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Let The Good Night Fairy Help Your Child Change Bad Dreams Into Good Ones!

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Is your child suffering from nightmares? If so, then these behaviors might sound familiar:

  • She seems anxious or nervous, especially at bedtime.
  • He wakes and calls for you throughout the night.
  • She doesn’t call for you at night, but she seems tired or cranky during the day because she’s overtired.
  • He reports having bad or scary dreams.

You may feel like you’re at your wit’s end because you don’t know how to help your little one who is suffering with nightmares and the anxiety that is associated with them. If that’s the case, then you’re going to want to add The Good Night Fairy Helps Via Change Her Dream to your bedtime routine.


About The Book

Ther GNF Helps Via - front cover with text - for BSS - 200x200This revolutionary new bedtime book is a MUST-HAVE for every young person who dreams – but it is an invaluable, empowering tool for those who are suffering with nightmares and the anxiety that comes with them. In The Good Night Fairy Helps Via Change Her Dream, REMy and her friends (Alpha, Delta, Theta, and Beta – who possess the same ‘talents’ as the brainwaves after which they are named), help a young girl change her scary nightmare into a happier, more playful dream with the powerful psychological experience of Lucid Dreaming.

Written verse, this intelligent and accessible book educates readers about the stages of the sleep cycle, emphasizes the importance of sleep, and empowers children to take an active role in their own dream world with a child-friendly guide to becoming a lucid dreamer!

From the back cover:

Nightmares may cause little ones such a fright

They wake up at all hours, all through the night.

They may even have trouble getting to sleep.

With anxiety, there’ll be no counting sheep.

But fear not, my young friends; REMy is here!

With the knowledge she shares, your bad dreams disappear.

It’s called Lucid Dreaming and inside this book

You’ll learn how to do it. Now come, have a look!


Praise For The Good Night Fairy Series

“The “Good Night Fairy” series is a collection of wonderful stories that will help make bedtime a positive experience for both parents and children alike!”
-Dr. S. Fogel; Brain and Mind Institute, University of Western Ontario

“What would be better than to teach our children the potential of dreaming? This book is a great tool to help empower our children towards having a positive relationship with their dreams. Love Renee’s accessibility.”
-Thomas Peisel, co-author of ‘A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming: Mastering the Art of Oneironautics’

About The Author

As a teacher, author, wife, and mother of two, Renee understands the importance of a good night’s sleep! The Good Night Fairy Helps Via Change Her Dream was inspired by her daughter Via’s recurring nightmare, which was so terrifying that she tried to keep herself awake in order to avoid dreaming. Renee’s background in psychology was put to good use when she introduced Via to Lucid Dreaming, which empowered the five-year-old to take an active role in her own dreams. Renee hopes that your family will discover the many benefits that lucidity has to offer.

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