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The Baby Sleep Site - Proven Holistic Sleep Solutions

Proven Holistic Sleep Solutions

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As a parent, it can be overwhelming to experience the innumerable curveballs coming from every side! And the worst is when you are unable to get, heck even think of, a good night’s sleep. One night after the other, waking up multiple times helping your baby sleep, getting yourself back to sleep can start taking a toll on your body, and your mind. After all, you can only handle so much pressure. Thankfully, relief is right around the corner! At The Baby Sleep Site, we have experienced baby sleep consultants available now who can create a Personalized Sleep Plan for your little one. Every household has unique factors to consider for optimal sleep, and you are not alone: 500,000 parents just like you visit our site each and every month.

You can count on us to respect your wishes and to develop healthy sleep habits for your child with a structure that best suits your lifestyle. Let’s talk about your interest in newborn sleep training today.

So, prepare to say goodbye to sleep deprivation, and hello to a happy, healthy child who has mastered sleeping through the night!

Strengthen Your Village with a Baby Sleep Expert

Sometimes, it does indeed take a village to help your baby sleep and to get some rest yourself…and that’s precisely who we are! Consider our infant sleep consultant a virtual extension of your “village.” First, here is just a glance at what it’s like in this village each and every day.

We are your baby sleep coach, and we offer a Personalized Sleep Plan designed by a experienced baby sleep consultant that builds around your parenting style in accordance with your needs, and more importantly in line with your newborn or toddler’s temperament.

Our infant and toddler sleep consulting approach is built around your needs, your parenting style, and your child’s temperament

You choose the most effective way for us to work together: emails, phone calls, video conferences, text messages, or online chat all work well for collaborating on newborn sleep training

Baby sleep consultations should be readily available and affordable. This is why we offer everything from free resources to one-on-one support.

Founded in 2008, The Baby Sleep Site is a baby sleep consultant market leader with a half million email subscribers, hundreds of thousands of Social Media followers and over 45,000 sleep graduates

We are invited into new villages every day and can’t wait to meet yours!

The Baby Sleep Site - a Gentler, Kinder Approach to Healthy Sleep
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We help families every day with these common issues:

Frequent Night-Waking and Early Waking

Short Naps

Sleep Regressions

Night Weaning

Schedule and Nap Transitions

Transition to Crib or Bed

Children in Daycare

Continuing to Breastfeed While Improving Sleep

Balancing solid foods, breastmilk/formula, and sleep

We also help with…

Sleep Coaching While Continuing to Bed-Share

Transitioning Children to Their Own Bed After Long-Term Co-Sleeping

Multiple Caretakers and/or Homes

Children Refusing to Eat During the Day, Eating Mostly at Night

Extended Room Sharing and Small Homes

Preschool and School-Aged Children

Travel and sleep


Before finding The Baby Sleep Site, I was stuck in frustration and confusion on what way was best, how to implement sleep training successfully, and honestly, listening to everyone around me who didn’t have sleep problems thinking “Where did I go wrong?” The Baby Sleep Site assured me that I was a good mom but my daughter’s temperament was more sensitive than other children’s; not a bad thing, just needing a different approach! It was refreshing to hear that and to implement a plan that ACTUALLY WORKED.We have had wonderful success with the sleep plan that you gave us! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Brynlee has been going to sleep like a champ and also taking naps every day!! It is amazing!! Thank you again and I really appreciate how much you have helped our family!! It has given us our evenings back and we could not be more grateful!


Kiersten, Ohio, USA

Your advice and feedback worked WONDERS! Our little Sammie took a few weeks to adjust but just as you suspected, once that 3rd nap was dropped her naps did a 180! Each of her 2 naps range between 1 hour and 1.5 hours and are happening like clockwork now! She is no longer fighting them and she seems well rested, is ready to play and chat the day away upon waking up! So THANK YOU again! I’m so happy I made this investment and really appreciate your kind words. I was a little nervous that sleep training was going to leave me feeling inadequate as a mother and like I wasted money, but it was just the opposite; I felt very empowered and felt this was well worth the investment! I’m very grateful that I found this site! Thanks again! Now I’m off to bed myself:)


Annie, MN, USA

I feel like I owe you an apology for doubting your mastery in turning an insomniac child into a sleeping angel. Guess what? He just went to sleep on his own in 5 minutes with hardly any tears at all!! Last night was much better. He slept from 7 until 1.30 and when he woke at 4 he managed to go back to sleep on his own after 25 minutes. It’s interesting that you were saying I was effectively holding him back (in a more polite way of course). Anyway, I just wanted to share an update and say a big thank you. I’ll keep you updated though and if I have another baby I am definitely buying a preventative sleep plan at 4 months to prevent this from happening again!!


Melissa, United Kingdom of GB & NI

Hi Nicole,

I just wanted to thank you for all the advice you sent my way. Matthew is now fully night-weaned and life in our house is very different. The day after he slept through the night the first time he suddenly emerged as an intelligent, adorable, independent little boy. This is a far cry from the clingy, needy person he was just 4 days ago. You made a huge difference in my life – thank you so very much.


Tanja, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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