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7 Reasons Hiring a Baby Sleep Consultant Is a No-Brainer

You may be considering hiring a baby sleep consultant, but you aren’t sure if you should or if it will be “worth” it. Here are 7 reasons that hiring a baby sleep consultant is a no-brainer!

  1. Minimize Lost Sleep for the Family – It is estimated that parents lose hundreds of hours of sleep the first year, and that sleep deprivation can lead to physical and mental health problems.  A sleep consultant can help you solve baby sleep issues now, limit lost sleep, and prevent issues from cropping up in the future.
  2. Save time and Energy – There are literally hundreds of baby sleep books out there – but who has time to do all that reading only for one book to contradict the last? There really isn’t a one-size-fits-all fix for your unique baby’s sleep problems. Our expert consultants can help you sleep coach effectively, saving you countless hours of wasted effort and frustration.
  3. Save Money and Frustration – The cost of sleep consulting is on par with the cost of other professional services, and reflects the personalized attention you’ll receive from an expert consultant who analyzes hundreds of factors that impact sleep. Just as you may pay your tax preparer to calculate your tax owed, there are investment brokers managing your retirement portfolio, or you hire a mechanic to fix your transmission, you have your sleep consultant to create and aid you in implementing personalized sleep recommendations. What’s more, the money you spend on sleep consulting can save you money in other ways: for instance, when you’re rested, you have more energy to cook meals, which means you can avoid buying take-out. You can also stop or avoid investing money into books, DVDs or sleep gadgets that often do not work.
  4. Increase Your “Village” Size – Hiring a sleep consultant is just like hiring any other baby care expert. Just as you’d hire a healthcare provider to safeguard your child’s health, or a doula to help you through labor and delivery, you hire a sleep consultant to work specifically on building healthy sleep habits. Your sleep consultant is simply a part of the larger childcare team you and any other caretakers are assembling.
  5. Build Better Health and a Happier Family – Chronic sleep deprivation can take a real toll on your entire family. Lack of sleep has been linked to depression and obesity in adults, as well as behavioral problems in children. We can help you “find your family’s sleep” again, which will promote better overall health for all of you!
  6. Create More “Couple” and “Me” Time – Less time spent worrying about sleep means more time and energy you can give to your loved ones or to yourself, which only makes you a happier person and a more effective parent! Our consultants can help you find your missing personal time again.
  7. Access Experience – When you ask your family and friends for advice, they might have experience with a couple of babies. Hiring a professional will give you access to experience with thousands of families! Your baby is unique and so is your family. Have a sleep consultant get to know you and make recommendations that fit.

It’s never too late to establish healthy sleep habits. Even if you haven’t seen success with sleep before now doesn’t mean you can’t solve your sleep problems. Start today by taking the first step!

“Looking back, I realize now that I learned so much from Nicole. Had it not been for her never-ending support and words of encouragement, I would have lost it by now. No joke. Nicole saved my baby’s sleep, my marriage, and my sanity. I could not have done ANY of this without her, and I would recommend her to any mother who is struggling like I was. Her help was worth WAY more than the money I spent on my consultation! What she does for exhausted parents – and what she did for me – is priceless.”
– Nadia – UT, United States

“I just wanted to let you know that Sophie is doing GREAT at night. It took us about 2 weeks. She went from 8-10 night wakings to 0-1, and she’s sleeping in her own crib. I can’t even believe it. I feel like I had tried EVERYTHING. We’re working on naps now, but they haven’t been too much of a struggle. I feel like a new person with all this extra sleep! Thank you so much. This might be the best money I’ve ever spent!”
-Rachel, OK, United States

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