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Is your child waking too early or going to bed too late? Do you struggle with a baby who consistently gets up before the rest of the family has finished a full night’s sleep? Our e-book, Shift Your Child’s Schedule, could be the answer you’ve been searching for.

When your child wakes too early, it can set the entire day out of order. Between dealing with cranky, overtired behavior during the daytime hours to a bedtime routine that is all but ruined, the effects of missed sleep are ones that impact the whole family.

When Sleep is a Problem

Most parents have a host of things they try when their children are getting up too early in the morning. Maybe you put your toddler to bed a little bit later, hoping the extra tiredness will carry over into the next morning. Perhaps you’ve increased or decreased nap-time hours during the day. Maybe you’ve even tried bribery as a way to get those few extra minutes in the morning!

While all of these options might work on a short-term basis, the truth is that the only permanent solution is the regular use of a good baby sleep schedule. Sleep schedules are the best way to correct habits of waking too early and going to bed too late since they reinforce consistent behavior (in both children and in their parents!). Most babies and toddlers thrive on this kind of consistency, especially when it comes to sleep patterns. After all, a sleep schedule allows not only their minds to become prepared for the rigors of getting to bed, but their bodies, too!

This kind of long-term outlook is important for your child – and for your entire family. If your child isn’t getting the rest he or she needs, chances are you aren’t, either. This can negatively affect your mood, your business performance, and even the way you interact with your kids. Of course, it can also affect your health. Researchers have discovered that a lack of sleep leads to long-term problems with memory, metabolism, cardiovascular health, and even your body’s basic abilities to stave off illness.

Waking too early“This pamphlet made so much sense and worked within three nights to get our son to a bedtime that worked and made it so he was not waking at 5 am. My husband and I recommend [this] website to other moms and dads all of the time. We can’t give it enough praise.”

-Michele, Las Vegas, NV

The Good News about Waking Too Early

Correcting sleep habits in a baby or toddler is easier than you think, and the outcome is one that will stay with you for years. Thanks to Shift Your Child’s Schedule, which offers step-by-step instructions, case studies, and a little bit of information on the art and science of sleep, both you and your child can get the benefit of better sleep right now – and you can build good habits for a lifetime of healthy sleeping and healthy waking.

If you need to…

  • …adjust bedtime to an earlier hour,
  • …adjust bedtime to a later hour,
  • …set up consistent waking habits,
  • …get the rest you need in the morning,
  • …transition to a new sleep schedule,
  • …or simply get control over your days and nights,

…then this e-book is for you. It provides real solutions for real families – and always with your comfort and best interests in mind.

Shift Your Child’s Schedule is available for immediate download. As with all of the products and services here at The Baby Sleep Site®, it has been created with easy use and personalized results in mind, and the steps can be implemented as soon as tonight. You – and your family – can stop waking too early in a manner that suits your lifestyle and your approach to parenting.

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Shift Your Child’s Schedule Tonight

This pamphlet is a quick read. You will be able to start the process as early as your child’s next snooze!

Good luck, and good night!

“Hi Nicole!!! I wanted to write you and let you know the schedule shift HAS WORKED! After your advice & encouragement in our e-mail exchange, my daughter has successfully slept from 8pm-6am (or 6:15 or even as late as 7!) for several weeks now. It definitely took a couple of weeks to take hold, but the shift has definitely worked. THANK YOU!”

Still not convinced that YOU CAN shift your child’s schedule?

Read a few more testimonials:

Marcos“My husband and I were coming towards the end of our rope!! Our beautiful son Marcos had trouble STAYING asleep since birth, and after 8 grueling months of waking up as many as 15 times a night, we finally decided we couldn´t take it anymore. Then we found Nicole. She has been a GODSEND to our family, helping us with step by step advice that is well researched, nurturing and proven effective. She gave us a method that worked for our family, and encouraged us to stay the course. Anytime we needed her help throughout the process, she was ALWAYS right there. Our son is sleeping 12 hours a night now, EVERY NIGHT, and takes 3 naps a day, each over an hour long. Before Nicole, we were lucky if we got 20 minutes!! We cannot EVER thank her enough for her professionalism, knowledge and compassion. Don´t think about this twice, reach out to Nicole….YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE!”
-Carolina, Juan and Baby Marcos, Norwalk, Connecticut

