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Nicole Johnson
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About Nicole Johnson – President and Lead Sleep Consultant of The Baby Sleep Site

Nicole Johnson is the founder of The Baby Sleep Site and has been the lead pediatric sleep consultant for over 15 years. She is available as a media source, for interviews, podcasts, and live events. She has personally worked with thousands of families, been quoted over 50 times in media, appeared on numerous television interviews, and has been a guest on countless podcasts/shows. She is currently working directly with clients, was named one of Tuck’s Best Sleep Consultants in 2021, and is an expert reviewer on MomJunction and Sleep Advisor. Here is a list of a few media mentions over the years:

March 2024: SheKnows published a new article by Nicole, covering the Top 5 Baby Sleep Problems.

December 2023: Nicole weighs in on Porch.com’s article on safeguarding your children by childproofing your home.

November 2023: Nicole is a featured expert in SheKnow’s Parenting Article all about The SNOO bassinet

Also in November: Nicole is featured as the expert guest on the podcast, Empowering Homeschool Conversations, where she leads a discussion on Natural Sleep Strategies for Children.

September 2023: Check out what Nicole has to say about new parents, work, and sleep deprivation, on Welcome to the Jungle. 

July 2023: The Everymom features Nicole in their new article on getting kids to sleep in!

June 2023: Nicole is featured in SheKnow’s Momsessed series AND wrote an article on How to Get Your Baby to Nap Longer.

May 2023: Cradlewise features Nicole in their new article on Why Babies Fight Sleep.

April 2023: Nicole weighs in on Porch.com’s expert round-up on Baby Proofing.

March 2023: The Everymom interviewed Nicole for their in-depth look at Daylight Savings Time.

Also in March, Nicole joined the MomJunction board of experts.

January 2023: Nicole is featured in this Ultimate Guide To Sleep Training Older Kids by Sleepopolis.

We’re mentioned in Jets Weekly’s comprehensive guide on Surviving the 6 Month Sleep Regression.

August 2022: Nicole talks about common baby sleep trouble spots in this recent podcast interview with Go Diaper Free: Baby Sleep (that aligns with your parenting style!)

Want to learn more about your baby and toddler’s sleep regressions? Nicole adds her expertise to this massive resource from Sleepopolis: The Ultimate Guide to Baby Sleep Regression in 2022

March 2022: Baby waking up too early? Check out our advice on Chubby After Baby: What to do when your Toddler or Baby Wakes Up Too Early

We’re honored to continue to offer expert advice on Babygaga this month in an article about 6-Week-Old Sleep Schedules

January 2022: Nicole contributes her best advice for road-tripping with your baby in this article from Bankrate: Mommy experts: Road trip with baby

December 2021: We are so honored to join SHE Media as part of Group Black, an effort to empower black-owned independent publishers: Group Black and SHE Media Partner to Launch Group Black Network for Black Publishers

We’re quoted in Babygaga this month: Night Owl Toddler? Here Are A Few Tips;

And in Moms.com: Why Older Children May Need To Still Sleep In Crib.

November 2021: Nicole offers her expert advice on episode 95 of Two Kids and A Career with Jill Devine: Handling Sleep Issues In Babies And Toddlers.

Nicole also authored a guest article on Slumberpod.com: Newborn Daytime Sleep Schedules: 3 Tips.

Nicole commented in two Babygaga articles: 6 Stocking Stuffers Babies Will Actually Use and Parent’s Guide: Exploring The Different Methods Of Sleep Training;

And How to Choose a Toddler Bed at VeryWellFamily;

And on Moms.com with Moms, Stop Using Music To Fall Asleep, Try These 10 Things Instead

October 2021: We’re honored to continue to offer expert advice on Babygaga this month in Everything You Need To Know About the 18-Month Sleep Regression and 5 Tips To Get Your Kids To Share A Room.

Nicole Johnson offers insights regarding social media from her 10+ years running The Baby Sleep Site in Remember When Facebook and Instagram Were Easy (and Cheap) to Use? For small businesses who use them for marketing, social-media platforms have become increasingly frustrating – not to mention expensive..

September 2021: Need help with your toddler’s room? Check out our quote in “5 Things To Update In Baby’s Room For Toddlerhood” from BabyGaga.

Watch the encore presentation of SK Conversations: ABCs of Caring for a Colicky Baby as we learn the best practices for soothing your little one. Hear the latest insights from Nicole and other experts on how to identify and remedy colic and/or cow’s milk allergy in babies along with tips to help parents and caregivers prioritize their own mental health and maintain their sense of self.

