Pediatric Sleep Consultant Services

Some parents have a never-ending source of questions when it comes to sleep training baby. And, with good reason! Getting your baby to sleep is a lot more complicated than it sounds. Many of the parents with whom we work are nervous, overwhelmed, and/or detail-oriented. That’s why our consulting services offer a lot of guidance and support. Our packages are designed to give you detailed guidance during the height of sleep coaching your baby or toddler.

Our baby sleep consultant service packages are designed to solve immediate sleep problems and get your family on your way to better sleep, whether you’re looking for no-cry sleep solutions, a cry-it-out session, or a solution that falls in the middle. It often takes some time to correct sleeping issues and establish a baby sleep schedule that works for your family. Your baby’s temperament and age, as well as the severity of his or her sleeping issue, play a big part in how long it can take to resolve your family’s sleep issue. Regardless of how long your child’s sleeping issue takes to get resolved, we’ll be there to help, support, and encourage you the whole way, in both the times of success and during those low points through education and instilling confidence.

We’ve had many parents share that the extra accountability our service packages provide helped them immensely to reach their goals. And, having confidence you can ask a question that will be answered by an expert helps give you the comfort your sleep consultant is with you every step of the way!

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