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cuddle with mommyA Personalized Sleep Plan® prepared by The Baby Sleep Site® is like a detailed guide prepared just for you and your family. We take your sleep history and goals you provide and create a personalized action plan taking into consideration your parenting philosophy, your baby’s temperament and personality, and what you’ve tried before. If you’d like to see a blank template of a sleep plan, download our sample Personalized Sleep Plan® by clicking the link below. Keep in mind that actual plan format will vary, because your specific situation is unique and we make over 50 decisions on each sleep plan (yes, we counted!)

Or, you can right-click and choose to “Save As” to save to your computer. If you have any problems, please e-mail contact@babysleepsite.com.

How to Get a Personalized Sleep Plan® for your family

If you’re tired of trying to solve your sleep problems on your own, don’t worry – with over 10+ years of experience, we can help! Our team of expert sleep consultants is standing by, ready to craft a Personalized Sleep Plan® that’s tailored to meet your baby’s needs AND your own. With 10+ years of experience, we can fast path you to a good night’s sleep!

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