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Specializing in Sleep and Feeding Schedules

Specializing in Sleep and Feeding Schedules, Sleep Training Baby, Night Weaning, and More!

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If you long for a good night’s rest, your baby or toddler is waking in the middle of the night, and you are wondering how to get baby to sleep through the night and take longer naps, you are not alone. Tens of thousands of families worldwide visit The Baby Sleep Site each month to find the baby sleep help they need and we’ve been here to help since 2008.

With the help of our trained, expert baby sleep consultants, there is no need to wade through stacks of baby sleep books or to struggle unsuccessfully to help your child sleep. Our team will create a Personalized Sleep Plan that’s guaranteed to help your toddler or baby learn good sleep habits, be put to sleep easier, and stay asleep.

Our team of caring, compassionate baby sleep consultants and toddler sleep experts are at your disposal to ask and answer any questions you may have as you’re sleep training baby such as: What are your goals for your child’s sleep? What can you do RIGHT NOW to help your family sleep better? What sleep training method is right for your baby’s temperament and should you leave the room? How many night feedings are reasonable? Are your expectations realistic? We guarantee you judgment-free, personalized, and holistic support tailored specifically to your child’s personality and your parenting style. A Personalized Sleep Plan®, a detailed guide with specific action steps created just for your family, helps you take the guesswork about what to do next.

Because we know you have a busy schedule, we make it convenient and easy for you to communicate with our baby sleep consultants by offering support in various ways designed to suit just about every situation and budget. Don’t drag yourself through another sleepless night or another bleary-eyed day. Instead, get the sleep help you need right now with The Baby Sleep Site!

Better Sleep as Easy as 1-2-3!


Select a services package to suit your style of communication and desired level of support then receive an e-mail with login credentials and a link to book your phone consultation (if applicable).


Log in to your Sleep Helpdesk account and complete an online questionnaire, and book your phone call (if applicable).


Connect with your dedicated Sleep Consultant, receive your Personalized Sleep Plan®, and implement your plan with help and support along the way.

Sleep Support Packages

In-depth online lifestyle introduction

Personalized Sleep Plan® with a comprehensive holistic analysis, personalized age-based schedule, and day-by-day action plan

Sleep log analysis as needed

Dedicated Expert Sleep Consultant with 10+ Years Experience

Up to 10 comprehensive email conversations within 30 days

1-2 businesss day turnaround


Private 60-minute consultation with senior sleep consultant via phone or Zoom within 30 days ($149 value)

Virtual bedroom assessment ($49 value)

3-month Access to Our VIP Premium Resource Library ($79 value)

Pay safely with any of these options

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Our Promise to Your Family

Sleep deprivation is a bad thing for both you and your baby. At The Baby Sleep Site, we know it can be confusing, intimidating, stressful, and frustrating to establish healthy sleep routines with a little one. When your family works with one of our sleep consultants, you’ll know that you’re not in it alone and that the solutions you’ll be recommended are unique to your family and don’t include dangerous sleeping pills or medications, but rather holistic remedies. We know each family is unique, so we don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach to helping to solve your family’s sleep issue. Our clients also don’t need to be concerned about our sleep treatments as we only recommend safe, holistic, affordable, and effective sleep solutions.

We guarantee our support. We pledge to give you all of the holistic, personalized help that you need for as long as it takes to meet your sleep goals. You’re just a few clicks away and we look forward to serving your family soon!


Before finding The Baby Sleep Site, I was stuck in frustration and confusion on what way was best, how to implement sleep training successfully, and honestly, listening to everyone around me who didn’t have sleep problems thinking “Where did I go wrong?” The Baby Sleep Site assured me that I was a good mom but my daughter’s temperament was more sensitive than other children’s; not a bad thing, just needing a different approach! It was refreshing to hear that and to implement a plan that ACTUALLY WORKED.We have had wonderful success with the sleep plan that you gave us! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Brynlee has been going to sleep like a champ and also taking naps every day!! It is amazing!! Thank you again and I really appreciate how much you have helped our family!! It has given us our evenings back and we could not be more grateful!