What’s the best way to get a good night’s sleep? Check out Nicole’s advice in 26 Healthcare Professionals & Wellness Enthusiasts Share Their Top Tips for Getting Good Sleep at Night from IncredibleEdibles.com.

August 2021: Nicole is quoted in this great piece on baby sleep in the first 12 months from Mother.ly.

July 2021: Our article on how to get back on the school schedule after summer has been republished by Columbus’ Chamber of Commerce.

June 2021: We’ve been named on of the “Best Sleep Consultants in the US” by Tuck!

And, we’re thrilled to be on Feedspot’s list of their Top 20 Baby Sleep Blogs!

Listen to Nicole’s interview on “How to Be a Successful Mompreneur” on the Bossy, Brilliant, & Badass Podcast.

Ever wondered “How much sleep does an 11-week-old baby need?” Nicole joins other experts at Motherly with the answer.

Nicole weighs in on her favorite childrens’ clothing in “10 best kids’ clothing stores according to bloggers and real parents” on Indy100.

Happy to be over at BabyGaga again with our ideas about “5 Strategies To Get 3-Month-Old To Sleep Through The Night.” and 5 Signs of Toddler Sleep Regressions.

May 2021: Over at MySlumberYard, Nicole contributes her two cents to the big question, “How Do You Know When to Move Your Toddler to A ‘Big Kid Bed’?’

And, Nicole contributed to MorningLazziness’ article on “The 11 Morning Habits Of High Performers Money Maker Moms.”

April 2021: Learn more about The Baby Sleep Site and what we do in our recent interview on Superbcrew.com: The Baby Sleep Site Helps Babies Sleep And Families Thrive, An Interview With Baby Sleep Consultant, Nicole Johnson

Listen to Nicole’s new interview on the Small Business Sisterhood Podcast, where she discusses hiring for and scaling The Baby Sleep Site with Pepper.

March 2021: The Baby Sleep site is quoted in two articles on Babygaga: “How To Help Baby Sleep Better When Moving Into A New Home” and “How To Help Baby Sleep Without Always Holding Him.”

And Nicole weighs in on “How Does Sleep Training Affect (Screaming and Stubborn) Toddlers?” on Maternie.com.

February 2021: The Baby Sleep Site is proud to contribute to Healthline’s article, “The Best Baby Monitors and How to Choose.”

Listen to Nicole answer questions on the topic of “How to Transition Your Toddler out of the Crib” on the Finding Your Village Podcast!

The Baby Sleep Site is quoted by the Chatworth Rising Sun in their article “Why your baby’s sleep regresses at a year old.”

Nicole is February’s featured sleep expert on the SnoozeShade blog, where she is writing about her 5 Top Tips to Deal with Sleep Regression.

January 2021: We’re proud to be part of SheMedia’s efforts to create more inclusive digital media.

Nicole shares her story in this round-up of how to know if you’re done having kids at SheKnows.

Lead sleep consultant, Nicole Johnson, was interviewed about bedtime separation anxiety in preschoolers, and offers steps other parents can use to alleviate that anxiety on EveryMom.

Nicole is quoted as an expert on “How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Earlier at Romper.

December 2020:We’re pleased to be quoted by the Chatworth Rising Sun in their article “Genius Hacks to Help your Baby Fall Asleep.

November 2020: The Baby Sleep Site is proud to be included in the recently published video wiki, “Dedicated Projects For Promoting And Improving Sleep.”

October 2020: Nicole gives her opinion on how to choose the best mattress for your sleep on Credit Donkey.

July 2020: Read this great interview with Nicole over on BlogHer! From Her Own Sleepless Nights, Nicole Johnson Had a Vision to Help Other Families Get Their Zzzzs Back

Living & Loving features the Baby Sleep Site as an expert resource in their article 5 strategies to get your baby to sleep for longer.

June 2020: We’re pleased to be included in Healthline’s article, Everything You Need to Know About the Cry It Out Method.

April 2020: In Report: 77% of Americans lose sleep over pandemic, Nicole provides an expert opinion on sleep deprivation’s affect on overall health.

Nicole is quoted as an expert on baby sleep in Experts Share Their Opinions Regarding Formula Vs. Breastfeeding on Babygaga.

July 2019: Over on Healthy Height: Nutrition for Growth, Nicole wrote a new article – 8 Tips for Better Back-to-School Sleep.

