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Are you looking for baby sleep books to solve your baby’s sleep problems? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Because, if you’re like most parents, getting your baby or toddler to sleep through the night is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning, the last thing you think of when you go to bed at night, and certainly the most rational thought you have as you wake up several times throughout the night to attend to your little ones sleep time struggles. Yet even the best of intentions fail when you find yourself faced with tears, frustration, and just plain exhaustion (both your child’s AND your own!).

Regardless of whether you are a first-time parent or a veteran parent who simply forgot how difficult bedtime can be, getting babies to sleep (and getting them to stay there) continues to be one of the biggest challenges we all face in creating happy, healthy sleeping routines. This is true even for parents who are juggling sleeping habits for several children all at once, as well as those whose older children were blessed with the gift of sleep and are suddenly back in the shoes of a struggling newbie.

Newborn Bundle:
Essential Keys to Your Newborn’s Sleep
(0-4 months)

Essential Keys to Your Newborn’s Sleep

Learn in the e-Book

…4 essential keys to help your newborn sleep

…sample newborn schedules

…gentle strategies to help baby sleep

…how to create a routine

…how and when to stop swaddling

…the meaning of different cries and colic

…bonding and communicating with your newborn

…how to help your newborn with day/night confusion

…feeding tips

…managing twins and multiples

…and more!


Newborns to 6-Month-Olds: Getting Started On The Right Foot, an audio course by founder/author, Nicole Johnson ($25 Value)

Establishing Healthy Sleep Habits In Your Newborn, an audio course by founder/author, Nicole Johnson ($25 Value)

Baby Bundle:
The 3-Step System to Help Your Baby Sleep
(3-11 months)

Baby Bundle: The 3-Step System to Help Your Baby Sleep

Learn in the e-Book

…why your baby wakes at night

…your baby’s ideal bedtime

…how to help your baby sleep through the night

…how to make your own sleep plan + workbook

…how to help your baby sleep later in the morning

…how to night wean

…how to stop co-sleeping (if you want to)

…sample infant sleep and feeding schedules by age


Newborn to 6-month Instructional Audio Course with Nicole Johnson ($25 Value)

Sleep Coaching Audio Crash Course ($25 Value)

No-Cry Method Family Case Study ($25 Value)

Night Weaning Audio Course ($25 Value)

How to Create a Personal Sleep Plan Instructional Audio Course + Workbook ($50 Value)

And More!

Naps Bundle:
Mastering Naps & Schedules
(4 months to 3 years)

Mastering Naps & Schedule

Learn in the e-Book

…over 40 sample schedules

…awake time by age

…how much your baby should be napping

…when and how to work on naps

…how to get longer naps

…how to get your baby on a schedule

…your ideal nap routine

…transitioning from co-sleeping to a crib/bed

…transitioning from crib to a toddler bed

…and more!


Naps & Schedules Audio Course with Nicole Johnson ($25 Value)

No-Cry Family Case Study ($25 Value)

No-Cry Method Family Case Study ($25 Value)

Short Naps Audio Course ($25 Value)

Sleep Regressions Audio Course ($25 Value)

How to Create a Personal Sleep Plan Audio Course + Workbook ($50 Value)

Toddler Bundle:
The 5-Step System to Better Toddler Sleep
(12 months to 4 years)

The 5-Step System to Better Toddler Sleep

Learn in the e-Book

…your toddler’s sleep needs

…why your toddler can fall asleep but not stay asleep

…why your toddler is waking up at night

…toddler-friendly sleep strategies

…how to transition to one nap, and then to none

…how to handle nightmares and night terrors

…how to help your toddler stay in bed

…how to help your toddler wake up later

…potty training, pillows, night lights, and more!


Basics of Toddler Sleep Instructional Audio Course ($25 Value)

Advanced Concepts in Toddler Sleep Instructional Audio Course ($25 Value)

Early Waking and Taming Bedtime Audio Course ($25 Value)

Transitioning Your Child to Daycare or Preschool Audio Course ($25 Value)

The Baby Sleep Site Books Parent Reviews


I tried sleep training when my son was 8 months old and it was horrible. I researched all the sleep training methods before, had bought books on the subject and even attended a sleep training consultation – whose method sounded so terrible to me that I just decided to not even try it. The way your e-Book is put together made all the difference. The way you explained sleep training and your understanding and compassion put it all into perspective for me. I felt like I had finally found someone who actually understood what I was going through! It was like you wrote the book just for me. When I read it, I actually cried from relief. It sounds so cliché, but your help has changed my life. I feel like a new person. I am finally in control of my life again and I feel like I can now be the mother to my child that he deserves. I am still working on the naps, although they are much better already too. So I will remain a loyal reader to your site and refer all my mommy friends to you!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH.

– Charlotte, South Africa, Johannesburg


I purchased your book and it helped a great deal. Our daughter is sleeping well through the night – that actually wasn’t our problem. Nap time was the issue and I was beside myself with anguish over it. Your book was great and your email responses were very helpful. We even took a trip to California and back and the napping routine remained fairly consistent. She falls asleep on her own now without fussing and is sleeping 3-4 hours during the day and 11-12 hours at night. Thank you so much!

– Heather and Jay, Washington, D.C.


My husband and I were coming towards the end of our rope!! … Then we found Nicole. She has been a GODSEND to our family, helping us with step by step advice that is well researched, nurturing and proven effective. She gave us a method that worked for our family, and encouraged us to stay the course. Don´t think about this twice, reach out to Nicole….YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE!

– Carolina, Juan and Baby Marcos, Norwalk, Connecticut


Nicole’s nap e-book has been unbelievably helpful. I have twin girls and I’ve been able to use this book as a resource as my girls have grown and changed. I really like that this book combines the approaches of many well-known sleep books that are out there, and it gives you enough options to figure out what is right for you and your babies. I also like that Nicole offers schedule choices as it shows that she realizes that napping is not ‘one size fits all,’ especially important when you have twins! Now my girls are great nappers, which means that we are all happy and well-rested because we are all getting the break that we need!

– Jen, New York, NY, Mom to Julia and Olivia