Kiersten, Ohio, USA

Your advice and feedback worked WONDERS! Our little Sammie took a few weeks to adjust but just as you suspected, once that 3rd nap was dropped her naps did a 180! Each of her 2 naps range between 1 hour and 1.5 hours and are happening like clockwork now! She is no longer fighting them and she seems well rested, is ready to play and chat the day away upon waking up! So THANK YOU again! I’m so happy I made this investment and really appreciate your kind words. I was a little nervous that sleep training was going to leave me feeling inadequate as a mother and like I wasted money, but it was just the opposite; I felt very empowered and felt this was well worth the investment! I’m very grateful that I found this site! Thanks again! Now I’m off to bed myself:)


Annie, MN, USA

I feel like I owe you an apology for doubting your mastery in turning an insomniac child into a sleeping angel. Guess what? He just went to sleep on his own in 5 minutes with hardly any tears at all!! Last night was much better. He slept from 7 until 1.30 and when he woke at 4 he managed to go back to sleep on his own after 25 minutes. It’s interesting that you were saying I was effectively holding him back (in a more polite way of course). Anyway, I just wanted to share an update and say a big thank you. I’ll keep you updated though and if I have another baby I am definitely buying a preventative sleep plan at 4 months to prevent this from happening again!!


Melissa, United Kingdom of GB & NI

Hi Nicole,

I just wanted to thank you for all the advice you sent my way. Matthew is now fully night-weaned and life in our house is very different. The day after he slept through the night the first time he suddenly emerged as an intelligent, adorable, independent little boy. This is a far cry from the clingy, needy person he was just 4 days ago. You made a huge difference in my life – thank you so very much.


Tanja, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions


When you purchase your Essential Sleep Support Package, you will automatically receive the details for logging into your Helpdesk account. Click the link in the email to login, add your child/children to your account, then go to “New Sleep History” to complete and submit your Lifestyle/Sleep History Introduction.

This questionnaire will guide you through detailed questions so that you can easily provide us with the information your dedicated sleep consultant needs to provide you with a holistic Personalized Sleep Plan®.

Once we receive the completed introductory questionnaire, we’ll get to work on creating a Personalized Sleep Plan® just for you. We’ll send this to you via email within 2 business days and once your Plan is sent to you, your 30 days to use your email conversations will start.

Your purchase includes 10 email conversations between you and your dedicated expert sleep consultant to use within 30 days. An “email conversation” is just as it sounds…a few back-and-forth exchanges within a day or two between you and your sleep consultant. When you need support or have questions, simply login to your Helpdesk account and create a new support ticket or reply via email to a previous message from your consultant. You have a full 30 days to utilize the email conversations, giving you time to go at your own pace.

Should you ever need additional conversations, for a sleep issue down the road, or even a new baby, options for existing/returning clients are always available to you in our Helpdesk starting at just $59.


The Premium Sleep Support Package is our maximum support option and comes with a 60-minute virtual conference, a Personalized Sleep Plan®, 10 e-mail conversations within 30 days, a sleep space assessment, and 3 months of VIP access.

When you purchase your PREMIUM SLEEP SUPPORT PACKAGE, you will receive an e-mail with details for logging into your Helpdesk account and another e-mail with a link to schedule a call with one of our experts.

First… Your sleep consultant will do a complete assessment of your baby’s sleep and development via your 60-minute conference and our online Lifestyle & Sleep History introductory questionnaire. We’ll cover all areas of sleep and development, milestones, the techniques that have or haven’t worked in the past, any potential changes in your little one’s life, your concerns, and more, to best assess a course of action that will be the best fit for your family.

After your 60-minute conference… Your sleep consultant will prepare a Personalized Sleep Plan® specifically for your family. Once your plan is sent to you, your 30 days of email conversations will start. Your purchase includes 10 email conversations between you and your dedicated expert sleep consultant. An “email conversation” is just as it sounds…a few back-and-forth exchanges within a day or two between you and your sleep consultant. When you need support or have questions, simply login to your Helpdesk account and create a support ticket or reply via email to a previous message from your consultant.

Additionally… Your Premium Support Package also includes a virtual bedroom/sleep space assessment where you can share your sleep space with your expert sleep consultant and she will share specific tips to help optimize your little one’s sleep space!