emily_kiyo_2“When I met Nicole my son was 16 months old. I tried to have my son “cry it out” 3 different times. It just wasn’t working! He was an extremely colicky baby and had a lot of health issues so I held him all the time. He would only nap with me holding him and would start off in his crib at night but would wake up about 6 or 7 times before midnight. I read numerous books, talked with many people including his pediatrician but no one could help me. I was at my wits end and it was affecting all aspects of my life. My husband found Nicole. She has changed our lives! She created a plan that started working within 2 days. She knew exactly what I was going through. All those months I felt so alone but not after working with Nicole. She was in tuned with me and my son. I learned so much from her not only about sleep habits but also temperaments. I started to realize my son is a spirited boy but I didn’t know how much that affected his sleep.

emily_kiyo_4I needed a different approach and Nicole developed it to a tee! I can’t begin to tell you how grateful my husband and I are for her! My son transitioned to 1 nap (in the crib) and sleeps 12 hours at night (in the crib). He wakes up occasionally but soothes himself back to sleep. He even wakes up happy now not crying! I feel much better knowing I can contact Nicole for advice for years to come. Her sleep consulting packages are very affordable and her website has so much good information. She has a wealth of knowledge and is willing to share it. We can’t thank you enough Nicole! You are such a blessing!”
-Emily, Rancho Cordova, CA

“After a consult with Dr. Weissbluth and email exchanges with Dr. Ferber, I found Nicole. It was refreshing to talk to Nicole because she had been through EXACTLY what I am going through and she is a mother herself. Her kindness and compassion was evident with every email exchange and as a mother of 3, yes 3, troubled sleepers, I would recommend her services in a heartbeat!”
-Anita, Charlottesville, VA

“I know I had heard it 1000 times over that being a mom is one of the hardest jobs on earth! Well, after 6 nieces and nephews, and years of babysitting, I thought “How hard can it be?” …. Wow, was I in for a rude awakening! Don’t get me wrong….My son is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I fall more in love with him everyday….But this mommy thing is no joke! One of the hardest things (as I’m sure most people say) was the sleeping or should I say “no sleeping” issue. I read every single baby “sleep” book under the sun to no avail. Thankfully I found a great place for support and Nicole and literally within 1-2 months, all of my problems were solved. Nicole not only answered all of my questions promptly, she also gave such great advice! To be honest, I owe my sanity to the great advice she gave! I was having a lot of problems with my son really starting around 5 months. He was still not sleeping through then night and he would fight and scream for every nap! Nicole gave me some brilliant advice and honestly, within 2-3 weeks of following it my son was going down for 2 naps a day without any crying and started sleeping through the night!”
-Bethany, IL

“I am a first-time mom, and boy was I surprised to learn that my daughter didn’t just fall asleep when she was tired. We had a lot of challenges getting her to fall asleep, then staying asleep. For the first 6 months, she rarely napped for more than 20 minutes during the day. She was always overtired, and I felt like I could never go anywhere because I had to be home all day for her naps. At night it would take about three hours to get her to bed. She would nurse, fall asleep, then we would put her in her crib, only for her to wake up and cry. So it would start all over again. She would even be crying while nursing or sucking our thumbs (she would never take a pacifier).

At 7 months we had had enough. We knew she wasn’t getting enough sleep and we didn’t want it to take a toll on her health. Our doctor said that she would always get enough sleep, that she would just sleep in her stroller or the car. Well, she never did that! She didn’t want to be rocked and we didn’t have a swing. The bouncy seat didn’t work. She had stopped falling asleep in the bjorn at about 4 months. So, with Nicole’s guidance, we worked on getting her to fall asleep unassisted. I could not have done any of this without Nicole’s help. I cannot say enough nice things about her! Her older son is one year older than my daughter and they have a lot in common, so she was able to share with me what she did to help him. Nothing beats the advice from a mom who’s been through it before!”
-Sarah, MA

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