Phone + Email Consulting

Some parents prefer to have more direct and personalized interactions with our consultants. Our telephone sleep consultations are designed just for those parents. Our phone consultations are also an avenue for parents who just need to talk. Talking on the phone allows for real-time exchange of ideas and information, resulting in your questions getting answered on the spot.

The Baby Sleep Site provides email follow-up to these phone calls which enables parents to get the personalized, direct contact of a phone call as well as the flexibility of an email consultation.

Our phone packages will also include written instructions to further reinforce the individualized plan you and your sleep consultant designed together on the phone, whereby making your action plan shareable with your spouse and/or caretakers. With a phone consultation, an action plan to help you accomplish your family’s sleeping goals and a follow-up email consultation, you can quickly and more effectively discover how to get baby to sleep through the night, so you can too.

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