Plus… Included in this package is 3 full months of free access to our VIP Premium Resource Library, where you can peruse all of the Members Only exclusive content as well an as ask the author and live expert chat feature. This is all free for your first three months when you choose our Premium Package allowing you to continue to learn and get help and support whenever you need it.

Virtual conference appointments are via telephone or Zoom and are typically available within 2-5 business days. Special arrangements can sometimes be made for after-hours. If you are worried we don’t service your time zone, don’t worry! We regularly work with parents worldwide and will find a time that works for you and your family! Again, don’t worry – Your 30 days to use your 10 email conversations will not start until after we do the initial consultation and send out your Plan to you.

I’m Breastfeeding – Is the Sleep Help You Offer Breastfeeding-Friendly?

Absolutely! With babies, the connection between a full belly and sleep is pretty obvious, but sometimes this connection needs extra attention, especially with breastfed babies. All of our sleep consultants provide breastfeeding friendly advice and we also have lactation consultants on our team who can help with more complicated issues such as low supply, over supply, tongue tie, reflux, colic, questions about returning to work, and weaning. We’ll work together to ensure that your breastfeeding goals are met while still achieving the best sleep possible for you and your family.

Will You Just Tell Me to Let My Baby or Toddler Cry It Out Like Other Sleep Trainers or Programs?

Absolutely NOT! In fact, I would estimate that 99% or more of our clients do NOT let their child cry it out. While we can’t promise zero crying (after all, they are young children!), we do understand the importance of limiting crying as much as possible and offer hands-on teaching methods. Even parents who have tried Cry It Out and weren’t able to get it to work often come to us for gentler solutions. If you do want to try cry-it-out (or some variation), we can help you formulate a plan that you can get on board with and, most importantly, stick with! There are many strategies out there and we customize one just for your family and your unique situation.

One thing we hear from families who have worked with other sleep consultants before finding us is that once the other sleep consultant’s one-size-fits-all method didn’t work, they were out of ideas. Keep in mind that some sleep consultants go through just days or weeks of training. We have over 14 years of experience with tens of thousands of families. We understand that each baby is truly unique and thus we utilize many different methods that fit different personality types.

Would you like to learn more about our methodologies and philosophies before you get started? Please set up a free 15-minute sleep assessment TODAY!

When Can I Expect a Response?

Quality is very important to us and we know it’s important to you too!

Personalized Sleep Plans®, are curated and personalized just for you, by one of our seasoned experts, and are usually completed within two business days, on average, depending on demand. Email conversations are answered within two business days or faster.

If you are in a hurry, we offer expedited processing for a one-time non-refundable fee of $39 USD available as an add-on during checkout or when logged into your Helpdesk account.

What Age Children Do You Help?

It is never too early or too late to teach healthy sleep habits to your child. Over the past 15 years, we have helped newborn babies to eight-year-old school-aged children and all ages in between. It’s never too late to add The Baby Sleep Site® as an extension of your village!

How Do I Get Help For a Sibling?

Many of our families have sleep challenges across multiple children. You are not alone!

For twins or multiples, unlike buying multiple car seats, high chairs, etc., you just have to pay a one-time Twin/Multiple fee for each additional child before your Personalized Sleep Plan® is created. This beats buying multiple consultation packages!

If you’d like a Personalized Sleep Plan® for a sibling, rather than purchase a separate package, can receive a Personalized Sleep Plan® for the sibling, too, with just one Sibling Add-On package.

For follow-up consultation e-mails, you may use them for any child if you have added sibling coverage. We will often be able to answer all questions using just one email conversation but sometimes will need to use one for each child. It depends on the severity of the sleep issues being discussed.

To get help for a sibling, please add a sibling option in the shopping cart when you purchase, or add later, by logging into your Helpdesk account, then click on “Purchase Services” and click the “Siblings” tab in order to choose your sibling package.

Is My Purchase Secure & Guaranteed?

All purchases on The Baby Sleep Site® are secured by 256-bit encryption and your credit card information is NOT stored on our servers, which means you can feel confident your financial information is always 100% safe. Your purchase also comes with a guarantee! We genuinely want to bring about important changes in your home and want you to feel confident moving forward. We also want you to find a program that allows you to get your child to sleep in a way that fits with your parenting style.

