Toddler Bundle

Toddler sleep success is just a click away!
I’m willing to bet that if you’re reading this, your toddler isn’t sleeping “like a baby.” I promise you, there is relief at hand, and you can start getting it today!

In our e-book, The Tired Parent’s 5-Step System to Better Toddler Sleep, I give you a complete toolkit of strategies, advice, sample schedules, and sleep logs to get your toddler to love sleep time – so you can both get the sleep you need.

As part of The 5-Step System to Better Toddler Sleep, you’ll get:

  • Detailed, easy-to-follow schedules for naps, meals, and nights – choose from sample schedules based on sleep hours and number of naps
  • Sleep coaching methods – save your precious time by having various sleep coaching methods at your fingertips, including signature methods only found on The Baby Sleep Site®
  • Sleep-planning worksheets – get your day and your downtime under control
  • Sleep logs – keep track of what works best for you and your toddler

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to what will work for you and your family. No matter what your child’s temperament or age … whether you’re stay-at-home, working full-time or part-time, or employing a nanny or daycare, we’ve designed the techniques in The Tired Parent’s 5-Step System to Better Toddler Sleep to be customizable and flexible, so they will work for your family!

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