Nicole contributed to this article on the 12 month sleep regression at Living and Loving.

Nicole answered some questions about how long summer days can affect baby sleep in Will The Summer Solstice Affect Your Baby’s Sleep Schedule? over on Romper.

May 2019:
Nicole is quoted in the New York Times’ Parenting Guide, in an article about what to do when your sleep trained baby stops sleeping!

March 2019: Hear an interview with Nicole by Anna Canzano in “Sleep Strategies for Kids” on That Expert Show:

The Baby Sleep Site® is quoted in the article Ready, set, sleep! Teach your newborn about bedtime at KSL.com.

December 2018: Tip from The Baby Sleep Site® included in this article on BabyQuip.com: Expert Sleep Advice for Holiday Travel

Nicole is one of the featured sleep consultants in this NBCDFW news story about how three families sought sleep consultant help for their babies. You can read it here: No Sleep for Baby? A Sleep Coach May Help or watch the video below.

October 2018: Feature Interview with Nicole on Nav.com: How This Entrepreneur Started a Business To Help New Parents

May 2018: The Baby Sleep Site® founder and CEO Nicole Johnson has a lot of experience managing her business and her kids when they’re home for the summer. Find out what her top tip is for keeping things sane. Business News Daily: How to Work from Home When School is Out

Jetlag can wreak havoc on your child’s sleep schedule. See Nicole’s tip for how to help your child get back on track in this article on Today’s Parent: Six Ways to Help Your Child Beat Jetlag

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, Nicole offers a tip for how to earn cash back on your advertising spending in this article on Fit Small Business.

Nicole provides her top tip for organizing your playroom in this article on Budget Dumpster.

March 2018: Podcast interview with Chris Cate of The Parent Normal. Nicole discusses how to help your kids to sleep better, the importance of naps, how to make bedtime easier and how much sleep kids really need.

Nicole and The Baby Sleep Site® featured in an article on RateMDs.com

January 2018: 5 Things To Know About Your 4 to 6 Month Old Baby’s Sleep – Article and Facebook Live event with Nicole hosted by Tranquilo Mat. Watch the reply below.

December 2017: Tips from Nicole on keeping your holiday baby sleep schedule intact. Read it on Reality Moms.

October 2017: Newborn evening fussiness is HARD! Nicole explains what the witching hour is and how to cope when it happens. Read it on Pregnant Chicken.

August 2017: Nicole offers advice and tips for the Better Naps article in the August 2017 issue of Mother & Baby magazine.

Interview with Nicole on FabWorkingMomLife.com about building The Baby Sleep Site and the rewards and challenges that come with it.

July 2017: Facebook Live Q&A event with Nicole on the Mother & Baby Facebook page.

May 2017: Guest post on Montessorirocks.org with sleep tips for implementing a Montessori bedroom for your baby or toddler.

Nicole was one of several experts invited to a live TV show to speak about the topic of baby sleep. The episode delves into topics of the “right” place for the baby to sleep, how to transition to one nap, effects of sleep-deprivation, and more! Tune in today and see if you learn something new. Watch the video below.

YouTube video

April 2017: Guest post on Nook Sleep Blog: Top 5 Baby Sleep Concerns for New Parents

Nicole is featured in interview as sleep expert in April issue of Mother & Baby. See the magazine version HERE.

Listed as Best Parenting Blog on Credit Donkey

December 2016: Nicole is interviewed by Romper.com as a sleep expert on baby sleep regressions.

7 Things Sleep Experts Want You To Know About Sleep Regressions

August 2016: Nicole is featured on Celebrity Baby Trends with advice about sleep sacks. We Asked The Expert! To Swaddle Or Sleep Sack Babies…?

July 2016: Nicole’s new book, Baby S.T.E.P.S To Better Sleep is featured in the July 2016 issue of Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine: Stuff We Love – Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, page 26

Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine

April 25, 2016: Guest blog post with toddler sleep tips on Sleeper Hero’s Blog.

How to Keep Your Toddler in Bed and Sleeping Until a Reasonable Hour

March 14, 2016 Nicole is featured as a sleep expert on Motherhood: The Real Deal.

Expert Editions vol. 3: Sleep problems in babies and toddlers

March 7, 2016 – Nicole partners with USA Today and MediaPlanet to share sleep tips for new parents.

Why Sleeping Like A Baby May Have You Up All Night

February 29, 2016 – Nicole’s newest book, Baby S.T.E.P.S. to Better Sleep, launches worldwide.