We understand that there is no unique definition of perfection. As such, we can’t always guarantee “perfect” sleepers, but we can guarantee a professional and supportive service. Rest assured, you have a full 30 days from purchase to decide if our service is a good fit for your family. Of course, this doesn’t mean that a family’s sleep journey will definitely be fully complete in 30 days’ time since that depends heavily on a variety of factors, but it gives you a generous amount of time to decide if our support fits your family’s needs. Our goal is to help your family sleep and we do this by developing a supportive village of experts for you to depend on over the long haul.

Because we must account for overhead and our time, and provide the same level of quality service to all families with whom we work, we do have a few rules regarding refunds. Please be sure to read our complete Terms of Use here for details regarding refunds.

Do You Work With Families in My Country?

Absolutely! In addition to parents in the United States, we have worked with parents from all over the world including, but not limited to, Canada, United Kingdom, France, China, South Africa, Australia, Thailand, Ireland, and Sweden just to name a few.

What if I Choose the Wrong Package or I Need More Help?

If you are worried about buying the ‘wrong’ package, please don’t be. If you ever feel you need something different than your purchase, please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to offer an exchange, upgrade, etc. We’re very flexible and are here to help in the way that works best for you! If you use up your package, or your services expire, you do NOT need to start over and purchase another ‘new client’ package, either. We have many special add-on packages designed just for returning clients starting at just $59. Sometimes you don’t know what you need until you need it, and please be assured that we’re here to help!

Would you like us to help you select a package based on your specific goals? Please set up a free 15-minute sleep assessment TODAY!

Why Do I Need a Sleep Consultant and How Can I Fit it Into My Budget?

Hiring a sleep consultant is expanding our ever-shrinking “village” these days. Based on feedback from many happy clients, we would like to share 7 Reasons to Hire a Sleep Consultant by clicking here. Our sleep consulting prices reflect the time and personal attention our consultants spend working with each of our clients as well as the expertise and experience of our consulting team. While it might seem tough to justify spending money on baby sleep support, many parents tell us that they view hiring a sleep consultant as similar to hiring a pediatrician or a doula, or any other baby care expert. What’s more, many families find that “pausing” simple things (like daily takeout coffee or food, bi-monthly manicures, etc.), temporarily, helps them easily pay for their sleep consultations — and that the “sacrifice” is more than worth it when it means peaceful naps and rested nights! Learn more about the cost/benefit here.

Do You Offer Sliding Scale, a Military Discount, or Financial Assistance?

Here at The Baby Sleep Site®, one of the things we enjoy the most about our service is the feeling we get from knowing we have truly helped families have a better quality of life through better sleep for the entire family. We have been very fortunate to work with so many wonderful families over the past 15 years and look forward to continuing to do so for many years to come.

We support our military and we thank you for your service! If you are a military family, please reach out to us via e-mail (either before or after your purchase) to learn about our military discounts.

It is also one of our core values to be able to give something back to the community and ensure our support is available to any family in need of it. With this in mind, we do offer The Baby Sleep Site® Assistance Program which offers VIP Members Area access for free for qualifying families. To learn more about how to apply, please visit The Baby Sleep Site® Assistance Program page.

Will Insurance Cover Sleep Consultation Services?

At this time, our sleep consulting services are generally not covered by traditional health insurance providers as many consider baby sleep consulting an alternative or medically unnecessary therapy. Please contact your provider to find out what your specific policy covers. The good news is if you have an FSA or HSA, our services are likely reimbursable or covered outright!

Before you purchase our services, contact your FSA/HSA administrator to verify if our services will be covered, if you need pre-approval, or if any special paperwork is necessary. If you are required to have a letter of medical necessity from your pediatrician, give them a call and ask how you can get this. Services may be covered under these categories: “Newborn Care” or “Health Institute Fee.”

With an FSA, you may have to pre-pay for your sleep training program and submit a receipt for reimbursement. So just ask us for a detailed receipt and submit it to your FSA administrator.

If you have an HSA debit card, you can simply use your HSA debit card to pay for sleep consulting services.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in our Helpdesk!

Questions? E-mail us at

Or, set up a free 15-minute sleep assessment today!