My husband looked at me and tells me, so now what do we do??? Imagine she had always gone to sleep at the time we would go to bed, at around 10:30 or 11:00. I just told him, ‘I don’t know what you’re going to do, but I’m going to catch up on my sleep!’

She woke up at 11:00pm, full of energy and asking me if we could go outside, but I repeated the same steps. And after awhile she was sound asleep. And slept until 8:00am, alone in her bed.

I am so thankful for your book…we will continue our routine everyday and I’ll keep you posted, but I just had to let people know that even after one day after you read the book, you’ll feel much more confident in tackling our child’s sleep issues.
-Isis and Mike, Miami, FL

P.S. Remember, your satisfaction is guaranteed, so there is no reason not to start getting better sleep, today!

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