Returning Client Add-Ons

Children grow up and when they do, there are many changes that take place. Besides physical and developmental changes, there are also behavior and sleep pattern changes. Like many things, we as parents think that we have our child figured out, when suddenly he or she throws us a curveball and they change their routine and likes and dislikes. When this concerns your child’s and family’s sleep quality and routine, it can feel daunting and frustrating thinking one must start all over again from scratch. At The Baby Sleep Site®, we know what you feel as we’ve gone through it ourselves.

However, we believe that it’s not always necessary to start all the way over. If you have previously purchased a Personalized Sleep Plan®, but find that you need more e-mail or phone support, we have several add-on packages available for purchase.

These are great options for families whose babies or toddlers need extra time to adjust to new sleeping habits, or for families who need additional help during nap transitions, sleep regressions, or other sleep speedbumps. These options are offered at a discounted rate and are available only to families who have already used our Personalized Sleep Plan®.

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