Baby S.T.E.P.S. to Better Sleep Press Release

December 16, 2015 – Nicole is featured in What’s Up For Kids, where she shares holiday sleep tips.

What’s Up For Kids Holiday Sleep Tips

December 2, 2015 – Nicole is featured in Twins Magazine, where she shares tips for sound, peaceful twin sleep during the Christmas season.

Twins Magazine December 2015 issue (pages 8-9)

December 1, 2015 – Nicole is featured in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, where she shares tips about how to help your baby or toddler sleep well during the holidays.

Pregnancy & Newborn magazine December 2015 issue (jump to page 84)

November 9, 2015 – Nicole is featured in Baby Biz Magazine, where she shares general sleep tips + strategies to help with the end of Daylight Saving Time.

Baby Biz Fall 2015 Issue

November 3, 2015 – Nicole is interviewed on the Working Woman Entrepreneur podcast.

Episode 34: Changing People’s Lives With Nicole Johnson

October 20, 2015 – Nicole is featured on Urban Family, sharing top tips for coping with falling back and the end of Daylight Saving Time

How to “Fall Back” Without Wrecking Your Kid’s Sleep Schedule

May 12, 2015 – Nicole is interviewed on the Working Motherhood podcast. Listen in as she talks about starting a successful online business, getting outside help AND helping your child to learn to sleep through the night.

Episode 304: Getting your kids to sleep through the night – Nicole Johnson

March 20, 2015 – Nicole is featured in She Owns It, a site dedicated to celebrating female entrepreneurs.

Click to read “5 Tips For Managing A Virtual Workforce”.

March 6, 2015 – Nicole Johnson spoke with Mikaela Hunt on NBCi, Columbus, Ohio with tips to help your child with spring forward daylight saving time.

YouTube video

February 22, 2015 – Nicole is named Innovative Woman of the Week by Today’s Innovative Woman.

Nicole was interviewed with Cathy Alessandra, founder of Today’s Innovative Woman.

September 24, 2014 – Nicole is quoted in the New York Times’ Motherlode blog, in an article on how video baby monitors are impacting a new generation of children and parents.

Click to read “Thanks To Video Monitors, Parents Are The New Big Brother” by Jennifer Saranow Schultz.
February, 2014 – Nicole is quoted in the February 2014 print issue of American Baby, on how to juggle nap times with two children under age 2. The article was reprinted on Parents.com

Click to read “Parenting Two Children Under Two” by Jennifer Graham Kizer, on Parents.com
February 2, 2014 – Nicole’s interview with Natalie Eckdahl is featured on The Biz Chix Podcast. Nicole speaks about her own sleep struggles as a mom, as well as the growth and development of The Baby Sleep Site®.

Click here to listen to Nicole’s interview.

November, 2013 – An article by Nicole, titled “Sleep Tips From The Baby Sleep Site”, is featured in the November 2013 print issue of Oh, Baby! magazine.

Click here to read the on-line version “Sleep Tips From The Baby Sleep Site”.
October 16, 2013 – Nicole is featured on NBC4i about her eBook, Essential Keys for Your Newborn’s Sleep. You can watch the segment below.

YouTube video

August 14, 2013 – Nicole is interviewed by NBC4i for back to school sleep tips. You can watch the segment below:

YouTube video

January 15, 2013 – Nicole participated on a HuffPost Live’s segment called “Sleep Like a Baby” and which was hosted by Nancy Redd, mother of a 1 1/2 year old. Also in attendance: Dr. Harvey Karp, Sara Marannis, and Edwin Iguina.

June 2013 Radio interview with Nicole on the Cindy Laverty Show. Nicole spoke about babies and sleep troubles as well as chatting about how she started her business. You can read more about the interview on Cindy Laverty’s Radio Page. Click HERE to listen to the interview.
April 2013 – The Baby Sleep Site is quoted in this month’s Miltary Spouse Magazine. View a PDF of the article HERE.

November 2012 – The Baby Sleep Site Guest Article on A Hen’s Nest with Tips for Decorating a Nursery for Baby Sleep.
October 2011 – Nicole is quoted in the book, Moms Incorporated: A Guide to Business and Baby about the challenges and benefits of being a mom and entrepreneur.
Aug 30, 20105 Tips for Better Baby Sleep on MyBabyPajamas.com.
Jul 20, 2010Baby Sleep Tips for Summer on RookieMoms.com.
Feb 17, 20105 Tips to Stay Sane When Traveling with Baby on RookieMoms.com.